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The Spring Yoga Challenge begins & the Aries New Moon is the time to begin a meditation practice!

Check out the video for FIVE LIFE-THRIVING REASONS why ...

Sat Nam Dear Friends,

WOW! So much change is all around us these days which can be pretty unsettling. But it offers us opportunities to recreate ourselves and a new world, challenging as that may be.

Are you also witnessing the innovations that are emerging in the face of climate change, systems breaking down, and war? It inspires me to get my act together and be a better human. I have to admit that Spring is my favorite season because its energy really supports any new endeavors we embark upon. Whether it's self-improvement strategies, new projects, or maybe just maybe, finally getting the courage to do that thing you really want to do. It is such an awesome time to recreate ourselves.

So please consider the following Spring offerings! All made with care and love, for you, for me, and humanity.

I look forward to practicing with you soon dear one.

Love and Spring Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan xo

Please read on ... ;)

We are about to experience the Aries New Moon, on 4/1/22!

This is the new moon to feel into your new groove and to imagine what you'd love to create this Spring. Set intentions with Aries' confidence, courage, and power.

♈︎ Activate a New Seed that Radiates YOU

The ARIES New Moon is the FIRST NEW MOON of the Astrological Year, and so it's filled with high potency activating energy.

Aries, like the Ram bursts into life at this time, fueling our passion to create and birth something new.

What do YOU desire to ignite?

SPRING ACTIVATION 30 Minute Weekday Challenge begins again this Monday!

🔥 After the success of last year's Series of Spring Challenges, we are doing it again!

If you are ready to restore your vitality, cleanse and build strength, body, and mind, then this is for you!

Thank You for taking a peak. All Love xo


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