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Understanding who you are: A Cosmic Perspective

Astronomical Clock

Create Your Birth Chart and Understand the Meaning of each Astrological House

There are twelve houses in astrology which each being concerned with a compartment of your life. eg career, relationships

The house placements are determined by the position of the first house, which begins at the astrological point that aligned with the eastern horizon, the dawn, at the time of your birth. It is the point of your emergence into the world and corresponds with your rising sign, also called, your ascendant. 


The following 11 houses follow on from the first house and there are many ways to calculate how the houses are distributed.  The most common house system is called Placidus.

When studying your birth chart, pay attention to the houses that each sign falls in.  The sign eg taurus, leo, denotes the characteristic, the house placement, denotes what area of your life that characteristic plays out in. 

First House: I Am

Your appearance, first impressions, attitudes, identity, approach to life, vitality, new beginnings, your first response, the social veneer you show to the world. Your rising sign/ascendant

Associated with Aries and ruled by Mars. 

Second House: I Have

Your personal resources, income, finances, material and other possessions, how you relate to the world through your five senses, what you value, including the value you have for yourself.
Associated with Taurus and ruled by Venus. 

Third House: I Think

Your conscious thinking mind and how you process and store information, how you communicate, your interests, early education, siblings, cousins and neighborhood, short distance travel.
Associate with Gemini and ruled by Mercury.

Fourth House: I Feel

Your home, parents, family roots, private life, security conscious, self-care, emotions, emotional foundation, feelings, sensitivity, mother, women, maternal nature, femininity, nurturing, children.

Associated with Cancer and ruled by Moon.

Fifth House: I Create

Creativity, self-expression, artistic expression, love, romance, generosity, entertainment, leisure, heart-centered, cheerful, joyful, spirited, playful, fertility, child-like

Associated with Leo, and ruled by Sun.

Sixth House: I Analyze

Refinement of daily routine, discerning, effectual, service, health/sickness, fitness, systems, analytical nature, pets, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness,

Associated with Virgo, and ruled by Mercury and Chiron.



Seventh House: I Balance

Relationships, friendships, cooperation, adversaries, significant other, marriage, divorce, contracts, business partners, equality, harmony, justice, sharing, interpersonal style. Your setting sign/descendant

Associated with Libra, and ruled by Venus.

Eighth House: I Desire

Intimacy, sex, shared finances, inheritances, taxes, loans, assets, property, joint ventures/goals, partner's resources, power, transformation, birth, death and rebirth, subconscious emotions, supernatural, occult, mystery, all things taboo. How we entangle our energy with others and entities eg, financial institutions, landlord

Associated with Scorpio, and ruled by Pluto and Mars.

Ninth House: I Understand
Higher education and learning, wisdom, philosophy, law & religion, politics, seeker of highest truth, teacher, big picture, prophecy, cross-cultural relations, ethics, long distance travel

Associated with Sagittarius, and ruled by Jupiter.

Tenth House: I Manifest

Career, long-term goals, ambition, professional aspirations, career achievements, structure, discipline, patience, status, reputation, public image, fame, masculinity, father, paternal, experts, leaders

Associated with Capricorn, and ruled by Saturn.

Eleventh House: I Change

Groups, larger friends group, associations, community, global community, social networks, collaboration, fulfillment of dreams, hopes, wishes, 

Associated with Aquarius, and ruled by Uranus and Jupiter.

Twelfth House: I Transcend

Without physical form, without boundaries, unconditional love, faith, intuition, imagination, artistry, metaphysics, surrender, soul, endings, healing, closure, spirituality, heavenly realms, beyond the veil, afterlife, old age, victim, savior

Associated with Pisces, and ruled by Neptune.

How do the planets and stars align for you?

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"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life"

-Varaha Mihira-
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