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Cleanse the MIND & Restore CALM

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'Experience Deep Relaxation

from your very first

Meditation session'

Kalyan Darshan - Meditation and mindfulness teacher since 2009

Experience Deep Relaxation,
Elevated States of Consciousness,
Restoration and Healing,
whilst cultivating a meditation practice.
Kundalini Meditation

Private Meditations

For you, you and your friends, family, and colleagues.
I offer a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques for both the beginner and experienced meditator.

Consider these Meditation Offerings ...

Body/Mind Meditation for Healing

Activate your body's innate healing system In this guided visualization meditation. 

Set a conscious intention for restoring health and wellbeing, from a deeply relaxed state. 

Any treatment being undertaken is empowered.

Meditation for Prosperity & Abundance

Identify and transform limiting beliefs, and learn how to activate the Law of Attraction.

From a deeply relaxed state, reestablish your energy field for attracting the circumstances in your life required for living abundantly and joyfully. 

Shift your mindset and uplift your emotional tone for living in prosperity consciousness. 

Meditation for Relaxation

Whilst a little stress is a healthy built-in motivator, it can become chronic anxiety, depleting your energy, and ultimately becoming life-limiting.

In this heart-centered meditation, we seek out where energy has become trapped in stress patterns in the body, and with the assistance of Tibetan bowls and sound healing tools, we liberate this energy hijacked by stress restoring vitality and peace of mind.


Meditation for Peace on the Planet

Free online meditations for restoring relaxation and calm within whilst reimagining a peaceful planet.


Workplace Meditations/ Mindfulness Training

Innovative workplaces like Google, Apple, and Nike include Mindfulness Training for their employees because of the dramatic improvement they find in their productivity as a result.   Group meditations and mindfulness training boosts morale and improves teamwork, whilst reducing employee stress and burnout. 

Whether a workplace offers a 30-minute weekly meditation, or a short 5 - 10 minute daily meditation, studies show these offerings improve employee mental wellness, memory, focus, and leadership, as well as decision-making effectiveness. 

Meditation can be challenging when first getting started so practicing meditations that use specific breathing techniques, mudras (hand postures), and mantras really help to anchor the mind whilst offering incredible benefits to the body and mind.

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Sun and Moon Meditations

The cycles of Sun and Moon govern the seasons, and the tides, upon our earth, and within us too!


New Moon Meditations

Every New Moon we have an opportunity to plant a new seed and set it in motion with the momentum generated by the fresh energetic wave created when Sun and Moon meet each month.

Full Moon Meditations

Every Full Moon we have an opportunity to reflect upon and contemplate the state of our inner world.

It is the best time for consciously releasing and letting go of what no longer is working in our lives and for releasing and launching what we have brought to fruition.

Spring Equinox Meditations - Fall Equinox Meditations

Twice a year we experience an equinox, the onset of Spring and the onset of Autumn. 

On these auspicious days, we experience equal day and equal night, providing an opportunity for restoring balance in our bodies, minds, and our lives. 

Summer Solstice Meditations - Winter Solstice Meditations

Twice a year we experience the Solstice, the onset of Summer and Winter with the longest and shortest day of the year respectively. 

During the Summer Solstice, we meditate upon what we wish to grow and action in our lives. 

During the Winter Solstice, we meditate upon what we wish to nurture and heal in our lives.

Eclipse Season Meditations
Every six months the Moon's orbit and Earth's ecliptic align with Sun creating solar and lunar eclipses.

Eclipses provide an opportunity to release and let go of whatever is pulling our own lives out of alignment.


Benefit from these transformational energies by attending our Cosmic Event Offering.

“Within us lives the most calm, serene lake of wisdom,

the most beautiful, powerful pond of kindness,

compassion and clarity. 

Let us understand and let us dive into it within ourselves.”

- Unknown -

How does MEDITATION work?

Each time we practice meditation, we give ourselves the opportunity to bring our attention to deeper layers of our mind.  As our awareness expands beyond the chatter mind and we become still, we become more aware of our finer more subtle energies.  Our conscious and subconscious minds merge and realign with our Higher Mind, the Infinite Universal mind and all  of it's wisdom. 

As the mind integrates with the Infinite Higher Mind, it resonates with it.  In these elevated states of consciousness, the mind is cleansed allowing more of one's divine light to shine.  The ego-self diminishes and maladaptive patterns dissolve revealing more of one's true infinite nature.  The benefits are cumulative and with each meditation, we come into closer alignment with our soul and destiny.

Ultimately one becomes fully self-realized, liberated, merging completely with the Infinite Mind, an experience of being one with all, a state called Samadhi.

Image by S Migaj
There is a voice that doesn't use words.  LISTEN

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