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Cleanse the MIND & Restore PEACE


Meditation for

Peace on the Planet

15-minute live group meditation.

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Weekdays 9 - 9:15 am

In these guided meditations, we calm our minds and relax our bodies. We bring our hearts and minds together to hold a shared intention for peace, wellbeing, and happiness for all.


Experience deep relaxation whilst participating in the creation of a peaceful planet. We can bring peace and change with subtle activism by meditating together!

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Meditation for Peace on the Planet

for Peace on our Planet
Weekdays @ 9 - 9:15PM

group meditation for peace on the planet

Try this Peace Meditation using the Square Breath for overcoming anxiety.

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The Power of Subtle Activism

The Ripple Effect, Maharishi Effect, and N ² Effect.


Group meditation is an energetic collaboration where each individual gives and receives energy created by the group, no matter the physical distance between the members.  Vast amounts of evidence consistently demonstrate that group meditation can literally stop war with more than 100 research papers drawing the same conclusions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and MIT. When groups of meditators are created to ease war-torn areas, their impact on reducing war deaths has averaged at least 70%.

This incredible evidence can be explained by the Ripple Effect, the Maharishi Effect, and N ² Effect.

The Ripple Effect is created when a group of people shares an intention, mindfully in a practice like meditation. From the meditator's minds and hearts, their shared intention ripples through the fabric of the collective consciousness. Like waves rippling from a water droplet, the intention influences everyone's field. The effect of a ripple carrying an intention of peace can shift someone's perspective dramatically. A stressed, afraid, contracted and narrow mindset can gently shift to a state of feeling expanded, energized, positive and hopeful.

The Maharishi Effect creates coherence in the collective consciousness field, directly improving the well-being of all. As the discordance and misunderstandings in the field diminish, so do their earthly manifestations, violence, crime, and accidents.


The N ² Effect explains the exponential nature of the group's power which grows as a square of the number of meditators. Thus the power of the group's intention will be 25 times greater when 5 people are meditating.

In this practice of Subtle Activism, each of us can truly create the change we wish to see in the world when we join together.

"If world peace is to be established, peace in the individual must be established first.

Meditation is the most effective form of relaxation. It not only relaxes the body and mind but also feeds them with vital energy, peace and happiness".

- Maharishi-

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