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I took private lessons with Kalyan Darshan for 6 weeks while I was transitioning into a new phase of my life. I was seeking support during this time and she was able to personalize a 6-week kundalini yoga practice to support what I was wanting to achieve for myself, which was self-empowerment and groundedness.


We met once a week and I had a 40-day Sadhana meditation that I did at home. I am eternally grateful for this journey that Kalyan Darshan led me through. I had weekly breakthroughs, my intuition was loud and clear to me, and I was able to connect with myself on such a profound level that it inspired trust and confidence in myself. I completed the 6-weeks with exactly what I had been seeking.  Self-empowerment and groundedness.


I am so at peace that it radiates. I even had a stranger come up to me and tell me that I made them feel at peace while they were speaking to a crowd at an event (I was in the crowd). 


I am eternally grateful. This journey has been life-changing and I know with full confidence that I am on the right path and I don't need to know all the answers to life, because I now trust myself and I trust life. 


Much love to you,  Kalyan Darshan 

-  Jill W

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