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Cosmic Events

Bring Your Life into Flow with Nature and Her Seasons

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Aquarius Full Super Moon Practice

August 1, 2023


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August  16, 2023     7 - 8:15pm CDT

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with Kalyan Darshan
in collaboration with the cosmos

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August 16, 2023, @ 7pm CDT, online

Leo New Moon
Meditation Practice

Aquarius is the Air sign that governs our Higher Mind.  It differs from our conscious mind which operates in a linear fashion.  Both Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus, play a significant role in expanding our consciousness, for accessing our Higher Mind, supporting our connection to the quantum field of consciousness.  The quantum field of consciousness is intriguing because it works outside of space and time, and contains every possibility within it.  And so an Aquarius Full Moon may reveal innovative and forward-thinking ideas that never occurred to you.


This is the full moon to practice accessing your intuition, for tapping into the wisdom of the quantum field for receiving guidance and inspiration from a higher source. It encourages you to think outside the box, and challengesd the status quo.  Where can you disconnect from social norms? What limiting beliefs can you release in order to expand and connect with your inner genius?

Get ready to experience altered states of consciousness by activating your cosmic hardware (pituitary and pineal glands) and deepening your intuitive connection.

Join us at the Aquarian Full Super Moon Practice for consciously working with these new moon energies. This cosmic event will take place online via zoom this Tuesday, August 1 , at 10am Houston TX, CDT.

  • Embody the Full Super Moon energies, open your heart, and connect with your higher mind with Kundalini Yoga and focused intention.

  • Shift beyond limiting beliefs with Breathwork

  • Activate your intuition with the Wah Yantee Mantra.

  • Enlighten your path in the light of this Aquarian Super Full Moon.

Use Coupon Code COSMICINTUITION to receive a 15% discount when you register!

Please have app installed and join a few minutes early to check in.

Love and Full Super Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting Your Conscious Awakening

Leo New Moon Moon
Meditation Practice

Every New Moon is an opportunity to start afresh as Sun and Moon meet, activating a new quality of energy to reflect upon.  This new moon is in Leo, the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun.  As we consider our new moon intentions, consider how you are shining your light?  Does your creative expression feel authentic?  Does it bring you joy?

Leo has a courageous, playful, 


Cosmic Events include Meditations, Breath Practices, Mantra, and Gentle Yoga

that support you to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the seasons and current cosmic alignments. 

When we bring our lives into flow with nature and her seasons,

and the cosmos and its grand cycles, we bring harmony into our lives. 

Nature is constantly evolving, and when its energies guide our practices and daily routines,

our personal evolution is divinely supported.

The Universe wants to collaborate with YOU!!!

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