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Upcoming events:

Spring Equinox Love Chants

Mar 23
@ 8pm – Medicine For the People, Webberfield, TX

Libra New Moon Online Meditation – Activate
Your EssenceMar 21 @ 7pm Central Time/ Mar 22 @ 11 am AEST

Solar Eclipse I AM Activation

April 19 – Ecstatic Forest Festival, Elgin, TX

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Cosmic Events

Harmonize with Nature and Her Seasons



Thursday 23rd March @ 8PM

Texas Music River Ranch
2511 Post Oak Rd. Webberville, TX 78653

Medicine For the People Spring Equinox Activation with Kalyan Darshan March 23 Landscape L

♥︎ Enjoy an energizing and uplifting Kundalini Yoga Practice, preparing your body to receive sacred love mantras.


♥︎ Expand your heart and chant aloud Mantras of Love with your Love Medicine Tribe!

Live Music with J3F33 on guitar, me on harmonium, David Morcom on percussion, Marcia Sterling on violin, Dan Strba viola and sacred sounds.


♥︎ Activate your cosmic-connection centers, transcend into bliss states and share with humanity the Love Frequencies together cocreated


Learn more about how to get involved with this amazing love tribe here.


New Moon Aries 0°48’

Aries New Moon Online Meditation 2023 with Kalyan Darshan.jpg

This is the First New Moon for the new astrological year that begins on March 20/21 with the Equinox, igniting Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the South. 

The Season of Aries offers a refreshing new beginning!
What do you want to bring with you into the new astrological year?
What do you want to leave behind?

Aries is the first house of the zodiac wheel, a fire sign ruled by Mars, the spiritual warrior. 

Aries season is for redefining yourself and taking action. 

Let it's powerful energy launch your beautiful soul-self, and a renewed version of YOU.

Equinox equal day equal ight.

The Aries new moon is for reconnecting with your pure essence, what makes you YOU.  It is a time to set your intentions for the Spring/Autumn (depending on which hemisphere you live in) as we begin this new journey around the zodiac wheel.
Aries Fiery Cardinal energy ignites powerful new beginnings. In the northern hemisphere, we see this potent fresh-start energy as Spring, with nature birthing new life and reviving herself after winter.  In the Southern Hemisphere we see this potent energy as Autumn, with nature clearing and clarifying what was reaped during Summer.  

How would you like to use this Aries restart energy?

What new adventure are you ready to undertake?


Step 1: Create your birth chart by completing the form below. 

Aries New Moon house placement 2.jpg


Step 2: Find out what area of life/house this new moon is in for you. To do this, locate what house 1° of Aries is in your chart. 

Step 3: Read about the areas of your life this new moon will impact by looking up the house information HERE.

Aries New Moon Meditation

In this online meditation, clear and refresh your intrinsic energy, cleansing and activating each chakra with new moon Aries - I Am energy.  At the peak of this meditation, you will activate your third chakra, which regulates the fire within you  This combustible energy is required for taking action in your life, for vitality, self-esteem, courage, and digestion.  This third chakra is called Manipura in Sanskrit which translates to Jewel of the City.  Imagine your essence as a precious crystal.  What color, texture, and shape do you sense it?  Experience it radiating light, shining out into the world, and lighting the path for your way forward.  Let this crystal be your touchstone to meditate on throughout this new season and beyond.   Ideally, bring a crystal that personifies you for actualizing your touchstone with your personal  I Am energetic light code and for amplifying your new season's intentions.  It will remind you of your purpose and intentions, and support you and your personal journey.

Sun and Moon practically begin their new journey around the zodiac wheel together as they align, creating the new moon, less than one day after the equinox.  




April 19 - 23

Spark River Ranch, Spiderwood Studios in Elgin, Texas

Ecstatic Forest 2023 Danceshop Presenters - Kalyan Darshan I Am Activation - Yoga Chant Da

This incredible festival begins with a Solar Eclipse in Aries!  This is an extraordinary energetic opportunity to 'eclipse' anything within you that holds you back from being your amazing, extraordinary self!


Join your ecstatic tribe in the Danceshop tent for this, Solar Eclipse I AM Activation!

With Kundalini Yoga, Chant and Dance, you’re gonna awaken your Soul, and turn up the volume on being AUTHENTICALLY YOU!


Breathe and move to the rhythm of the sacred drum, as you fill up on life-force energy during a Kundalini Yoga Set. Clear and energize each chakra, bringing them into balance, releasing tension, uplifting your frequency, creating a heightened state of relaxation, and mindful expansion.


Activate your “cosmic hardware”, your pituitary and pineal glands, for connecting consciously with the solar eclipse energies. Fill your body-mind with its energy, flowing the eclipsing light through each chakra, enlightening your mental, emotional, and physical bodies.


Meditate upon your heart, awakening the portal that connects you with your Soul. Be one with your Highest Self, and with clarity, renew your intentions for living authentically, joyfully, abundantly and fully empowered.


Together we will consciously merge our hearts, individuated, but whole, as one together in community. From this collaborative, united, juicy space, we will launch our intentions.


Integrate and amplify your intentions with dance and chant, to a powerful upbeat mantra, soul-fully roaring from our united uplifted hearts and expanded consciousness!!!




Register For Ecstatic Forest Festival

with QR Code below

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Cosmic Events include Meditations, Breath Practices, Mantra, and Gentle Yoga

that help us to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the seasons and current cosmic alignments. 

When we bring our lives into flow with nature and her seasons,

and the cosmos and its grand cycles, we bring harmony into our lives. 

Nature is constantly evolving, and when its energies guide our practices and daily routines,

our personal evolution is divinely supported.

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