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reset. defrag. realign.

Kalyan Darshan Mantra Meditation Pic by Julianna Rum

Sounding Mantra can be a potent element of one's spiritual practice, as they have the power to shift our consciousness. 

A mantra is a syllable, word or phrase chanted repeatedly mentally or out loud. 

The sound current a mantra creates impresses its rhythmic pattern upon the mind and body which acts to reset, adjust, de-frag, cleanse, re-align, energize!

Mantras create a language that ‘speaks’ to our whole being, restoring coherent energy flow, dissolving mental, physical, and emotional chaos, thereby initiating the restoration of physical health, balancing mental and emotional states, and elevating consciousness. 

Every mantra creates a unique sound current that has specific effects

Often I include mantras that support the theme of the classes and meditations I offer. 

How does MANTRA work?

Everything is energy, and therefore in a state of vibration. Sound, light, even solid objects, are all vibrating continuously at their own frequency.  Our thoughts, feelings, and all our words are expressions of energy, literally vibrating into form a reality that is a match to their meaning. 

The practice of chanting mantra is the intentional creation of a vibration that corresponds with a specific state of consciousness we desire like peace, or a particular quality we wish to cultivate in our life like prosperity. 


Man = mind, Trang = wave, and thus mantras are a rhythmic wave we send into the mind, impressing upon it, it’s specific sound current and character. 


Mantras are projected from the navel and travel upon the breath, resonating throughout the body and mind.  The syllables are chanted repetitiously and rhythmically, coordinating the voice, the breath, and the tongue striking the hard palate, creating coded vibratory patterns.  Our whole being begins to vibrate in a similar way and ultimately experience the quality of the mantra itself. 

Sacred Sound of NAAD

The Sacred Sound of NAAD

The practice of chanting mantras is uplifting and energizing as the sound currents adjust patterns in the mind and brain.  With further practice, the yogi will experience elevated states of consciousness when their chant embodies the very essence of all sound, the cosmic sound current or Naad.  This is the harmonious fundamental code that gives rise to all creation.  The Divine lives, breaths, and flows through the Naad.  By practicing mantra, we tune into more and more of this Infinite Supreme Consciousness and overcome the distortions of our ego and it's illusions.

I am passionate about Mantra and the immediate and powerful impact it can have.  To create conscious sound can be likened to an internal massage, smoothing, calming, detangling, entraining every fiber and thread of energy throughout your being.

Listening to mantra is relaxing, inspiring and healing, but I believe the body needs to experience it's own voice because everyone's sound signature is unique.  The timber and frequency of YOUR voice chanting sacred sounds resonates most effectively for you,   The human voice could very well be the most transformative instrument we have, healing us from the inside out.

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