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Aries Solar Eclipse – It’s All About You

This is an extraordinary, dynamic and transformational Solar Eclipse! The first in Aries for 9 years, designed to revolutionize YOU! Whilst its game-changing energy will offer you the opportunity to break with the past, this rare hybrid eclipse is bringing power and insight for recalibrating the path your Soul desires for the future!!!

What is a Solar Eclipse, and What Does it Represent in Astrology?

A solar eclipse is a celestial event that occurs when Moon passes between Earth and Sun, casting a shadow on Earth's surface. As Earth's orbit around Sun intersects with Moon's orbit around Earth, this astronomical alignment provides a reset. As the light Earth constantly receives turns off, and then on again, this recalibration can reinstate your life upon a new timeline.

Solar eclipses are super powerful new moons, and new moons are the best, most energetic time of the month for igniting something new. Set solar eclipse intentions, launching them upon this momentous new moon energy because Solar eclipses have an astrological influence, for many, a powerful and transformational effect on their lives.

What is the Significance of an Aries Solar Eclipse?

Aries Energy is all about YOU! Who you are at your core, the spark from which your whole being emanates from! The Aries Solar Eclipse energy may eclipse what is in the way of your fundamental frequency, your authentic I Am self!

People, circumstances, and anything that has been creating shadows upon your unique light may fade away, or abruptly vanish. What shadows have you been hiding parts of your truth and True Self in?

Aries' energy activates courage, passion, assertiveness, determination, pioneering spirit, and confidence. Designate this energy for starting a new project, or for bringing fervor to your current mission. Let it awaken within you a new sense of self. Work with the eclipse to release and overcome the shadows, and any obstacles that are in your way of being authentic, actioning your purpose, living abundantly, and radiating your light.

There is so much Aries “I AM” energy available at this time.

  • It's Aries Season, that is, Sun is traveling through Aries radiating light with the Aries energy signature.

  • Jupiter, the planet of benevolent expansion, is in Aries, magnifying the Aries energy signature.

  • Chiron, the astrological Shaman, is in Aries, healing Aries themes within us, so that we restore our mojo, and enthusiasm, and delight in being our True selves.

  • This eclipse is announcing the 18-month eclipse period featuring the Aries/Libra axis of relationships. Aries, the relationship you have with yourself, and Libra, the relationship you have with others.

  • This will be the second Aries New Moon in succession, with the first arriving just hours after the Equinox on March 21. Thus, we've had two Lunar Cycles carrying Aries rebirthing energy signature!

Whilst Lunar eclipses impact your inner world, solar eclipses impact your outward expression. With the Aries "I AM" energy in cosmic abundance at this time, let it support you in radiating your unique expression out and into the world! The world needs your unique qualities, especially as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius, a time when everyone is an integral piece of the human collective!

How will this Aries Solar Eclipse Create a Turning Point in Your Life?

This Aries Solar Eclipse has many unique, potent features for shifting your course, with no turning back.

This first eclipse of 2023 is a rare hybrid eclipse. Hybrids make up only 3% of eclipses, and are both annular and total eclipse, offering a profoundly significant turning-point energy.

And this pivotal energy is amplified dramatically with Sun Moon, Pluto, Mars, and Chiron's positions in the sky.

Sun and Moon will meet at 29° Aries, the final degree point of the Aries zodiac house, also knows as the anaretic degree.

This significant point indicates a graduation, a realization of what you have personally accomplished, insight into whom you have been, and the wisdom to understand how you wish to evolve and uplevel moving forward. Check out what astrological house 29° Aries is in your birth chart. This will show you what area of life you can expect new growth, and a restoration of your authentic character.

In this chart, it's in the second house of self-worth, and personal material resources.

Sun and Moon will be in a ‘turning point’ square aspect to Pluto, which is at the critical new start 0° Aquarius. This makes this eclipse even more powerful, as it ignites transformation and rebirth.

Check out what house 0° Aquarius is in your chart. This will show you what area of life you can expect transformation, liberation, ingenuity, and a restoration of your power. In this chart, it's in the 11th house of community, the revolutionary, and innovation.

The ruler of this Aries Eclipse, Mars is ‘out of bounds’, meaning his assertive energy is limitless. Mars is in tender, emotive Cancer, squaring Chiron, the astrological Shaman, in Aries. This indicates a big turning point in your healing journey, speaking to the hurts that left you feeling vulnerable, unnurtured, or wounds that left you feeling weak and powerless.

Look at what house 13° Cancer is in your birth chart, as this will show you Mars’ solar eclipse position, and what area of life you may feel vulnerable at this time. And find what house 17° Aries is in your birth chart, as this will show you Chiron’s solar eclipse position and what area of life your Soul’s light is returning. Consider these Mars / Chiron house placements together, and ponder their interaction. For example, Mars will be in my 12th house of spiritual healing and the formless, and Chiron will be in my 10th house of career and social standing. By bringing more Mars action to my spiritual healing, I will be able to shine a brighter light in my career.

In this chart, Mars is in the 4th house, and Chiron is in the 1st house.

Maximize The Potential Benefits Of The Aries Solar Eclipse

Harness the energy of this uniquely transformational Aries solar eclipse. Meditate and reflect on your life, and who you are deep inside your Soul in order to catalyst positive changes that will lead to a more fulfilling future.

Aries Solar Eclipse Activation Meditation - April 19, 2023 | In-person & Online

Embody its energies with me in-person or online at the Aries Solar Eclipse Activation Meditation, April 19, 2023, at 7-8:30pm. With Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Chant and Gong Bath, bring online more of your true self, and set powerful new intentions.

Aries Solar Eclipse I AM Activation @ Ecstatic Forest Festival, April 20, 2023

And join me at Ecstatic Forest Festival in Elgin, Texas for an uplifting Aries Solar Eclipse I AM Activation, April 20, 2023, at 1pm.

With Kundalini Yoga, Chant, and Dance, awaken your Soul-Self, and turn up the volume on being AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

Wake Up Weekend Women's Fall Retreat, Montgomery, Texas, Oct 11-15, 2023

And women, take some time out to really dive deep into your transformational journey by joining us for Wake Up Weekend Women's Fall Retreat, Montgomery, Texas, Oct 11-15.

Experience five days of Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, Astrology, Ceremony, and Celebration.

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Explore your birth chart, and consider booking a reading with an astrologer like me. Eclipses usually impact our lives for 6 months, but this eclipse, considerably longer as the significant degree points in the solar eclipse chart will be re-triggered many times over. This is mostly thanks to slow moving Pluto, who will go back and forth until November 2024!

On May 5th, we will experience the second eclipse of this eclipse season, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto and Mars!! Together, these eclipses work in synergy, with the latter offering a massive flush out of what no longer has vitality from the deep depths of your emotional body. A big release and let go energy!

I wish for you the most profoundly and positive period of transformation, as you embark on this eclipse journey of self-discovery and self-renewal. The eclipse window is open, so you might be experiencing it already. Let me know, leave a comment, because I'd love to hear from YOU!

In love, and in collaboration with the cosmos,

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting Your Conscious Awakening


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