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Solar Eclipse New Moon Alert❣️ Get Ready for A CPU Upgrade 🤩

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The Gemini Solar Eclipse on June 10 will bring in mental energy for upgrading our brain, and how we use it. This cosmic event is about renewing our minds and receiving solutions to problems that may have alluded us in the past. It is bringing in light for strengthening our intuition, activating our cosmic hardware, and upgrading how we receive and process information, and communicate with ourselves and with one another.

We are in the midst of this eclipse season, a time when significant shifts are activated for humanity and for us individually.

We can consciously collaborate with these energies by practicing relaxation and mindful techniques, and by upgrading our inner dialog to reflect love, compassion, gratitude, and abundance.

The eclipse energies will further awaken our pineal and pituitary glands too, expanding their function for greater intuition and potentially for experiencing inner sight.

More about eclipses

Eclipses take place approximately every six months. They occur during new and full moons but specifically when the moon’s orbit about the earth intersects the earth’s orbit around the sun. As the moon’s feminine yin energy connects directly with the sun’s masculine yang energy, the change in light energy alters our course direction! While the impact might not be noticed immediately, eclipses shift us and humanity’s collective trajectory, unfolding over the following six months or more!

Last week we experienced a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, and I watched its magnificence onboard a small sailing boat docked at Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles. While cloud cover prevented us from seeing the eclipse at its peak, I’m sure it still worked its magic. This was a South Node (releasing) Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Highest Truths) and so it’s likely that layers of outdated deeply held beliefs are beginning to lose their power as they make an exit from humanities consciousness.

Upgrading how we think and Activating our Cosmic Hardware

The forthcoming Eclipse taking place June 10 is a North Node (expansive) Solar Eclipse at 20° Gemini (the dual mind, mental energy). The North Node represents what humanity as a collective is moving toward, and in Gemini, it’s likely to impact how we perceive, process, and communicate information. On one hand, this could suggest a foreshadowing of the AI technologies that are being imposed as a way forward for advancing human abilities, but the way I see it, this eclipse is an awakening of the latent hardware we have forgotten how to use.

The Cosmic Currents of this eclipse suggest that our minds are being upgraded to receive and perceive the higher vibrational frequencies available as we enter the new Age of Aquarius. They also suggest that we are becoming more aware of one another as in the new-age adage, we are all one. We know that before we became dependent upon the civilizations we built, humans relied upon intuition and their connection with tribe and nature. It seems we disconnected from most of it and from “source energy” and are now flailing about in unsustainable circumstances, insecure, somewhat disempowered through our disconnection. Ouch!

What is so striking about this eclipse, is that Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, is conjunct the sun and moon, that is, they are aligned together! WOW! So the energy flowing to us at the solar eclipse is loaded with Gemini mental energy. More than that, Mercury is currently in retrograde meaning that it is going back over a part of the Gemini sky, giving us more opportunities to really absorb these particular energies, ensuring we receive the upgrade for our mental faculties!

A time to Re-imagine

Solar eclipses occur during new moons, so they are powerful times for setting intentions and starting something new. If you look at your birth chart and find what house 20° of Gemini is in, it will give you a clue as to what area of life that new start could be. More than that, with Mercury in retrograde, this new beginning is well informed, as Mercury has already been 'to the future,' and is coming back to share its findings with the sun and moon and us during this powerful new moon solar eclipse!

Other Significant Aspects

Neptune Squares Sun, Moon, and Mercury

Neptune represents the ocean of consciousness that dissolves the boundaries between earth and the infinite cosmos. As it makes a 90 deg angle with the eclipse, it has the potential to reconnect our minds with higher dimensions, past and future life experiences, and off-planet realities. Neptune’s eclipse influence can strengthen our abilities to intuit if we are willing to trust ourselves operating from beyond our logical minds.

Mars Opposite Pluto

Where in our lives do we feel an urgency to assert ourselves? Pluto’s transformational energy is prompting Mars, our inner spiritual warrior, to find the courage to take a step out of our comfort zone, in order to bring something we have been internally working with, stewing over, into view. Examples could be the public launch of a project or product or a personal revelation that needs to be shared with others. Whatever it is, it will feel risky, but we are being asked to trust the Universe and trust ourselves.

Uranus Squares Saturn

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, brings revolutionary energy, with bolts of quantum energy for abrupt change. Saturn is about 3-Dimensional reality and structure and its energy is constricting by nature. The square between these two planets creates tension as Uranus creates rebellion heralding the new age of Aquarius, while Saturn represents the old patriarchy, attempting to hold on to the Status Quo. This Square is a major theme throughout 2021 and will be close to exact during the eclipse.

Are you ready for mental cleansing, a defrag, so to speak? Is there an inner conflict creating tension in your mental realms?

This is a beautiful time to reflect and contemplate, and with the mind calm, allow an abundance of refreshing intelligent cosmic energy to bring new light to whatever your circumstance.

The Universe wishes to Collaborate with YOU so make some space for it and join our online meditation this Thursday night, June 10 @ 8 pm

All Welcome

Love Kalyan Darshan


Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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