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Be More YOU!!! Embrace the evolution of your Spiritual Warrior as Mars begins his new solar orbit.

As we arrive at the end of April, Mars the planet of action, driven by passion and will, arrives at the end of his journey around Sun. We find Mars with Neptune at the very end of watery transcendent Pisces, reflecting earnestly on his two year Solar orbit. Mars confiding in Neptune, receives his blessings of divine healing, cosmic love and his advice, Be More YOU!

Reflect upon how your spiritual warrior is evolving.
Image by Xuan Nguyen @darth.xuan

Mars! Your action hero archetype

As Mars begins his new two-year journey around Sun today, it's an excellent time to understand the Mars archetype within yourself. It will show you where and how you are willing to assert yourself and what drives you to act. A great place to begin is to find Mars ♂︎ in your natal chart. For example, Mars in Gemini will enjoy sharing ideas and solving problems, compared to Mars in Taurus who will be passionate about stability and security.

Even more defining is the area of your life that your natal Mars is fired up about. For example, if he is in your fifth house, this Mars is unlikely to be shy whilst pursuing romance and showing you his creative pursuits. If Mars is in your tenth house however, he will be driven to maximize your career success with your public image and legacy top priorities!

By getting to know how the archetype of Mars presents uniquely in your life, you can imagine your inner warrior action hero/heroine setting forth on a new rite of passage, even more dedicated to understanding and unfolding the mission of your Soul.

Each orbit around Sun begins in Aries, governed by Mars!

Every new journey around Sun begins in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac where new 'I Am' expressions are birthed. It's apt that a warrior like Mars presides over this domain, instilling courage, vitality, and a steadfast will devoted to nurturing each budding 'I Am' seed expression while staunchly safeguarding its authenticity.

As we reflect on April, the astrology brought forth an extraordinary surge of Aries energy! With the eclipses and a stream of celestial bodies traversing through Aries - the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node - all shared one powerful intention: to remind us of our essence and the importance of staying true to it.

Mars observed all these happenings in his home sign from the Piscean sidelines. What have the Aries energies revealed to Mars and to us about ourselves thus far? Today Mars is welcomed back to his home sign, fortified with these revelations, to recommence his journey around the zodiac wheel.

He begins again a wiser spiritual warrior with his courageous mission renewed, to be as true to oneself as possible. Be more YOU!

Embrace the evolution of your Spiritual Warrior as we approach the Taurus Super New Moon

Were there helpful lessons offered to you during April? If your inner spiritual warrior confided in Neptune, what did they discuss? What healing did Neptune gift? Has your "Mars self' refined his mission and purpose? What are you taking forward with you on this new two-year journey? What are you surrendering and leaving behind?

Join our Spring Renewal Series tonight for kundalini yoga and meditation where the practices will focus on your inner spiritual warrior as you deliver them to the threshold of their new mission!

If we use this week to embrace the evolution of our spiritual warrior, and how show up for ourselves living with authenticity, we will have created powerful and passionate intentions to set with the Taurus Super New Moon on May 7!

Taurus Super New Moon Cosmic Event Practice 2024 with Kalyan Darshan

Consider further supporting your journey of self-discovery by practicing kundalini yoga and meditation each weekday morning. These virtual classes, taking place at  8 - 9am, will energize and balance your body and mind whilst setting the tone for your day ahead. Register here!

Blessings for Being More You!!!


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