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Reclaim Your Power and Ignite Your Hero's Journey with the Scorpio New Moon!

Scorpio New Moon

Every New Moon begins a fresh lunar cycle for initiating something new by harnessing its inherent activating cosmic energy. They offer an astronomical force that is set in motion by the harmonious union of the Sun and Moon in the sky.

About Scorpio

Recognized for its investigative, secretive, focused, intense, controlling and resilient nature, Scorpio's domain is power, offering those who embrace it, the capacity for total transformation. Scorpio's willingness for meticulous deep introspection offers access to your concealed nature as it is the water sign that governs the hidden recesses of your subconscious mind. What lurks here covertly influences decisions, desires, emotions and motivations from the shadows of your pysche.

Purpose of the Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon on Monday, November 13, is the new moon to delve deeply into your emotional and mental landscape to explore what beliefs and thought forms are influencing you, and questioning whether they align with your authentic self.

It is a time to sow the seeds for new beginnings for reclaiming your personal power, and transforming your life path. It also brings an auspicious energy supporting anyone ready to embark upon their Heroin's or Hero's Journey.

How to work with this Scorpio New Moon

During this Scorpio New Moon, carve out some time to mindfully meditate for discerning whether your energetic underbelly aligns with your authentic truth. You are likely to gain profound insight by posing essential questions—What or who influences you and your beliefs, and drives your motivations? Are you in control of your life or something or someone else? What do you truthfully need, want and desire? Is your power routed for these, or misdirected to someone or something else? Are you living your life authentically?

Uncovering layers of your personal truth will reveal the aspects of your life where you can seize control. It will inform you for setting meaningful and purposeful intentions during this New Moon phase. It is Scorpio's desire that you plant seeds that resonate with restoring your personal power so that it fuels your truth, up-leveling and transforming your life.

This Scorpio New Moon Heralds The Hero's Journey

If you feel called to embark on a transformational journey, you are right on time!

Every two years, a celestial alignment presents an initiating energy for those poised to commence their Heroine's or Hero's journey. This cosmic phenomenon takes place when Mars and Sun align, which will be accentuated during this Scorpio New Moon.

Sun and Moon will form a conjunction with Mars, intensifying the sense of purpose many might experience during this particular new moon phase. Are you feeling it? I'd love to hear about your personal mission in the comments.

Scorpio New Moon Heralds The Hero's Journey

Mars, the zodiac's warrior, brings courage, assertive and initiating energy, poised to catalyze a transformative rite of passage with unwavering energy. Further empowered as the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars stands strong, with conviction, singularly focused, prepared and on the call to undertake a hero's mission—a challenge that awaits those willing to embrace it.

Empowered by the Scorpio New Moon this Sun-Mars energy continues to crescendo in intensity until November 18 when their alignment becomes exact! Mars now fully invigorated and revitalized by Sun's rays, and with total clarity of purpose, infused with Scorpio's laser-like focus, decisiveness, determination, and tenacity.

This Hero's journey, set in motion under the Scorpio New Moon, carries profound significance, promising enduring outcomes, and unfurling a complete metamorphosis.

Further amplifying this energy is the supportive trine from Neptune in Pisces, indicating a spiritual and transcendental dimension to the journey—an artistic, creative endeavor for some, and a path to healing for others. The cosmic synergy gains even more potency as Pluto, Scorpio's modern ruler, squares the moon's nodes, underscoring the karmic nature of this transformative mission.

If you are sensing the call to embark on a personal journey at this time, procrastinate no longer! This is undeniably a most potent period to make a decision that will transform and empower you!! Mars in Scorpio proclaims that you have the conviction to wholeheartedly commit! With all this support from the cosmos, embark on your transformative rite of passage, big or small, the time is now!

Scorpio New Moon Meditation Activation

With such a potent, self empowering and transformative new moon, join us to work with its energy at the Scorpio New Moon Meditation Activation Monday November 13 Central time @ 7:30pm online!


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