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Embracing Change: Integrate April's Awakening Energies in the light of the Healing Scorpio Full Moon.

So much hi-vibe transformational energy to integrate and play with at this incredible time on planet earth.  If our Solar System could speak aloud, I think we would hear a cosmic chorus chanting WAKE UP!!!!  This is a time to embrace change!!!

Aries season was massive this year for summoning the unique expression of the “I Am” that lives in us all.  Intensified by the eclipses, Chiron's healing medicine, and Mercury's retrograde, these synchronized Aries transits provoked our pioneering spirits and desire to be sovereign.  Our close relationships came into focus in order to reveal how real our relationship is with ourselves. How well do we know ourselves beyond our egos and the labels we attach to ourselves?  Meaningful happiness awaits us when we recognize, know and live guided by our true ‘I Am.’

Taurus Season began April 19 with 2024’s most powerful astrological event, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.  Generating circumstances for break-throughs and personal revelations, this conjunction has saturated the field with its liberating and awakening energies! 

These conjoined Jupiter Uranus energies in Taurus have initiated a new 14-year growth cycle along with futuristic timelines where innovative ideas can be freely seeded!  If we can each embrace the ‘I Am’ that wishes to emerge from within us, this period will beautifully propel humanity further along the path towards peace, love and understanding, ideals of the Aquarian Age.

The stress and discomfort from living inauthentic lives will also be released as the limitations imposed by the old epoch dissolve.

The eclipses and this conjunction, perfectly cosmically contrived, have synergistically delivered new light codes for an accelerated phase of the ascension process.  The pathways of vital life-force energies are rerouting to support the new earth, and thus doors are closing and new ones are opening, relationships are ending and new ones are beginning.   

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all undergoing a rapid upgrade. Whether external events force us to change, or our shift is silent, deep and personal, our collective evolution is happening.  The challenge is in summoning the courage for letting go of the familiar in order to evolve. Whilst the change you instinctively know to make might already be clear, how much resistance is showing up?   

It’s likely that we each have a specific role to play in closing out the old epoch by deactivating what is obsolete and switching off what is unhelpful, rerouting our personal energy for something more authentic.   This mostly means modifying or deleting our actions, thoughts, words, feelings, and aspirations that don’t measure up with who we really are.   Alas, resistance is futile, and engaging and embracing the process has got to be the best adventure humanity has been offered in eons!

Scorpio Full Moon Healing Practice with Kalyan Darshan

So now it is time to integrate all we have received over the past month as we commence this new journey.  Thankfully Taurus season is the very best for stabilizing the field and will gently but firmly support us as we reground and stabilize ourselves following these powerful unsettling cosmic waves.   

Every Taurus Season, we receive the transformative energies of the Scorpio Full Moon. This is the the full moon that offers the deepest emotional healing. Join us on April 23 online or in-person at A Healing Collective for this Scorpio Full Moon Cosmic Event Practice, 7-8:30pm. 

This healing practice will include Kundalini Somatic Yoga, a Metamorphic Meditation, and Sound Bath.

Along with the Scorpio Full Moon energy, these practices will support you in shifting any heavy residual energy, for cleansing your emotional body, and for lightening and brightening your light body as you embrace change.  You will enjoy the collective group energy and the embrace and support of your community. 

And remember that so much of the resistance you may be experiencing lives in the body, as the body is the subconscious mind. So consider attending Kundalini Yoga classes weekdays 8 - 9am online.  During this season of Taurus, we will make our way through the body systems, cleansing and nourishing. Release stagnation, old patterns, limiting beliefs, and flush away outdated cellular memory with breath practices and uplifting rhythmic asanas. Calm your mind and regulate your nervous system with soothing meditations and relaxing gong baths.

What an exciting... and challenging time to be alive!!!

Kaylay Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting your Conscious Awakening.


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