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Venus in Your Birth Chart Offers Wisdom for Your Life Path

Taurus New Moon 2023

The Taurus New Moon taking place today is the new moon for setting heart-felt intentions for prosperity and abundance, peace, joy, and optimal well-being! As we begin a new lunar cycle, Taurus invites you to delve deep into the realm of your values, including how you value yourself. Take some time out to reflect on what truly matters to you in the material world as guided from the depths of your heart and soul, and the wisdom of planet Venus.

Venus, Planet of Love, Beauty, and Values Offers Wisdom

Venus, ruler of Taurus, akin to an earth goddess, can teach us a lot about how we love, our personal desires, style and taste, and what we perceive to be beautiful. Embracing the guidance of your Venus placement in your birth chart can profoundly transform the way you perceive and cherish yourself whilst providing insight to the life path that will bring you fulfillment and success.

As human beings, we are all creators, and recognizing our innate talents and using them, brings a great sense of joy and empowerment. In astrology, Venus is the feminine creatix, and so the zodiac sign and astrological house where Venus resides in your birth chart, can inform, validate and inspire you if you are seeking clarity about who you are as a creator.

Venus ruler of Taurus, can be likened to an earth goddess

Surviving or Thriving?

Venus also resides over personal values, including finances, and she extends herself beyond monetary matters. Venus is dedicated to enhancing how you feel about yourself, nurturing your invaluable self-worth, as it intimately intertwines with living a life abundant in joy and fulfillment.

What does Venus Reveal for You in Your Birth Chart?

Venus in Your Birth Chart Offers Wisdom for Your Life Path. Exploring your Venus placement will provide helpful insights into what matters to you. Venus wishes to elevate your sense of self-value, and honor the importance of being authentically you. As the pleasure principle planet, she wishes you health, wealth and happiness.

Finding Venus in your birth chart is very easy. If you don't have a birth chart yet, create it HERE (in less than a minute)

Once you have your birth chart, look for this symbol , and you will have found Venus.

How to find Venus in your birth chart

First note what astrological sign your Venus resides. In the above example, Venus is in Libra. And secondly, identity what astrological house Venus is in. In the above example, she is in the fourth house.

Now that you know your personal Venus placement, scroll down to read what she wishes you to share with you regarding your self-worth and life path.

Venus in the astrological signs.

Venus in Aries: You derive your self-worth from your ability to assert yourself and take action. You value your independence and beam confidence. You enjoy feeling a sense of worth when you can initiate new projects and lead with courage.

Individuals with Venus in Aries are drawn to life paths that offer independence, self-reliance, freedom, and a sense of adventure. You love to take charge, and excel in leadership roles, and enjoy careers that involve a sense of adventure and competition, such as entrepreneurship, sports, or the military.

Venus in Taurus: You find your self-worth through your connection to the material world. You feel valuable when you can create stability, enjoy sensual pleasures, and build a solid foundation in your life.

You find fulfillment in life paths that offer stability, financial security, and a connection to the physical world and nature. Banking, real estate, luxury goods, the culinary arts, garden and nature, or any path where you can indulge your senses and create a comfortable and abundant lifestyle are fields you will excel in.

Venus in Gemini: You derive your self-worth from your intellectual abilities and communication skills. Your mind is fast and curious. You feel valuable when you can express your thoughts, engage in stimulating conversations, solve problems, and continuously learn and share knowledge.

Individuals with Venus in Gemini are drawn to life paths that involve communication, networking, and mental stimulation. You thrive in careers that allow you to use your versatile and persuasive communications skills to connect with others, such as journalism, writing, public relations, sales, or teaching.

Venus in Cancer: You find your self-worth through your emotional connections and nurturing nature. You feel valuable when you can create a safe and loving environment, care for others, and establish deep emotional bonds.

Find fulfillment in life paths that involve nurturing and caring for others. You excel in professions that allow you to create a supportive and nurturing environment for others, such as nursing, healing, counseling, child care, social work, hospitality and event planning, or any field that involves emotional intelligence and empathy.

Venus in Leo: You derive your self-worth from your creativity and come alive in the spotlight. You feel valuable when you can express yourself artistically, receive admiration and acknowledgement, and inspire others with your Venusian radiance.

You are drawn to life paths that allow you to lead, and or be center stage. You excel in creative fields such as performing arts, entertainment, fashion, or any profession that involves self-expression and the ability to inspire and lead others with your charisma and confidence.

Venus in Virgo: You find your self-worth through your attention to detail, efficiency, order, and practical skills. You feel valuable when you can be of service, offer practical help and organization, and contribute your meticulousness to improve the life of others.

You excel in life paths that involve attention to detail, organization, service, and practical skills. You thrive in careers that require precision, problem-solving, efficiency, and a methodical approach to work, such as accounting, administration, healthcare, or research.

Venus in Libra: You derive your self-worth through your ability to create harmony and maintain balanced relationships. You feel valuable when you can promote fairness, seek cooperation, create beauty in the world, and establish harmonious connections with others.

You are natural diplomat and find fulfillment in life paths that involve negotiation, mediation, restoring harmony. You thrive in fields such as law, diplomacy, counseling, or any profession that allows you to bring balance and fairness to relationships and situations. You have a keen eye for style and beauty, and find joy working as an artist, stylist, or art curator.

Venus in Scorpio: You find your self-worth through your intense emotional depth, profound intuition, and transformative experiences. You feel valuable when you can explore your own emotions, connect on a profound level with others, and experience deep intimacy.

You find fulfillment in careers that involve depth, intensity, and transformation. You excel in fields such as psychology, investigative work, research, or any profession that allows you to delve into the mysteries of human nature, the occult, that each offer profound transformation.

You may also have skills that relate to financial matters, includes brokering, investing, real-estate and banking.

Venus in Sagittarius: You derive your self-worth through your sense of adventure and expansion. you feel valuable when you can explore new horizons, embrace different cultures and philosophies, and expand your personal and intellectual boundaries.

You are drawn to life paths that involve travel, exploration, study, and a sense of adventure. You thrive in fields such as travel and tourism, higher education, publishing, or any profession that allows you to expand your horizons and share your knowledge and experiences with others with your Venusian enthusiasm.

Venus in Capricorn: You find your self-worth through your discipline, achievement, and working steadily towards long-term goals. You feel valuable when you can demonstrate your reliability, accomplish your goals, and establish a solid reputation through hard work and perseverance.

You excel in life paths that involve ambition, discipline, and dedication towards longer-term goals. You thrive in careers that require tenacity and dedication, such as business, finance, management, or any profession that allows you to climb the corporate ladder, or a pathway onward and upward to achieving success. You enjoy sharing your wisdom and experience with others in any chosen field where you have gained knowledge and mastery.

Venus in Aquarius: You derive your self-worth from your uniqueness and ability to make a difference in the world. You feel valuable when you can express your individuality, promote social causes, be the rebel, and contribute to the greater good through your innovative and often quirky ideas.

You are drawn to life paths that involve innovation, technology, space, weather, social causes, community driven, and humanitarian efforts. You excel in fields such as technology, activism, social work, or any profession that allows you to make a difference in the world and bring forth positive change.

Venus in Pisces: You find your self-worth through your compassion, spiritual connection, art and music. You feel valuable when you can offer unconditional love, express your creativity, offer healing, and connect with others on a deep soul level.

You find fulfillment in life paths that involve creativity, compassion, and spiritual connection. You thrive in fields such as the arts, music, healing professions, or any profession that allows you to express your imagination, empathy, and connection with others on a deep emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual level.

Your personal Venus house placement may validate and inspire you to bring forth more of your authenticity.

Scroll down and soak up more of your innate Venusian traits by finding your house placement!

Venus in the Astrological Houses

Venus in the 1st House: You bestow an irresistible charm and magnetic personality upon individuals. exuding grace and beauty, captivating others effortlessly. You possess a strong sense of self-worth naturally, and prioritize your appearance, often making a striking first impression.

Venus in the 2nd House: Financial abundance is likely as you have a deep appreciation and magnetism for luxury and material comforts. You have a keen eye for aesthetics and enjoy investing in high-quality possessions. You enjoy tantalizing your senses, and appreciate your physical body. You might have a natural talent for managing finances and can cultivate a healthy and harmonious relationship with money.

Venus in the 3rd House: You are gifted with excellent communication skills and a pleasant, persuasive demeanor. You possess a love for words and artistic expression, often excelling in writing or public speaking. You can effortlessly establish harmonious connections with siblings, neighbors, and local community, fostering warm relationships.

Venus in the 4th House: Your home and family life is infused with a soothing and nurturing atmosphere. Your feeling nature is often your compass and you can develop your empathic nature, for recognizing the needs of others. You have a deep appreciation for your roots and find solace in creating a beautiful domestic space. You enjoy hosting gatherings and often have harmonious relationships with your parents and family members.

Venus in the 5th House: You bestow creative flair and a love for artistic pursuits. You possess a magnetic charm and often find yourself leading the way, and in the spotlight. You have a passionate approach to romance and enjoy indulging in pleasurable activities, such as music, theater, and fashion.

Venus in the 6th House: You bring harmony and balance to the realm of your daily life, work and health. You have a strong desire for a pleasant, organized environments and may be drawn to careers in the arts, counseling, or healing. You prioritize self-care and find joy in maintaining a healthy routine.

Venus in the 7th House: You deeply long for harmonious and loving relationships and often prefer sharing your time with others. As a natural diplomatic, you enjoy finding solutions that restore balance and fairness in relationships. You possess refined taste and create aesthetically pleasing enviroments and often attract aesthetically pleasing parters.

Venus in the 8th House: You bestow an intense and transformative approach to love, relationships, and shared resources. You possess a magnetic sexuality and have a deep desire to connect on a soul level. You may find your Venusian traits pertaining to your values, evolve over the course of your life. You are drawn to collaborations where you can merge your resources with others in order to cocreate something new. You seek to experience profound emotional transformation through your partnerships or encounters with others.You are intrigued by occult, anything taboo, and secrets.

Venus in the 9th House: You bring enthusiasm and positivity everywhere you go and have a love for adventure, travel, and exploring different cultures. You are likely to share your opinions regarding your sense of justice and are drawn to higher education, philosophy, or spirituality. You find joy in broadening your horizons and may seek love and relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Venus in the 10th House: You seek success and recognition through your charm and aesthetic sense. You possess a natural grace and charisma, which can propel you to leadership positions or fame. You may excel in artistic or creative fields and are admired for your style and elegance. You are willing to work diligently on behalf of advancing your values and talents.

Venus in the 11th House: You have a love for socializing and building strong networks of friends and acquaintances. You possess a natural ability to bring people together and foster harmonious group dynamics. You often find love and romance through your social circles and are passionate about supporting your friends' artistic endeavors.

Venus in the 12th House: You have a deep sensitivity and compassion towards others. With a mystical aura you are likely to possess psychic or intuitive abilities. You find solace in solitude, meditation, and may have a deep connection with spirituality or the arts. Love and romance, and artistic pursuits can be transformative and may involve a deep healing journey.

Did these interpreations resonate with you? Are they helpful in setting more meaningful Taurus New Moon intentions or clarifying your path foward? Did they validate something you sensed about yourself? Let me know what you found in the comments!

On a side note, each zodiac sign is associated with an astrological house. Taurus assumes the role of the second house in astrology, the celestial abode that governs all your physical resources. Symbolizing the mantra 'I Have,' Taurus perceives what it possesses through the five physical senses.

Plant Your Seeds During the Taurus New Moon.

Taurus, under the gentle guidance of planet Venus, opens the door to a world of abundance and fulfillment. Their harmonious influence invites you to set your intentions for embracing a life of plentiful blessings, planting seeds that will blossom into a harmonious existence filled with self-love, prosperity, a healthy and vibrant body temple, and a juicy sense of contentment.

Although we are in the final days of Taurus Season, the celestial cycle for prioritizing self-nurturing, this new lunar cycle, ignited by the Taurus New Moon will be infused with Taurus themes. Consider embarking upon a self-care ritual that nourishes, and nurtures your body. As the steadfast fixed earth sign of the zodiac, Taurus is devoted to satisfying your physical needs and desires. Taurus encourages you to strive for simplicity, stability, security, and comfort, as you will find peace and contentment when those needs and desires are met. Along with the inspiration of your Venus placement, enjoy unleashing your imagination this new moon for the life you desire in the material world!

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Practice, and Gong Bath for the Taurus New Moon

Get into the flow of abundance, and join me for a Taurus New Moon Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice with soothing gong bath, this Sunday, 10-11:30am, in-person at A Healing Collective, or online via zoom!

Love and New Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting Your Conscious Awakening


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