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Yoga and Meditation for the Solar Eclipse and its magnetic alignment with The Great Attractor.

Uplift your frequency and uplevel your story. This is the game plan for the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse as it realigns us with our Higher Truth and magnifies it with its amazing alignment with the Great Attractor!

Did you know that there is a MASSIVE MAGNET in the Sagittarius Centaurian Constellation called THE GREAT ATTRACTOR? It is responsible for the course direction of our galaxy and many other galaxies as it constantly pulls us towards it. Its unrelenting appetite has earned it a mass of more than ten million billion Suns!

This super cosmic phenomenon aligns with the SOLAR ECLIPSE that's happening early Saturday morning. Whatever we are magnetically attracting into our lives at this time will be amplified.

We have an amazing opportunity to rewrite our stories as we slip through this Sagittarius eclipse portal. As the lights go out TOTALLY upon the earth, there is a chasm where we can release our woes and archaic nuances that have tied up so much of our creative energy and joy. When the light resumes, we are liberated, upon a new timeline, a new life course that aligns us so much more closely with the true vision we hold for ourselves. This is the potential this powerful eclipse holds!

Solar Eclipses are resets and in the house of Sagittarius, the visionary, seeker of Higher Truth and mind-expanding adventures, it brings great optimism and liberating energies for eclipsing




The intentions we set during a Total Solar Eclipse are launched upon


In the sign of SAGITTARIUS, we are setting intentions





Solar Eclipse Online Meditation
Friday Dec. 3 @ 7 - 8:15 pm

For practice details and registration, please visit HERE

Integrate the Solar Eclipse Energy with Gentle Kundalini Yoga
Saturday, Dec. 4 @ 9::45 - 10:45 am
Embee Lifestyle Docs, 4500 Bissonnet St, Bellaire 77401

Suggested Exchange $10

We are in the midst of a very powerful Eclipse Season where much challenging and outdated karma is being released individually and collectively. This is freeing up a great deal of space and energy for us to recreate our lives, rewrite our stories! And this is something we must consider as life on our planet is changing as we enter a new age. We are all aware of the challenges we face.

So even more reason to contemplate our lives and note what we are magnetically attracting to us. Wherever we feel disgruntled is an area to contemplate because it's probably an area of our lives out of alignment with our Truth.

During a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse. we are encouraged to seek our Higher Truth, and uplevel our commitment by responding even more diligently and effectively to what is TRUE for us!

Being a 'south node' Solar Eclipse, we are supported in releasing whatever is getting in our way of living in our truth. This might include habits that use our energy inappropriately or relationships that don't honor our truth. We might be holding onto limiting beliefs that need to go in order for us to be able to fully embrace and be our authentic amazing selves.

Activating the Law of Attraction!

Sagittarius also governs philosophy, academia, and the law too, so another great reason to revisit the Law of Attraction especially as the Sag Solar Eclipse is in alignment with the Great Attractor!

As electromagnetic beings, our thoughts and feelings greatly impact the electromagnetic frequency we emit! Thoughts can be considered electric in nature, and feelings, their magnetic counterpart.

We are beginning to understand that the electromagnetic frequency our thoughts and feelings generate from us determines what we are magnetically attracting to ourselves.

Have you ever noticed how your mood seems to impact what's going on around you? For example, feeling frustrated breeds more things that make you frustrated?

It's like the universe listens to our electromagnetic bleeps and responds by sending us more of what will create that same frequency in us, good or not so good.

This is why a Gratitude Practice is such a beneficial prosperity practice. While we feel and experience gratitude, we magnetically pull towards us circumstances and things that generate more feelings of gratitude, and they are probably those circumstances and things we desire!

Committing to a daily Gratitude Practice would be a fantastic intention to set for this new moon solar eclipse! Imagine what we can attract into our lives if we emitted appreciation and thankfulness in place of fear and annoyance each day? WOW!

The awesome news is, we have the capacity to create the frequency we need in order to attract what we desire in our lives. We need not wait for the circumstances of our life to change in order to think happy thoughts and feel joyful. It's difficult to make progress if that's our tact. Rather, we can consciously create those thoughts and feelings with our imagination, with mindful practice, and generate the same response in our mind and body as if those circumstances were actually happening!

Like everything it takes practice, and I look forward to sharing practices and exercises with you that will help to connect you with your truth, align your thoughts and feelings with that truth, and strengthen your magnetism to bring to you what you need and desire for living in that truth.

So come meditate, practice, participate!

We're all in this together!

All Are Welcome xo

Love, Kalyan Darshan



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