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Taurus Lunar Eclipse - Release the Goo, make space for the New You!

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Online Meditation
Thursday, Nov 18, 7 - 8:15 pm

Meditate with the Eclipse transformational energies for liberating stuck energy around Taurian considerations ... finances, resources, relationships, and self-worth!

WOW! This is BIG BIG BIG ENERGY coming in, and it's powered by DESIRE (Taurus-Scorpio Axis), bringing in a profound deep yearning for authentic happiness and for the changes that can bring it!

If you stop for a moment, close your eyes, and take a breath,… can you feel the desire that is being activated inside of you? What do you deeply yearn for? Maybe there are many things.

The energies of this Lunar Eclipse are massively supporting us when we consciously move towards our TRUTH!

This is transformational energy and we can use it for releasing the energetic blocks and emotional patterns within us that have kept us from living authentically and thus from our joy and happiness. And with the earthy Taurus energies, we can reimagine, ground, and integrate a new vision, a new blueprint for ourselves that resonates with who we truly are!


Introductory Kundalini Yoga Class
Saturday, Nov 20 - 9:45 am

LifeStyle Docs

4500 Bissonnet Suite 355, Bellaire, TX 77401

Suggested Exchange: $10

Join me this Saturday morning for an introductory Kundalini Yoga class. Learn the basic asanas, breaths, locks, and mantras that have become so popular in the awakening movement taking place across the world.

The sequence we practice is an ideal morning workout that is fun, energizing, and transformational!

BTW, if you are seeking doctors that work with lifestyle and diet, I highly recommend Dr's Bandana and Munish Chawla at Lifestyle Docs. Fantastic for upgrading your wellness or finding solutions for long-term chronic disease!

AscenDANCE 2.0 presented by Houston Healing Circles
Saturday, Nov 20, 7 - 11pm

Are you ready to Ascend all of the energy holding you back in your life?

Through the art of movement and stillness, we will co-create a transcendental experience through Kundalini Yoga (yes, I'll be teaching this part), Sound Healing, Contact Improvisation, and Ecstatic Dance.

I am really excited to be a part of this event. It is fantastic to know we can go out on a Saturday night, have an awesome fun time, make new friends who share our interests, and dance our butts off to amazing music!

Expect there to be high vibrations, community, vendors, healers, and Cacao for Donation

The Interchange

1815 Cleburne St, Houston, TX, United States, Texas

Suggested Exchange: $22

Register Here space is limited so please register.


More about the Taurus/Scorpio Axis and Lunar Eclipse on November 19

There is so much energy for change and transformation at this time as Sun and Moon are just a day away from that special alignment with Earth creating a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

In Houston time this eclipse begins at 12:02 am this Friday morning, peaking at 3:02 at 97.4% coverage, and ending at 6:03 pm.

WOW!!! 6 hours long, and the longest eclipse since the year 1404. Yup! It’s going to be a Deep Release!

These powerful transformational energies are for creating the next chapter in our lives, what we deeply desire, and for creating the NEW EARTH we are collectively creating! We can use Taurus’ grounding, steady, strong, and determined energy for integrating our intentions.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and so this Lunar Eclipse is a time to contemplate how we interact with our physical world.

What are we creating in the physical dimension, in our work and play?

Does it make us happy? Are we content?

What is our capacity in creating the resources we personally need to survive, to THRIVE?

Do we like how we treat our physical bodies?

What value do we hold for ourselves?

Do we value ourselves?

Are we honoring ourselves in the relationships we nurture?

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the feminine archetype that shows us what we deem beautiful, our personal taste, what gives us pleasure, who and what we desire, and what value we hold for ourselves.

On the other side of the zodiac wheel is Scorpio, from where Sun is currently shining light. Scorpio reveals to us precisely how we REALLY FEEL and so this Taurus-Scorpio Axis is about embodying our truth!

This is the most potent time of year for truth-seeking, revelation, secrets coming to light, and transformation!

Scorpio brings light to the deepest darkest areas of our psyche showing us our true feelings, our hidden agendas, what has become toxic, and how we really feel about ourselves, our work, and every relationship we have that has meaning to us. If we are willing, to be honest with ourselves, and take a deep dive with Scorpios flashlight, we become aware of our unconscious programming, and with that knowledge, we can liberate ourselves by embodying the truth that we find!!!!!

So this Taurus eclipse is for recognizing what we desire, and understanding how to realign our power for restructuring our lives, our work, our relationships, our physical bodies, and the physical landscapes we impact.

Scorpio’s searing truth will help us understand where we are using our energies and power inappropriately, and where our thoughts, feelings, and actions are actually depleting our energy and diminishing our power!

We are shifting into a new age and we presently have a foot in both worlds. To make the successful leap across into the new age, the #newearth, we are required to transcend the outdated archaic patterns, habits, technologies, beliefs, etc because quite simply, these old ways can’t exist in the new age! And of course, these big changes all begin with the changes we make within ourselves.

This is the first Taurus/Scorpio eclipse in a series that will take place over the following 20 months.

I suspect there will be a tremendous amount of emotional purging as we take bold steps forward in healing ourselves and our planet.


I'm setting an intention that I'll see you online or in person!

And please check out my weekday offerings commencing with classes online at 8 - 8:45 am.

I wish you a beautiful week, filled with Taurean blessings, enlightened revelations, exciting visions for the future, and an abundance of divine (and gentle) healing and tonnes of love.

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity

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