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Your deepest heart's desires are your new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE intentions!

In preparation for the Solar Eclipse Online Meditation, Saturday, April 30 @ 8 pm CDT, read on...

Did you know Solar Eclipses always occur during the New Moon phase, the best time of the month for setting intentions?

This ingenious cosmic design occurs when our Earth's orbit intersects Moon's orbit, the 'lunar nodes of destiny' ☊☋, and when that occurs when Moon is new, we experience a Solar Eclipse!

When this incredible feat of geometry occurs, Sun's electromagnetic field is disrupted, literally resetting and realigning the energies we receive, bringing us all into closer alignment with our destinies.


Moon’s nodes of destiny are shifting constantly and take 18 months to move through a zodiac sign. They show us the archetypes of our evolutionary growth, releasing from the south node for expanding towards and through the north node.

Since January this year, the nodes began moving through the Taurus-Scorpio axis, so the eclipses will be in those houses.

With the south node in Scorpio ☋♏︎, toxic relationship dynamics that have disempowered us are being revealed for release, whether it's in a personal relationship or the relationship you have with the bank or landlord, etc. This restores power and energy for growing new healthy relationships, and prosperity upon a sustainable new earth, with the north node in Taurus ☊♉︎.

TAURUS New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE - Saturday, April 30
(so I got a bit carried away 🤦‍♀️, so please scroll down if you want to skip to the opportunities coming your way with this magnificent eclipse!)

Setting intentions during a New Moon Solar Eclipse is a powerful action because of the energetic momentous wave we can launch our intentions upon and the energetic shift that takes place.

Imagine closing one door to open another, to step upon a new preferred timeline!


Setting intentions is a mind-body practice, proven scientifically by Dr. Joe Dispenza, HeartMath, and others.

On a side note, the world began accepting 'woo-woo' ideas like this when the Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Node Axis was in effect. Releasing long-held beliefs through the south node in Sagittarius, and renewing and expanding our minds with the north node in Gemini!

But I digress, .... So how do we set effective powerful intentions?

Step 1 Be clear about what you wish to materialize. This is often the hardest part, so it might help to open your heart, listen and write it down.

Step 2 Center yourself, consciously breathing, filling up on lifeforce energy, and relaxing.

Hopefully, you are feeling a little excited now 😉

Step 3 Focus your mind on what you desire to create. Imagine it! See it! Watch it happening in your mind's imagination. Take your time because you are creating new electric patterns in your mind.

Step 4 Feel it in your body by generating the emotions and palpable feelings in your body. These are the emotions you will experience when your intention materializes. Perhaps these are feelings of joy, happiness, relief, and or empowerment. Take your time because you are creating a new magnetic field in your body.

Step 5 Continue repeating steps 3 and 4 for at least several minutes, building the energy, or until you notice a shift within.

As you practice focusing and feeling about your intention, you are generating a new electromagnetic field which becomes a part of your energetic makeup. So practice often to keep growing your new field. It's replacing the old outdated patterns.

These new electromagnetic patterns attract to you the circumstances, people, places, and things that create your heart's desires! Yes, that bit is important! Your intentions must align with your heart and soul because that is the source of your magnificent manifesting power.

In fact, your electromagnetic field is always attracting circumstances that align with it, so if you feel defeated, you will continue to be defeated as the Universe responds to your frequency.

Now there is a misconception that feelings only occur in response to something actually occurring, and that emotions are purely a human reaction to life. If this is our belief, then it is very challenging to create a new circumstance for ourselves when our emotions are only ever responding to the circumstances of now, and the past. We can actually feel the future too if we decide to.

The truth is, we can absolutely conjure any feelings we desire because we have consciousness!

We have the hardware within us to do so. This is why Step 2 is so important because it is very challenging to generate uplifted emotions if we are resonating at a low frequency. If this is you, then may I suggest beginning step 2 with the Breath of Fire, or long deep breathing along with a mantra, something like I have the power to uplift my life ... Because you absolutely have that power! Let's practice together on Saturday night!

TAURUS New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE - Saturday, April 30

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Saturday is REPLENISHING, and offering us fertile soil for planting and establishing new seeds that honor our new values in the material world.

Taurus is the house of prosperity and abundance and where we bring form to what we desire to manifest.

Since this new moon is a powerful solar eclipse, get clear on what you value and what you wish to materialize in all aspects of your physical world. This includes your body, your self-value, your work, your play, your finances, and your romantic and nurturing relationships.

Lovely Venus (beauty, love, divine feminine) is the ruler of this eclipse, as she governs Taurus.

She is exalted in Pisces at this time, connecting our hearts with the Infinite, every possibility. She is in direct alignment with Jupiter, who is positively expanding all her love, grace, power, creativity, and beauty, and also with Neptune, ruler of Pisces, opening portals for her and for us, for accessing cosmic dream states for deep healing and expanding our imagination.

As well, Venus is receiving a beautiful harmonic trine from Pluto (restoring our power through transformation), empowering us as she guides our intentions and our strength to step up on a new uplifted path forward.

Mars (action, assertion, divine masculine) is gentle in Pisces, creating the container for our feminine creatorix, as he is making a gorgeous harmonious aspect, a sextile with Sun and Moon).

These are incredibly powerful planetary aspects supporting Venus, the ruler of this Solar Eclipse! WOW!

The lunar nodes are being squared by Saturn (father principle and discipline), meaning that it’s time to be strong in making decisions about our new path forward. If it doesn't resonate, let it go! So what are you ready to shift, change, release, and become that better aligns with your soul's destiny? Where are you willing to step up and show up for yourself with more maturity?

Uranus (revolutionary disruptor via quantum revelation) is in Taurus and aligned with Sun and Moon during this eclipse! What??? So incredible!!!! Amazing for receiving cosmic insights! Remember how disruptive life was mid-2020 and onward during the pandemic? Well, Uranus has returned to that same point in the chart after going forwards and backward retrograding a couple of times throwing wrecking balls into our lives to integrate. It uniquely taught and expanded us so much. At this eclipse, Uranus is positioned to support us as we implement what we have learned, recreating our lives in this post-pandemic reality. So, soften, breathe, and receive his cosmic insights.

As Sun's light turns off and then on again, how do you want to emerge? Listen to your heart 💗

We will be working with all these energies and practices during Saturday evening's online meditation.

You will:

♉︎ feel into your sensuality

♉︎ bring awareness to your authentic desires

♉︎ activate your divine creatorix within

♉︎ set intentions for your best most joyful life

♉︎ integrate with a glorious gong bath

I hope you can feel how excited I am about this auspicious cosmic event and I hope that you will

share this journey with me and all who join us.

All Are Divinely Called, All Are Welcome 🥰

For details about this meditation and to register, please visit HERE

You can also register directly at my site, by clicking the cart symbol, paying $11 with no Eventbrite surcharge, and sending an email to letting me know so I can send you the zoom information.

So much love, and an abundance of blessings to YOU,

Kalyan Darshan


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