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Our first 2020 Kirtan is taking place on a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Eclipses are celestial phenomenons that empower our spiritual practices! As the sun, moon, and earth come into their specific eclipse alignment, the constant stream of photonic light earth receives is disrupted. An opportunity is created to connect more deeply and consciously with our soul and to understand more clearly its purpose for us in our lives at this time.

Mantra meditation is a wonderful practice for accessing this state of consciousness, and it is said that if we chant a mantra 108 times in this period, it is equivalent to 10,000 repetitions! WOW!

During eclipse season, what is no longer needed for our soul’s expansion is removed, literally eclipsed, so eclipses catalyze endings and new beginnings for growth spurts in human evolution.

This particular eclipse period is distinctively powerful because almost all of the planets in our solar system are involved, beyond the sun and moon. For example, the sun is in earthy Capricorn which is the house that represents authority and structure in the physical world. And, so is transformational Pluto, Lord of Karma Saturn, messenger Mercury and expansive and wise Jupiter. All of them playing their role in deconstructing the world as we know it. And all opposing the Moon, which is all by itself on the opposite side of the chart in emotive watery Cancer during this eclipse period. So we may feel a little tender this week as we are tempered to mature emotionally so that in this age of Aquarius, we can take the Cancerian responsibility of caring for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our Planet decently and with integrity.

So expect a massive karmic weight to be released!!! YES!!! All the more inner space to manifest intentions for the new decade!!!

Let’s experience this celestial phenomenon together and truly Awaken with Kirtan in 2020. We can empower and uplift each other as we chant to manifest, chant to prosper, chant to heal and chant for PEACE. There will be a deeply relaxing sound bath with gongs and crystal singing bowls so bring a pillow or blanket so you can comfortably lie down and receive the blessings.

Bring your dreams, desires, your concerns, and fears, and all that your heart yearns for.

Tickets are $15 available at the door or purchase in advance at Eventbrite

Awaken with Kirtan #Launching2020 In the Pyramid @ Unity Houston Friday January 10 @ 7pm.

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