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Oh My Goddess!, peace is required, and we can create it, together!

"If world peace is to be established, peace in the individual must be established first.

Meditation is the most effective form of relaxation. It not only relaxes the body and mind but also feeds them with vital energy, peace and happiness".

- Maharishi-

I call it subtle activism because when we meditate together with a shared intention and vision, we activate what's been described as the The Ripple Effect or Maharishi Effect and N ² Effect.

Here is how they work! ....

Group meditation is an energetic collaboration where each individual gives and receives energy created by the group, no matter the physical distance between the members. Vast amounts of evidence consistently demonstrates that group meditation can literally stop war with more than 100 research papers drawing the same conclusions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and MIT. When groups of meditators are created to ease war-torn areas, their impact on reducing war deaths has averaged at least 70%. This incredible evidence can be explained by the Ripple Effect, the Maharishi Effect, and N ² Effect. The Ripple Effect is created when a group of people shares an intention, mindfully in a practice like meditation. From the meditator's minds and hearts, their shared intention ripples through the fabric of the collective consciousness. Like waves rippling from a water droplet, the intention influences everyone's field. The effect of a ripple carrying an intention of peace can shift someone's perspective dramatically. A stressed, afraid, contracted and narrow mindset can gently shift to a state of feeling expanded, energized, positive and hopeful. The Maharishi Effect creates coherence in the collective consciousness field, directly improving the well-being of all. As the discordance and misunderstandings in the field diminish, so too do their earthly manifestations, violence, crime, and accidents.

The N ² Effect explains the exponential nature of the group's power which grows as a square of the number of meditators. Thus the power of the group's intention will be 25 times greater when 5 people are meditating. Imagine 100, imagine 1000 :) In this practice of Subtle Activism, each of us can truly create the change we wish to see in the world when we join together.

So please, if you are free, join this free offering and BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Join the zoom meeting, 9/1 @ 9 - 9:15 am.

If you would like to be notified about more Meditations for Peace, please join this Meet Up Group, Meditation for Peace on the Planet!


In other great news for PEACE ...

The Peaceful Planet Foundation announces its


We are so excited about sharing the news: Peaceful Planet's Yearly Health and Wellness Retreat is back this year. For everyone's safety, we're keeping it virtual. I am delighted to be the host of this incredbly informative event, and the price is only $10!

The Retreat will feature sessions on Nutrition, Mindfulness, Pranayama, Live Yoga, Cooking Demos and so much more. Some of you have joined us before and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Our circle has grown and we are hoping our old friends and new friends can all join us this year and make this year a great success for Peaceful Plane Foundation and help spread peace, health and wellness to schools and underserved communities in the Houston area.

To register and learn more about the retreat, please, click here:

Also, we would be most appreciative if you could spread the word about the retreat. Attached is a post for you to share with your community:)

I wish you peace my friends and will leave you with a peace mantra.

Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu

Peace, Shalom, Salam, Shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace and Love,

Kalyan Darshan

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