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Gain clarity and insight during the Virgo Full Moon. Bask in her soothing, healing energy.

The Full Moon in Virgo

Taking place on Tuesday, March 7 at 6:40AM Central Standard Time.

Each Virgo Full Moon showers down soothing, purifying, and clarifying light energy for shedding what is weighing you down, in order to lighten your load, and unburden your mind.

This will be the final full moon before we commence a new astrological calendar year at the Equinox, March 20. The Equinox ignites Spring/Autumn, depending on which hemisphere you live in, and so this full moon presents an opportunity to refresh yourself for the new season.

Virgo energy simplifies by restoring clarity to both the body and mind. It brings an eloquent balance to the body-mind connection, and inspirits intuition. Virgo Full Moon light reveals what is true for you, and will support you in dissolving confusion, drama, and whatever no longer serves you.

Virgo-Pisces Healing Axis

This is the Full Moon for integrating Virgo (earth) and Pisces (water) energies. It can be likened to where the ocean meets the beach. The Virgo Full Moon reflects light from Sun whilst it travels through Pisces, the zodiac sign on the opposite side of the astrology wheel.

Virgo and Pisces together create the Healing Axis in the zodiac. Virgo heals the body/mind through purification, and Pisces heals the heart and subtle energy fields, in order to embody and radiate more of your spirit. The Virgo Full Moon light will help you review your health, career, self-care and daily routines, whilst revealing where more of your soul-self can be incorporated into your life.

Virgo is the sixth house of the zodiac, where the first six houses pertain to the qualities of self.

First house - Aries - your essence, "I am"

Second house - Taurus - your values and resources, "I have"

Third house Gemini - your mental capacity, "I think"

Fourth house Cancer - your emotional intelligence. "I feel"

Fifth house Leo - your passion, "I play/create"

Sixth house Virgo - your whole self, "I manifest efficiently, effectively and joyfully"

Virgo has integrated all she has learned from the first five astrological houses. With this knowledge, experience, and wisdom, she is analytical, savvy, and spiritual. Intuitively, she flows with her daily routine with a practical, and methodical approach. Being efficient and effective are as important to her as living joyfully and harmoniously. Symbolized by the maiden/virgin representing purity and innocence, Virgo is also strong, independent, grounded, and self-sufficient.

The next full moon will be in the seventh house, Libra, where we seek to find balance between ourselves and others.

Why is this Virgo Full Moon so special?

We are up for some MASSIVE energy shifts at the time of this Full Moon and throughout the month of March according to the cosmic currents!

Mercury harmonizes with the Karmic Nodes

Since Mercury governs Virgo and this Full Moon, his position in the chart is significant. Mercury informs your conscious mind, and during this full moon, it regards your personal growth as a self-sufficient, self-affirming, earth-conscious manifestor. He may also show you deep emotional attachments that are holding you in a rut that you'd benefit from releasing at this time.

As Uranus informs your higher mind, consider how Mercury and Uranus are working together for you as you read the next Uranian paragraph!

Uranus in harmony with the Full Moon

Open your mind for receiving insight and inspiration during this Full Moon. Uranus, our cosmic humanitarian, innovator, master of sudden surprises, and the governor of Aquarius, is making very benevolent aspects. You may very well experience this sky-god's quantum natured energy, as moments of revelation and out-of-the-box fresh ideas for moving forward in your life, as a self-sufficient, self-affirming, earth-conscious manifestor. Keep your antenna in 'receive-mode' ;)

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries

During this full moon, consider where you have been or felt personally wounded, and set an intention for its healing.

Jupiter magnifies whatever it's in alignment with, and supports growth and expansion. Chiron is the shaman of the zodiac, showing us where we are hurt, the key to healing. Whilst moving through Aries, Chiron is helping each of us resolve wounds that pertain to being true to one's essence.

Mars square Moon, Sun, and Neptune

When we are impacted by planets making a 90° square aspect, we experience challenges. Often they require us to make a definitive decision. Mars, is the planet of action and assertion. He can be either a warlord or a spiritual warrior.

If this full moo aspect is impacting your chart, you might feel frustrated by the lack of action happening in your world, annoyed with someone, or irritated by a circumstance. Squaring Neptune, we might witness more fanatical behavior, or simply feel confused in how to proceed next. Hang in there. This too shall pass!

Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn

What would benefit from a deconstruction/reconstruction in your physical world? Where can you restore or better utilize your personal power?

During this Full Moon, Pluto will be at the very last degree of Capricorn. Pluto brings power through transformation via the death and rebirth process. Capricorn relates to physical foundational structures, and authority that have been utilized over longer periods of time.

Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, a significant milestone as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Due to Pluto's retrograde activity, however, it will move between the final degree of Capricorn and the first degree of Aquarius three times before arriving in Aquarius for 21 years in November 2024. So there is still time to work with this Pluto-Capricorn energy, which mostly requires a longer process.

Saturn enters Pisces!

Within an hour of the Virgo Full Moon, Saturn will enter his 3-year Pisces sojourn. Saturn generates and organizes the physical structures and foundations that we build our lives upon. Pisces is the intangible and non-physical. As you can imagine, bringing Saturnian structure to ethereal cosmic Pisces realms might be tricky, but this is a period of time when dreams become reality! This is also perfect energy for creating a personal spiritual practice!

How you can work with Virgo's Full Moon Light.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign governed by mindful Mercury, so body-mind meditations are highly effective at this time. And you're invited along to join one taking place at 7pm Central Time, March 7. Mutable signs are adaptable, and up for change, and Mercury energy supports your thinking processes, how you organize information and communicate.

During a Virgo Full Moon, it is easier to recognize where you can tweak your life and lifestyle by reorganizing your spaces, up-leveling your self-care routines, and decluttering your mind. Reflect upon how you'd like to move through the world. Can you simplify your life? What makes your heart truly happy? How do you take care of yourself, body and mind? How do you relax?

If you are interested in working with these energies, gaining clarity, receiving insight, and relaxing your body and mind, please attend the Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation with Somatic Sound Healing! And please subscribe for more cosmic events!

Love and Full Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan

Aquarian Age Advocate, supporting and celebrating the conscious awakening of humanity.


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