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A New Year Check In and Emotional Cleanse with Cancer's Full Moon and Mercury's Retrograde.

Cancer Full Moon 2023 Online Meditation with Kalyan Darshan in Collaboration with the Cosmos
Bask and Refresh in Cancer's Healing Full Moonbeams

The CANCER FULL MOON is the first lunation of 2023!

The house of cancer is ruled by Moon herself, so it embodies Moon's watery emotive energies for exploring how you are feeling.

Every Full Moon illuminates some aspect of your inner emotional world, and even more so during a Cancer Full Moon, the most emotionally charged Full Moon of the year!!

Cancer's nurturing, maternal light can evoke your deeply sensitive side. Her soothing light illuminates very private areas of your life that seek a deeper sense of security, as well as love, appreciation, comfort, and understanding from those that are close to you, including YOU!

Following on right after the holidays and the New Year, this full moon is wonderful for taking some alone time for checking in with you!

Being receptive to the Cancerian Full Moonbeams, you can deeply explore your emotional world. Intend for these light waves to flush out and dissolve negative emotions that are blocking you from completely loving yourself. Allow them to clear the lens of your heart-light.

Reflect upon how you care for yourself as well as others, and grant yourself the opportunity to slow down and relax around this Full Moon. Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all in retrograde, slowing things down, so you can reflect and plan from what you have been learning. Alas, by the end of the month, all the planets will be in forward motion, which is rare, and the energy will be supporting you then to pick up the pace!

Besides the energies of Moon and Sun, here are some of the energies we will be working with during our Full Moon Meditation...

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Conjunct Sun

Mercury, planet of conscious thoughts, communication, and during retrograde, more memories, will bring light to what you want to build and create as it connect with Sun in Capricorn during this lunation. It will support you as you recall and learn from your 2022 experiences, for redefining your 2023 intentions. It will inform Sun who is helping you to focus on making big Capricornian plans that require your commitment and maturity, and that align with your soul.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn Opposite Moon

Mercury conjunct Sun at a Full Moon means that Mercury is opposite Moon. Therefore, Moon is checking in that your plans will make you happy and align with your heart-felt desires, whilst offering a reminder to build self-care into your plans.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus Sextile Moon

This sextile brings an opportunistic energy for healing in a heart-beat because Uranus energy is quantum in nature, and thus doesn't require linear time for transformation!! During this Cancer Full Moon, it pertains to emotional healing.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus Trine Sun

This Sun trine is in the quality of earth, and brings innovative, activating, quantum Uranian energy to the light of this Full Moon energy profile. It will shift or enlighten you about something in your physical, earthy realm, big or small. Connect with Uranus as he awakens your unique genius, your higher mind, and in retrograde, it might be a sudden reminder that reconnects you with that awesome idea that came to you over the past months regarding something you want to manifest and new ideas about how to go about it.

Uranus wants you to remember what you, and only you, can bring to the human collective! Ask him to open the quantum field for you, revealing to you all possibilities available!

The Cancer Full Moon Meditation Practice will include:

  • Gentle Movement for releasing stress and tension in your body

  • Connection with Higher Self

  • Tuning in, centering and connecting with and embodying the Full Moon cleansing energies

  • Guided Meditation for recognizing and acknowledging what is ready to be released

  • Kundalini Pranayama (breath practice) for releasing and letting go

  • Law of Attraction Mindful Focus

This Cancer Full Moon Meditation Practice will Support You in:

  • Finding a deep state of relaxation and for reducing stress and anxiety

  • Connecting with your Soul-Self, your Higher Self

  • Recognizing your true feelings, and what underlies the challenging ones

  • Understanding the synergy of your thoughts and emotions and disrupting negative patterns

  • Releasing difficult emotions

  • Restoring personal power

  • Inspiring and awakening You to YOU

  • Realizing a new way of Being You

  • Activating the Law of Attraction

  • Cultivating self-love, self-respect, self-care practices, compassion for self and others, self-authority, courage, confidence

  • Clearing your path forward

How to prepare

Create a cozy space to meditate with all your creature comforts, like candles, incense, water, blankets, and pillows. Reflect upon how you truly feel, where you feel stuck, and how you want to expand your life.

Personally and collectively, each of us is undergoing a unique transformation as we transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Meditating together during these periods of heightened energy is so very helpful, as together we amplify the impacts for one another by co-creating a master-mind

So please take this time out for yourself, and join in.

See you then!

Love and Full Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan

PS., Book a time with me to understand how the astrological cosmic currents can support you this year. Allow me to read your birth chart, and highlight your significant energy periods for work, relationships, and YOU! Email me at :)

About Cosmic Events

When we bring our lives into flow with nature and her seasons, and the cosmos and its grand cycles, we bring harmony and momentum into our lives. Nature is constantly evolving and when its energies guide our practices and daily routines, our personal evolution is divinely supported.

Cosmic Events include Yoga, Breath Practices, Mantas, and Meditations that help us to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the seasons and current cosmic alignments.


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