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SOLSTICE, CAPRICORN NEW MOON & JUPITER NEW SUN CYCLE! Big Igniting Energies for Your New Beginning!

Prepare for Your Exciting New Adventure!

2022 comes to a close with bountiful energies flowing in.

Sun and Moon move into Capricorn almost side-by-side, compounding the igniting energies of the Solstice (Dec 21) and Capricorn New Super Moon (Dec 23).

This is on the heels of Sun conjuncting the Galactic center, and benevolent Jupiter commencing a brand-new journey around Sun (Dec 20).

Capricorn is the tenth house of the astrological wheel, the highest point in the astrological chart, representing your life’s great work. Being the final earth sign, Capricorn is very interested in what you can accomplish in the material world when you work consistently toward your goals!!

Allow Capricorn season to arouse your inner visionary and ambitious nature. She wishes you to recognize what you can manifest when you work diligently, consistently and responsibly.

The Solstice and Capricorn New Super Moon, occurring on Dec 23, bring new light and inspiration for redefining your aspirations for the longer term. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to build that will last the test of time? Are you content with your career, or do you wish to adjust your career goals? It's a time to consider the legacy you wish to leave for your family, peers, or perhaps the world!

With the first three quarters of the zodiac calendar under her belt, Capricorn brings knowledge and wisdom, and as the Sea Goat, she has mastered both the depths of the oceans, the emotional realms, and can climb the highest of mountains, gifting great vision. See your fundamental truth through her eyes.

What is working, broken, obsolete? What is worthy of your time and energy?

Capricorn's reputation, social standing and public image are important to her too, and so she asks how your offerings will impact others? What value will it bring? And are you reliable, integral and ethical?

Being one of the four cardinal signs, those that activate the four seasons, Capricorn brings in igniting energy for initiating new beginnings. So powerful, she activates Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere as Sun ingresses into her sign, marking the annual December Solstice. The light of Capricorn’s Solstice is infused with her maturity for long-term planning, and the discipline and patience for steadily striving toward whatever you are designed to create.

Yes, she is quite the serious archetype, as is Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn. When it comes to creating foundational structures and the physical architecture in your life, look to Capricorn and Saturn!

Saturn is known as Father Time as he understands the time things take in the physical world, and as Lord of Karma, teaches and enforces the principles of cause and effect. Whilst this elderly patriarch is rather dry, steeped in tradition, and concerned with linear time in the material world, he is currently in the midst of his 3-year sojourn through Aquarius! Quite a different vibe for Saturn as Aquarius is an air sign, encourages innovation, and operates in the quantum realms! Although out of his comfort zone, Saturn is beginning to formulate how to create structure for the New Age of Aquarius. Thank goodness because clearly, the old systems are breaking down and simply don’t work for everyone!

Saturn in Aquarius also recognizes that the human collective, in the Aquarian Age, will function as a collaboration of everyone’s unique contribution. What would you like your unique offering to be? Your answer is most likely an excellent clue for determining your great work! So embrace Saturn’s revolutionary Aquarian wisdom whilst he is in Aquarius, for inspiring your authenticity and distinctive style as you dream your big plans.

There is lots of Capricorn energy as the new Capricorn lunar cycle begins, with Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto all in Capricorn until Venus moves on to Aquarius on January 3rd. Mercury will go retrograde in Capricorn on Dec. 29, supporting you as you go back over and fine tune your plans!

There is yet another massively important aspect to consider that will also open an exciting new energetic gateway … Jupiter enters Aries, Dec. 20!

This is truly huge for at least two big reasons. Firstly, consider Jupiter, he who is the big benevolent planet of adventure, encouraging us to undertake a new expansive journey. He positively amplifies what he connects with, and generates new growth and abundance. Bringing enthusiasm, good luck and fortune, Jupiter is your wise and philosophical cosmic ally. And Aries, also an igniting cardinal sign, is the entry point of the zodiac wheel. Jupiter will cross this threshold, the Aries Point, and commence his brand new 12 year sun cycle, opening this big beautiful energetic doorway right before the Solstice!

Jupiter is the seeker of Higher Truth, and his Aries entrance point comes right on the heels of Sun conjuncting the Galactic Center. Sun will both receive and distribute through his photons, this massive in pouring of the purest energy of truth, as the Galactic Center flows nothing but truth into our Milky Way Galaxy. What a beautiful series of cosmic events.

Remember that the Universe wants to collaborate with YOU!!! So with these potent cycles of times re-birthing together this coming week, take the time to meditate, make some plans, and join our online event to activate them.

Please note, this meditation takes place online at:

Tuesday Dec 20 @ 7pm - Central Standard Time

Wednesday Dec 21 @ 11am - Australian Eastern Standard Time


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