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Fall Equinox 9.22.22: What are you taking forward, and what are you leaving behind?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Twice a year we experience the equinox and the onset of spring and autumn/fall. At the time of the equinox, Earth's axis aligns with Sun, and equal light shines upon the Northern and Southern Hemisphere for several days.

As Sun crosses the equator, a new season begins. The angle of light we receive shifts, but more than that, Geo-biologist Rory Duff states that Earth's energetic grid comes into harmonic alignment, a day before, and for several days or so after both equinoxes and solstices.

These coherent lovely harmonic vibrations are flowing through us too as Earth becomes a magnificent tuning fork at this time, for restoring harmony in our bodies and minds.

Ancient cultures clearly understood the power of these Sun-Earth alignments, building sacred sites at energetic intersections that faithfully timestamp the Equinox and Solstice moments each year.

The Autumnal/Fall Equinox was and still is harvest time in many cultures, gathering all they had grown during the summer. What we are personally harvesting, is a product of our thoughts and emotions. How can we shift them for creating the life we desire?

The Equinox is also a time to reflect over the year thus far. It presents a fresh start, a new beginning. What are you taking with you, and what are you leaving behind? What are you harvesting? What are you composting?

How to Make the Most of the Equinox

One of the best things you can do during Fall Equinox is to find a lovely piece of earth, and lie upon it.

Let yourself relax and breathe. Fill your lungs with a few deep breaths in and out to begin. And then close your eyes.

Feel into the connection you share with Earth. Imagine you can feel yourself coming into resonance with her energy, and then imagine your own energetic field being replenished, in perfect balance, throughout your whole being.

Personally, each equinox, I love attending Medicine For The People which is a gathering of beautiful souls, right by Austin Texas.

This is a camping event, and so a wonderful opportunity to ground in those harmonically aligned energies. With offerings of yoga classes, meditations, empowering and healing ceremonies, Sweat Lodge, Kirtan, Cacao Ceremony, and a myriad of inspiring workshops, it's a fantastic way to join with the Earth and new and old friends at the Equinox.

September's Equinox is always about relationships. So another really helpful practice is to observe yourself in relationship with others. Zoom out and watch yourself. How authentic are you in relationship? Note what triggers you in relationship, both personal and casual. Things people say, that weird look they give you, the crazy clothes they're wearing, how they smell!!!! And if you note a trigger, ask yourself what lies beneath it. Why does that particular and often simple thing feel like a socker punch? Triggers are treasures. If we are willing to explore them, they will put you on the right path to healing old wounds that are ready to be healed and integrated.

Friends hold a mirror up to each other; through that mirror they can see each other in ways that would not otherwise be accessible to them, and it is this mirroring that helps them improve themselves as persons. Aristotle

From an astrological perspective, Sun moves into Libra at September's equinox and Libra Season begins.

LIBRA: Harmony - Balance - Relationships

Libra is governed by

VENUS: Love - Beauty - Worthiness - Financies

Libra is about who you are in relationship with others. What do you give, what do you receive? Is there a balance in the flow of energy between you and others?

Equinox September 2022 is especially Epic for fundamentally realigning ourselves!

The positions of the planets and their aspects at the time of the Solstices and Equinox' set the tone for the new season they ignite, and WOW! what a chart we have for the 9.22.22 Equinox with every planet and point involved!

The Cosmic Currents flowing in at this time are intensely provocative, and also massively helpful, and their message is clear! Make a radical change!! This is a powerful Fall Season to purge the patterns that continually erode your confidence, over-look what's important to you, tell you 'You can't', 'You're not good enough', or 'It's impossible' etc, etc, etc. This is a season to uncover and understand what dis-empowers you and why.

Pluto, the master of deeply profound transformation is in aspect with Sun, Mercury Rx, Venus and Neptune. WOW!

Thankfully these Plutonic aspects are harmonious and supportive, so you might feel a powerful surge from deep within your emotional psyche, activating a fierce will-power within you to address the aspect of yourself that you know needs to be faced!!! Pluto is our Soul's ally. His work involves removing the shadows that block our Soul's light from shining through into our lives.

Jupiter Rx, seeker of truth, bringer of positively-expanding energy, is in Aries with a mission to remind you about who you are at your essence, your Aries, 'I Am' Amazing' self.

At the Equinox, Jupiter's message is radiating as he is opposite Sun! Together, they are activating your courage for letting go of the old false stories you believe about yourself. Sun-Jupiter want you to embrace more of your life-force energy, and your Truth. This aspect inspires dreams and brightens our spirit.

Venus and Mars are in a potentially challenging square which can be quite creative if we have yin-yang balance, but if not, it might feel like there's an argument going on inside of you.

Venus is receiving those massively transformational energies from Pluto for seriously contemplating what you truly desire, and removing the obstacles that hold you back from recognizing your incredible value!

Venus is also receiving enlightening energies from futuristic Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, inspiring your inner feminine to break-free of old stale ways of doing, being and thinking. Whilst Uranus governs Aquarius and is clearly a humanitarian, his methods can be abruptly disruptive in order to bring forth your 'out of the box' innovative ideas that might have remained dormant otherwise. So if disruption has been a theme in your life lately, please recognize that it's instigating your inner genius! We all have one ;)

Your inner masculine, represented by action-packed Mars is receiving a helpful lesson from Saturn, the elder in the sky. In this aspect, Saturn who is currently in Aquarius, is reminding you that discipline and self-control is required if you desire to make meaningful progress for your future.

With all this Aquarius energy between Mars and Venus in square, your inner feminine and masculine are entering a period of integration of Aquarian themes. You are being asked to re-imagine how you move through the world, the new earth, sustainably, kindly, and in harmony with yourself, humanity and Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine and Masculine are re-birthing in us all!

This square will ultimately create incredible outcomes that you haven't imagined yet, but it requires that you adopt those Aquarian themes of being your unique self, of being the YOU that no one else can be. The Age of Aquarius is about unity through diversity, so please bring your unique piece of the puzzle, being willing to step up authentically, as True You. For yourself, and for humanity!!

Saturn (authority and age-old structure) in Aquarius, has been squaring off with Uranus (the revolutionary for a better future) all year and more. Ouch!

The Saturn-Uranus square brings growing pains. You want to move forward, but you feel too stuck in the status quo to do so. Going by the chart, Uranus is going to come out on top in the end, so prepare to break-free, and be YOU!

The Equinox energies are inviting you to expand your heart, and mind and to set intentions for prioritizing your journey to wholeness during the Fall months. The Aquarian energies support us as we cultivate the incredible manifesting and intuitive power we have within us. As we develop our 'Aquarian' intuition, we become profound co-creators with the Universe with all it's magnificent support and power. And the Universe really wants to collaborate with you!!!

Happy Equinox Friends!

Love Kalyan Darshan 💛


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