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Final Full Moon 2022: massive mind cleanse, and blessings from the Galactic Center.

The Final Full Moon for 2022

This is a time to refresh your mind and renew your outlook in order to recalibrate your path forward! It is also conjunct Mars, the actioning planet in the zodiac!

Mars at his highest expression, is a spiritual warrior, working synergistically in love and alignment with Venus, his female counterpart. At his lower expression however, he can be volatile, egotistical and aggressive, the planet of war!

Mars is also in a big retrograde period currently, and so moving backwards relative to Earth which can leave you feeling immobilized with circumstances obstructing your path forward.

With retrograding Mars conjunct the Full Moon in Gemini, it very well may abruptly bring to life your reactive patterns. Your emotions may feel very intense and may rise quickly. It may reveal where you feel frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed, and angry. In Gemini, it may generate hostile words and actions, and negative conscious thoughts and feelings. It may also bring encounters of long lost friends and lovers, and childhood memories.

The Gemini Full Moon brings expansive, healing, positive and powerful aspects too which are outlined below.

Join the Gemini Full Moon Meditation, Dec 7, 7pm CST. Our practice will allow you to acknowledge and relieve these energies as well as create a receptivity for receiving the wisdom that is flowing in currently for a new layer of understanding about who you are and your life's purpose.

The Gemini Full Moon and the Cosmic Currents

The Full Moon in Gemini means that Sun is in Sagittarius, the most mind-expanding, enthusiastic and philosophical house in the zodiac. Sagittarius Season is the time to contemplate your big picture, and the direction that you are currently heading in! The cosmic currents at this time are very conducive for taking stock and making course corrections. Whilst now doesn't need to be the time to take action, it is definitely an optimal time energetically to consider your plans.

This full moon in Gemini arrives with a potent energy signature for consciously getting organized for creating the future you want.

First let's consider the archetype of Gemini

Gemini "I think"

Gemini is the third house in astrology and a mutable air sign gifting mental flexibility. It is concerned with how you think, organize and communicate your conscious thoughts and information, and is governed by zippy Mercury, messenger of the gods.

Gemini energy is curious, inquisitive, clever, quick-thinking, chatty, adaptable, loves the details, and is always ready for a change-up,

Depicted by the twins, one mortal, one immortal, Gemini views life from both his finite self and infinite self and thus presents choices and options.

A Gemini Full Moon therefore illuminates the workings of your conscious mind and so is very helpful for clearing out thoughts, beliefs and personal stories that are no longer true, and don't support you. It's a great lunation for deciding to up-level the language you use.

What makes this Gemini full moon so potent?

Full Mars coincides with Full Moon!!!

Have you noticed Mars in the sky recently? His reddish hue is so big and bright as he is as close to Earth as he gets and hence is super impactful.

Whilst Moon is Full, so too will be Mars, as they will align together at the Gemini Full Moon.

Mars is also retrograde which makes him a tad agitated as he is the planet of action and forward motion in the zodiac. With Mars in retrograde you may feel somewhat held-up with plans seemingly slowing down or coming to a standstill.

Full Moon, Full Mars Rx - from

Mars' Extended Gemini Retrograde: Oct 30, 2022 to Jan 12, 2023

Mars, being retrograde in Gemini, will greatly support this full moon as you reflect upon what and how you think and communicate. What are you saying, texting, and posting and why?

Are your communications understood? What are their intentions? Do they align with your heart or your ego? Do you thoughts, words and communications represent you authentically? Are your thoughts replaying the past, or creating a better future for you?

Mars retrograde is here to teach us how to be more effective which also includes our capacity to listen.

Taken 36 hours before the full moon. note mars coming into alignment,... and a lovely blue orb too!

Every thought and word creates a vibration, impacting the reality we experience, so during this extended Mars retrograde in Gemini, humanity is being asked to reconsider the vibrations each of us are creating in our world. Are we speaking doom and gloom, or manifesting positively with solutions and optimism? Are the words we speak and thoughts we think impactful, heart-centered, honest, helpful, kind? Let's ask ourselves in the light of this full moon.

Mars retrograde in Gemini is also a time to reconsider and reassess choices made in the past gifting an opportunity to make adjustments, or to completely change ones mind, making new choices. It is also a time to consider if you have given your voice away. Are you embracing the power of your voice, the power of your fifth chakra, your voice in the world?

Rewrite your story

Since Mars won't turn direct until January 12, there is an extended period of time to really contemplate how you use the power of your conscious mind. The mind is the most powerful machine we have and with Mars offering this massive mind-defrag, create and action a beautiful new story of authenticity for yourself and our planet!

Mercury enters Capricorn - Gain clarity

Mercury is the ruler of this Gemini Full Moon, and while Mars retrograde might be reminding you of the past and potentially heating up tempers, Mercury has entered the realms of grounded, steadfast, and practical Capricorn. This will bring through a mindful and tempering energy that will support you in taking that pause for considering the longer term outcomes that heated words and actions may cause. Capricorn plans for the future, and Mercury is now bringing to mind how to better plan for our own.

Venus will align with the Galactic Center - Cosmic downloads from the Central Sun

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, what you find beautiful, and what you value, including how you value yourself. She is the creatrix who informs Mars of what she wishes to create in order for him to action. Venus guides your way in understanding what you wish to experience in your life.

The Galactic Center fuels our entire Milky Way Galaxy with supreme ultimate truth, and it flows unmanifested energy to create and play with. Through planet Venus, open your heart and mind to this refreshing new energy for a deeper understanding of your purpose, and what you wish to create and experience in your life. Set your intentions for asking for guidance and receiving wisdom.

Pluto Opposite Black Moon Lilith - Restore power

Both Pluto and Black Moon Lilith hold keys for transformation and they can withhold a great deal of power within the subconscious mind that has generated long term emotional and soul suffering. In this opposition at this Gemini Full Moon, they may reveal the feeling of a personal stalemate, a difficult challenge that may have privately accompanied you throughout your life. Illuminated by this full moon, there is an opportunity to finally liberate this power that has been entrapped by debilitating limiting beliefs, false stories and/or emotional wounds that may have been traveling with you for life times. This is a soulful opportunity for healing and transformation along with a conscious realization of how these difficulties have been playing out in order for their effective integration.

Jupiter @ the last degree point of the zodiac!!! Release, heal and find closure

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and the planet of wisdom, growth and expansion. During the Gemini Full Moon, he is at the final degree point of the zodiac, 29° Pisces. This means you can deeply heal aspects of your big life story that you have held onto because they seemed to be a part of your personal philosophy, There is great potential for spiritual expansion with this placement, along with an out-flowing tide of Full Moon energy to carry away what needs to go.

Look back now, so you can move forward

Begin a new journey with a renewed story at the Solstice.

Jupiter will enter the first degree of Aries, and thus activate the very beginning of a new zodiac cycle, right on the Solstice, Dec 21/22!!! This is a birthing of a magnificent new expansive energy, filled with new wisdom. It offers a fresh start that coincides with the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere, and summer in the southern hemisphere! What will you birth at the Solstice?

In the mean time, let's work with the Gemini Full Moon energies for gaining clarity, for changing our mind, and for making room for creating a brilliant 2023, as a more joyful and authentic YOU!

Wed. Dec. 7 @ 7pm CST

Thurs. Dec 8 @ 11 am AEST

What this Gemini Full Moon practice will do for you

  • Relax, reduce stress and anxiety

  • Contemplate how you use your mind

  • Reflect upon your thoughts and words, their authenticity and their intentions

  • Reassess your choices

  • Release false stories

  • Awaken to wisdom

  • Reimagine your future

  • Awaken You to YOU

  • Soften and integrate more of You

  • Meditate with your Soul for understanding your purpose

  • Expand your joy, your sense of self, and your anticipation and excitement for your future.

How to prepare

Prepare a cozy space to meditate with all your creature comforts, candles, incense, water, pillows and grant yourself this time to turn within for receiving the blessings, collaborating with the cosmos.

Much Love and Full Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan


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