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Eclipse Season is here, a time for radical break-throughs blessed by A Venus Cazimi,... A WHAT???

Each year, two Eclipse Seasons wow our skies somewhere that usually consist of two or three eclipses. Working together synergistically, each eclipse season clears out something that prompts a much needed change that ultimately supports us and humanity.

Venus, planet of love and beauty is amplifying our hearts this eclipse season. As I write this, she has entered the Heart of the Sun, the phenomenon known as a Cazimi, with an alignment that hasn't occurred since October 22, 1771.

If you decide to take a deep dive meditative journey during the forthcoming solar eclipse, Venus is positioned to support you in a profoundly beautiful way, igniting a new path towards peace and harmony, personally and upon our planet.

Eclipses can bring unexpected break-throughs often disguised as inconvenient disruptions!

During eclipses, the flow of light energy we receive is temporarily disrupted. Metaphorically, this can be likened to a computer restart, resetting the system's program in order to restore proper functionality. Have you ever reluctantly had no option but to hit control-alt- delete, losing vast amounts of unsaved work? I sure have. uuurrggghhhhh While re-do's usually work out better, perhaps at the time of an eclipse it's a cosmic clue to focus your attention elsewhere!

Astronomically, Solar and Lunar eclipses occur during New and Full Moons, when a perfect, or almost perform alignment occurs between Earth, Sun and Moon.

Astrologically, the forthcoming Scorpio New Moon will be a Scorpio Partial Solar Eclipse, a potent New Moon with Scorpionic themes, activating a fresh start, and potentially, a new more fulfilling timeline!

Let's Explore Scorpio's Themes

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is the eighth house of transformation, death and rebirth.

Scorpio combines it's personal energy with the energy of another, and undergoes a personal death process, in order to be reborn, culminating the energies of the merger. Whilst this sounds a bit grim, an example is taking a bank loan for a home. By merging your finances with those of the banks, there is a death/ending leaving your old abode, and a rebirth moving into your new home as a result of the financial collaboration.

Scorpio energy is intensely passionate, fiercely focused, emotionally driven and powerful. Scorpio in your chart is where your instinctual nature, hidden power, everything taboo, and your 'shadow self' live.

What emotional patterns do you feel exist in your subconscious mind? Do you instinctively make good decisions for yourself, or do self-sabotaging tendencies lurk within that you don't consciously understand?

If so, this solar eclipse is a great time to set intentions for their release.

Scorpio is a power sign, with a compelling and penetrating hidden energy, fueling desire and passion giving those with strong Scorpio themes in their birth chart an unmistakable intensity, tremendous mental strength and emotional will.

Where does Scorpio and this Scorpio Eclipse take place in your birth chart? What House is it in, meaning what area of life can you access this kind of power? Do you have any planets or points in Scorpio that can benefit from Scorpios empowering energy?

Scorpio desires to experience the full bandwidth of love in intimate relationships, and will bring intense focus and cunning for achieving goals. Scorpio functions by entangling their energy with the other and in its highest expression, generates a positive energetic synergy for all parties. However at its lower expressions, it can become dangerously toxic, and controlling through manipulative power-plays.

Do you recognize a misuse of power in any of your relationships, including impersonal relationships?

If so, this solar eclipse is a time for redrawing your boundary lines, and for reclaiming the power that belongs to you.

Scorpio is energy that completely transforms, compounding the fundamental transformational nature of eclipses.

While eclipses will play out as they will, we can consciously work with its energy. Is there an area of your life that needs a total make-over?

If so, during this eclipse, find a meditative state, and imagine and FEEL yourself already renewed, and set intentions for activating that transformation.

Scorpio is an emotional water sign, with energies living in the deep realms of the subconscious mind.

As Sun transits Scorpio during Scorpio Season, beginning on Oct. 23rd, we can access these realms more easily for a deeper understanding of our emotional drives, and especially during this Solar Eclipse when Sun and Moon, and Venus align.

What is a Venus Cazimi and how it's further activated by the Solar Eclipse

Did you know that Venus paints a beautiful five petaled flower in the sky? Each of her petal-peaks are created when she aligns with Sun and a Cazimi is happening right now!

Some say it's the most romantic time of the year and I'd like to add that while Sun is purifying and empowering Venus, along with our hearts, that you take a moment to remember all of your passionate heart-felt desires pertaining to love, art, beauty, abundance, relationships, and values. No wonder she is the planet of beauty. Check out the path she trails as she transits our skies.

The five Venus Cazimi points move backwards through the houses spending almost a century in each. Today's Cazimi has moved this particular petal into Libra, a house ruled by Venus and the first Libra Venus petal-point in our lifetime! So let's expect to see Libran themes emerging now, for restoring harmony, balance and peace. Wonderful timing as we all receive a Scorpionic cosmic clean-out!

Venus will continue to travel with Sun where they will meet with Moon for the Solar Eclipse.

This is a super powerful time to meditate, to change, and to integrate these remarkable energies, so consider joining this online meditation activation.

Through the eyes of Venus, we will explore Scorpio's realms of power, mystery & taboo during our Meditation Activation taking place online:

Monday Oct. 24 8 - 9:15pm CT

Tuesday Oct. 25 11am-12:15pm AEST.

Bringing together the Venus Star Point and Scorpio Solar Eclipse, we will be meditating with multi-dimensional energies that are heart activating and purifying, and deeply cleansing at the cellular level. Dissolve past karmas, generational wounds, reclaim your passion, bring more of soul into consciousness, and cleanse the realms where the shadow resides, seeking the light of this transformation.

Where will the Scorpio Solar Eclipse be visible?

Do you remember as a child being warned, whatever you do, don't look at the sun today? If you do, it might damage your eyes. Yikes! So intriguing, my little mind imagining how Sun and Moon could create such a magnificent interplay together. I don't recall having special glasses back then, but if you live in Europe, Ukraine, parts of Russia, the Middle East, or North East Africa, and wish to view the forthcoming partial solar eclipse on Oct. 25, please wear a pair!

And Ladies! Are you ready to take a transformational journey of a life-time? Book your spot at WAKE UP WEEKEND K'GARI!

If you're feeling stuck and desire to rekindle your energy, and reconnect with your passion for yourself and your life, come join us at Wake Up Weekend on K’Gari November 19 - 22, 2022.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime 4-day transformational empowering wellness retreat where you will enjoy working with experienced facilitators to address your life, your dreams, and overcome persistent obstacles that have been holding you back from the life you deeply desire

Wake Up Weekend's ground-breaking program brings together yoga, meditation, EFT (meridian tapping), somatic healing, spirituality, the law of attraction, and your birth chart for long-lasting change.

Take this opportunity to completely unplug, relax and focus on yourself.

It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.


I'm sending so much love to you, empowered by this magnificent Venus Cazimi, and of course I wish you an abundance of Eclipse Blessings!

Kalyan Darshan

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