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Aries Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon in Aries offers a new understanding of who we really are. We can realize a new layer of ourselves that has been hidden. I am what I AM!

Expect to feel more emotional during the month of October with a full moon shining out at each end. The first taking place October 1, is in the sign of Aries and oh man, what a revolution is taking place in the house of Aries at this time. Our sense of self is undergoing a revolution. Can you feel it?

The Aries mantra is I am or I exist and it focuses on who and what we are at our core. Mars, the ruler of Aries will be in Aries during this full moon, further compounding this Aries energy. Mars is the warrior within us, that fights for our individuality, and our independence. It is spending a much longer period of time in Aries, reworking us fundamentally. Furthermore, Chiron, the wounded healer is also in Aries at this time, offering us guidance for how we can heal deep wounds that impact our essential selves. And if that wasn’t enough, Black Moon Lillith and Eris, are in Aries, both feisty feminine energies that activate our primitive nature to respond to whatever stresses are impacting our freedom to be ourselves. Remember to breathe this month because it’s likely we will all be triggered in one way or another.

Being introspective during this Aries Full Moon, we can find answers for physical healing, we can transmute rage and anger into self-empowering strategies. We can release patterns that have kept us from being our true selves too and reconnect with the courage that at its higher vibrations, Aries brings. Our meditations this month will assist us with all of this. And of course, as always, we will finish our practice with the popular Antar Naad Full Moon mantra meditation that cleanses our chakras and brings us into resonance with prosperity. A deeply healing gong bath is included, so set your space up to include a cozy place to lie down and totally relax.

Aries is a fire sign, so light a candle and you may wish to embellish your attire with warm golden tones.

I look forward to sharing this meditation with you as together, we empower and uplift each other's practice.

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All Are Welcome

Love, Kalyan Darshan ☮️💟♈

PS ... the second full moon of the month takes place on Halloween, October 31st, and is in the house of Taurus. Stay tuned!

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