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Aries Full Moon - I am .....________!

Sat Nam, Namaste, Dear Friend,

I am, I ___?___ The Aries Full Moon is coming into form and activating our essence for realizing a new aspect of ourselves. AND WOW! This is one incredibly potent ARIES FULL MOON for LAUNCHING more of your Beautiful Hi-Vibe Soul-Self.

This is because Sun is aligned with Aries' ruling planet Mars, so prepare to be bathed in Mars activating impulses for bringing online, a new expression of your I AM presence!

As this Sun-Mars conjunction brings actioning energy for confident self-assertion, the question to ask ourselves is what are we ready to shine out and release into the world?

This is a powerful birthing energy, as Aries is the first house of the zodiac and thus with the power to ignite the zodiac wheel, it has the power to conceive, and create!

Full Moon energy is cleansing too and supports us in flushing out what has become stagnant, so consider using this full moon energy for releasing any unhealthy connections in relationship with people and things, as the sun is still shining forth from Libra, the seventh house of relationships.

To support your practice at this time, please consider joining the events below as we practice with these self-empowering and healing energies.
Release, let go and create space to integrate a new I AM expression!

Come join Sati and I for an uplifting group practice as the moon grows full.

Sunday, October 3 from 10 - 11:30 am - Menil Park off Richmond Ave.


Let me take you on a cosmic journey for receiving the Aries Full Moon Blessings.

Wednesday, October 20 from 8 - 9:15 pm, online via Zoom.


Interested in The Cosmic Currents at this time? Read on...

October's Aries Full moon takes place at 09:57 am central time when the moon is at 27°26’ Aries.

Mars-Sun were aligned at the Libra New Moon (Oct 6) and have continued to travel together!

For the past four weeks, Sun has been shining a light on our personal relationships for our Soul Selves to see how they play out in our lives. We may feel prompted to redefine our boundaries with, or even realize it is time to let go of people, habits, things that are closely woven into our personal lives. When we honor ourselves in this way, our personal power is restored, and we can bring even more energy to this FULL MOON FLASHPOINT!

Pluto instigating transformation squaring (90°) Moon, Sun and Mars.

Pluto's energy for healing and transforming always aligns with our Soul and this expression is very powerful during this Full Moon and as the sun shifts into Scorpio, igniting Scorpio Season a few days later.

Scorpio Season is governed by Pluto. It will be supporting us as we continue to recognize and dissolve the relationships that have become toxic or have been depleting our energy. This doesn't necessarily mean relationships with people, but with money, substances, media, etc.

Blessings from Jupiter strengthening our courage, confidence, and conviction.

Jupiter is supercharged and wiser at this Full Moon having just finished its retrograde period. It brings big cosmic Aquarian benevolent juicy charmed lucky vibes, as it trines (120°) Sun and Mars and sextiles (60°) Moon.

Mercury moving Direct

More forward order is being restored, as Mercury's retrograde period comes to an end. Mindful Mercury has been retrograde in Libra, so reviewing our relationships too, for helping us to understand and communicate what we need in order to be in balance as it moves forward again.

We may receive fresh insights around what triggers us and realize the next steps forward in our healing process as both Venus and Mercury have been making very helpful aspects to both Black Moon Lilith and Chiron.

As the light of this Full Moon illuminates our bodies and soul, receive its blessings. Let it activate a New IAM-Frequency in you, and integrate that frequency into your life.

In summary, the Cosmos is clearly prompting us to TAKE ACTION in being WHO WE REALLY TRULY ARE by healing and/or shedding what has been holding us back, and with so much forward moving actioning I AM Aries energy!


If you missed THE PEACEFUL PLANET VIRTUAL RETREAT FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS, the videos are being prepared!

Here is the first one ...

Keynote: Dr. Bharati Kolte of Flora Medical Clinic talks about Food as medicine in Primary Care and especially management and reversal of diabetes through plant-based nutrition. To learn more about Bharati visit

Healthy Mom Healthy Family: Dr. Nancy Eriksen talks about research proven ways to improve health of child-learning women and their families. And highlights the detriments of obesity and unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Protein Needs for Athletes and Weekend Warriors. Kristin Kabay RD shows us how to get adequate protein in the most health promoting way. And, she dispels some of the myths around plant protein and animal protein. To learn more about Kristin's work visit her at


Imagine lying upon the Earth, in the late afternoon Fall sunshine, receiving a healing crystal singing bowl sound bath integrating our practice. These classes will focus on cleansing and de-fragging the mind, and healing and releasing stagnation in the body.

Relaxing amidst the Autumn leaves really helps our own process of letting go as we shift into the new season. Create space, re-calibrate, rejuvenate!

Sundays in October, at HOMEWOOD PARK from 5:30 - 6:45 pm for Autumn Kundalini Yoga Practices.


Start your day the Kundalini Way with a morning practice!

Monday - Activate Your Week for Prosperity and Abundance

Tuesday - Heart opening for Soul Connection

Wednesday - Resilience and Relaxation

Thursday - Transformation and Healing

Friday - Goddess Yoga


More information HERE!


Being a Mars girl myself, I am pretty excited about this forthcoming Aries Full Moon Week!

I trust it gifts all of us a renewed and uplifted sense of self.

Peace, Love, Light, and Aries Full Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan


Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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