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What Makes Spring Energy So Special?

During the Spring, we are encouraged to spring clean and create space for new growth! It's an exciting time each year offering us a fresh start supported by a very special effervescent energy that commences at the Spring Equinox. At that moment, the earth's hemisphere we live on tilts towards the sun so the light we receive comes in at a different angle. It is the Sun's light angle from the Spring Equinox that activates Spring in all of nature, including us!

Adding to this, daylight grows longer with each Spring Day, gifting a tremendously powerful life-force energy for birth and regeneration. Using this Spring light energy for cleansing, for healing, and for activating the new in our lives brings a potency that really supports us whether we are planting a garden or tending to our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

There is still a beautiful window of Springtime remaining before Summer begins, and Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are excellent practices for soaking up this powerful rejuvenating energy.

In the final three weeks of Spring, take on the Spring Yoga Challenge - 3 Weeks to Summer Series and Get Ready to Shine!

Commencing May 31, this 30 minute daily 8 am class will take you all the way to Summer Solstice!

Each class consists of Kundalini and Meridian Yoga, deeply cleansing, transforming, and nourishing the body and mind with Spring Hi-Vibe Energy!

Bonus Gong Bath and Meditation

If you have an additional 15 minutes, enjoy a glorious relaxing gong bath followed by a meditation.

This is an awesome time to fill up on light, elevating our frequency, and our emotional, mental and physical tone!

This Spring Yoga Challenge will take place during the final three weeks of Spring making it an awesome time to take advantage of the Spring Energy still available to us. Our final practice will take place on the longest day of the year, The Summer Solstice, the onset of SUMMER 🔆

Register for one class, or take on the entire challenge to receive a discount. Any classes missed can be received via link following the class.

And ... Inspire a friend to join and receive 50% off your ticket!

And Here is the link

See you soon,

Love & Spriing Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Suppoting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity

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