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A Healing Aries Full Moon with a Little Help from Your Friends.

As we approach the Full Moon in Aries, taking place on October 9, 2022, ask yourself if you are living authentically. Who are you at your core? Are you showing up for yourself and your needs? Do you have the courage to speak your truth and be your true you?

Innately we are wired for living a life that enables us to reach our full potential, but when our needs aren’t fulfilled, our capacity for self actualization diminishes.

The energy of the Aries Full Moon is interested in revealing your true nature, and its energy will illuminate both who you are, and what is in your way of being that.

Aries is a fire sign and the first house in Astrology, the house of Self. Aries has a ferocious drive to live, wired for survival, for ensuring that first spark of life, grows to thrive, expanding into every possibility it can be.

Full Moons Offer Deep Inner Cleansing every 29 Days!

Every Full Moon offers an opportunity to release and let go of whatever is getting in the way of expressing the archetype of the sign the Full Moon is in. We are further supported in our full moon objective each month by noting the astrological season we are in because it is always the opposite zodiac sign to the sign where the moon is full.

So right now, we are in Libra Season, a time when we reflect upon yourself in relationship. It’s a time for restoring balance to the energy we receive from others and the energy we give to others.

As you can see, this is the opposite to Aries, who is only concerned for the self.

Another way to demonstrate the Aries-Libra axis; Aries ruler is Mars, the masculine archetype, yang energy, and Libra’s ruler is Venus, the feminine archetype, yin energy. And so Aries and Libra can both repel and attract.

As you move through Libra Season, Sept 23 - Oct 22, be encouraged to observe yourself in relationship with others. Relationships are like mirrors, reflecting back, who you are. If you recognize an imbalance, this is the season to make adjustments. If you are overcompensating, giving too much, or find that you are more on the receiving end, the Aries Full Moon is the time to address your personal energy, this year specifically, where it has been wounded.

The forthcoming Aries Full Moon aspects are most definitely encouraging this.

The Cosmic Currents for the Aries Full Moon

Chiron conjunct Moon.

Chiron, the wounded healer, is the centaur in your birth chart. If shows you where you incurred your first, or greatest wound, and thus gifts you the key to your healing path.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” — Rumi

Presently Chiron is in Aries, and he will be aligned with the Full Moon! In some way, this will reveal to all of us where our Aries ‘I Am’ self has been wounded. This is often a wound of unworthiness, where you may feel that you don’t deserve to shine your Aries light of Self, or that it won’t be accepted, acknowledged or appreciated. It can even be a feeling that you don’t deserve to live. Pretty heavy! So this Chiron placement at the Full Moon is an opportunity to birth that fundamental part of yourself that was suppressed or ignored, and to embrace your fundamental life-force.

This might show up for you as a new feeling of courage, or confidence for living more authentically. It might help you up-level your self-worth. It might reveal a new talent, or a new sense of purpose. Aries has the propensity for being ‘hot-headed’, so it might help you realize where your temperament can be adjusted. It might also bring forth fears or doubts about your personal strength and leadership abilities. As Chiron brings your attention to where your Aries energy has been wounded, it can truly support us on our journey of awakening.

Venus conjunct Sun opposite Moon and Chiron

“Relationship is a mirror in which you can see yourself, not as you would wish to be, but as you are.” — Jidda Krishnamurti

What are you relationships teaching you about yourself?

As mentioned earlier, Venus rules Libra and at the time of this Full Moon, she is happily and powerfully in her home sign, but also conjunct Sun in Libra, and therefore opposite Moon and Chiron.

This aspect will help you understand your Aries energy of self from an objective view point. Sun illuminating Venus in Libra brings forth a desire to be more loving, more peaceful, and to find harmony and balance in relationships, your finances as well as boosting your feelings of self worth. In opposition to Moon and Chiron, it may be a relationship that teaches the lesson, bringing forth Chiron’s healing wisdom through a relational altercation or realization. You might get the notion that ‘enough is enough’ prompting a shift in the energies you exchange with someone in order for you to be real.

Mars in Gemini

How would the Spiritual Warrior within you use your mind? How do they speak your truth? How do they communicate your needs?

It’s important to look at the placement of the Full Moon’s ruling planet, and for Aries, this is Mars who is currently spending a long 6 months transit in Gemini. Gemini is about how we think, process information, and communicate! So with action-planet Mars in Gemini, you might be experiencing information overload, feeling like you’re not keeping up, or noticing you’re monkey-mind is a little busier than usual.

The upshot of this Mars-Gemini transit is the mental energy available to you, so practice mindfulness as often as possible for focusing Mars’ magnificent energy for using your mind positively and effectively. I like to think of Mars in his highest expression, being the Spiritual Warrior. How would the Spiritual Warrior within you use your mind?

Mercury Retrograde through Libra and Virgo

Thinking Smarter, Communicating Kindness

Mercury who rules Gemini and shares his traits, will complete his retrograde today, October 2, 2022, which began in Libra and will end in Virgo. For me, Mercury was exceedingly mischievous this round. How about you? Alas, these retrograde periods are designed for assessing, redoing, rethinking, and re-calibrating, offering us mindful lessons.

What’s really pertinent about this retrograde, is that these lessons are in Libra and Virgo, with the latter offering you a new level of discernment and efficiency. Very helpful with Mars in Gemini!

As Mercury moves direct again through Virgo, and then Libra, he will be informing Mars about how to think and speak words that bring harmony and peace in relationships, how to honor your worth in what you communicate to yourself and others, and how to communicate words that support you and your needs, and all from a new level of Virgo practical efficiency.

Mercury Trine Pluto

What underlies what triggers you?

This is another mind empowering aspect. Trines bring harmonizing energy, so transformational Pluto, defender of our Soul, is chiming in too at this Full Moon. Working in the deep subconscious energy realms, Pluto in Capricorn will embolden the Mercurial mind for deep thinking and communications with themes of adjusting the rigid landscapes in your life, and the way you consciously respond or knee-jerk react to deep emotional feelings. This aspect will support you if you wish to become aware of what underlies what triggers you. Remember, ‘triggers are treasures’, because they point to where work needs to be done!

Mercury Opposite Jupiter

Jupiter is the truth seeker and also an expander of whatever it comes into aspect with. During the Full Moon it is at the critical 1st degree of Aries, and in retrograde, even more powerful as he brings more awareness to your ‘I Am’ energy! Opposite Mercury, he is activating lively communications and big idea thought processes. However since it is in opposition, the content of these ideas and communications might not be entirely reliable, so if something sounds too good to be true, perhaps you’re right! Research a little more to be sure.

Saturn square Uranus

This powerful square came into formation in February 2021, and has been in effect ever since with its final formation taking place Oct 4, 2022. It will still be in effect during the Aries Full Moon.

This has been impacting our society massively, bringing about a feeling of tug or war. Saturn has been trying to maintain the status-quo of the foundational structures like governments for example, whilst Uranus has been trying to revolutionize them. Personally, you may have experienced this as a desire to dive into something innovative and uniquely you, but feeling like you are too stuck in the old ways to safely let go. Or you may have had no choice in finding a new way forward as the old was literally removed from your life. Ultimately, we will all have to find a new path as the systems as we know them are changing.

So now, pull up your own birth chart, and find what house Aries 16° is. This will show you what aspect of your life this Full Moon is impacting.

And of course, you can always book an astrology reading with me for understanding your energetic blue print, and the themes that are significant in your life.

You are also invited to join our Aries Full Moon Activation taking place Sunday Oct 9 at 8pm CDT/ Monday Oct 10 12pm EAST.

And ladies, if you’re ready to break out of your existing circumstances in order to get on track with the life you truly know is yours, please attend a Wake Up Weekend Intensive Wellness Retreat! Upcoming retreats are taking place K’Gari, Australia and Bali, Indonesia. We have an awesome deal going on if you subscribe, so please check it out!

I wish you an empowering and liberating Full Aries Moon!

In Love,

Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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