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Virgo Super New Moon

New Moons are a great time to re-imagine ourselves in some way, big or small. New Moon energy supports our efforts when we ignite an idea, set a project into motion, or take some moments to breathe, and reset ourselves as the moon and the sun do the same.

This month when the sun and moon meet in Virgo, we are empowered when we meditate upon what we are ready to commit to. This is a time to bring something new or something we have been dreaming or working on into our physical lives.

Virgo brings together the mind and body. It's the time to manifest ideas, bringing them into the earth plane, generating something real and tangible, or creating an action plan to do so.

Check out your birth chart to find what house (area of life) this is impacting for you. If you don’t know, please register for ‘ticket and new moon chart reading’ on Eventbrite. Once registered, send me your time, date, and place of your birth. I’ll send back to you your new moon house placement, what it means, along with any other stand out aspects pertinent to you at this time. This will allow you to focus on the specific area of life this lunation is gifting you.

We are receiving a tremendous amount of support moving forward with our new intentions this new moon because not only is this a Super Moon lunation, but the sun and moon are also making a perfect harmonious trine aspect with Saturn in earth sign Capricorn. Saturn supports our efforts in being disciplined with our work, and as the ruler of Capricorn, it’s super strong at this time. Saturn in Capricorn supports our commitment, as we work ambitiously on long term projects. It supports the determination we bring to structured planning and execution. It’s about dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s for building a new foundation for ourselves. This lunation can be an authentic turning point in our lives.

I bring this up because Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn have all been working hard in Capricorn to clear out old structures in our lives, creating a ‘new earth’, a fresh slate for us to manifest upon … and in our outer world as well as can be seen with the ongoing gradual deconstruction of the old established structures.

Virgo also rules medicine and healing, so this is a time we can receive physical healing or an understanding of a pathway forward for healing. Setting an intention for a new daily health routine is profoundly supported at this time too.

Virgo is great at problem-solving. Ruled by mental Mercury, we can think clearly and concisely, as we decide what we are going to birth now. Solutions to long term problems become available to us.

On Wednesday evening, I'll be guiding a new moon practice online via Zoom. It will include three meditations each shifting our consciousness more deeply to arrive in a space where we can effectively beam and create our future with the support of the cosmos.

We will begin with light yoga to release tension and open up our energetic channels in preparation for our meditations.

Following our meditations, relax to the sounds of gong and crystal singing bowls for deep integration.

I love hosting these meditations as it is an opportunity at the very least to create a space in our minds and body to mindfully relax and process all that is going on in our personal world. We support each other's evolution when we meditate together and I so appreciate all of you who attend each lunation’s offering!

Finally, Virgo is a beautiful earth goddess, so you might like to add something to your practice space that is earthy and divine. Wear something comfy, perhaps including green tones that reflect the earth goddess within you.

And for best results, please be hydrated!

We’ll begin at 7 pm via zoom.

I'm excited and hope you are too!

All are welcome!

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