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The August Aquarius Full Moon Expands Consciousness, Inspires Community, and Heals.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

88 Lionsgate Leo New Moon Event 08/08/21 #community #ageofaquarius #SKDcollaboration Photo By GishCreative

Sat Nam, Namaste, Hello Yoginis, Yogis, Friends, and Cosmic Collaborators :)

This is the second of two Aquarius Full Moons back to back, revealing more of our hidden talents, activating more of our cosmic hardware, healing more of our shadow, and inspiring us to seek out our community, our tribe, where we resonate with the vibe :)

The light energy we receive during a Full Moon in Aquarius is innovative, other-worldly, cosmic, quantum, and humanitarian. It inspires the inventor in us, with glimpses of futuristic visions for ourselves, and in collaboration with others.

Magnified by Jupiter and supported by a Grand Air Trine, this full moon has great potency for quantum leaps in consciousness, for self-realization, group collaboration, and for reimagining ourselves and our world, together!

This Full Moon takes place at 29 ° 36' Aquarius, August 22, 7:01 am central time.

Being a Sunday, I hope you can join us at Menil Park at 9:30 am where my yogini sister Saati and I are guiding our second lunar event together.


For more information and registration, please visit HERE

88 Lionsgate Leo New Moon Event with Saati and Kalyan Darshan 08/08/21 #Soulshine #heartactivation #communityempowerment #ageofaquarius #SKDcollaboration

This Aquarian light brings awareness to our innovative brilliant self, revealing more of our inner genius, our nuances, quirks, our defining frequencies. It stirs it into our imaginations, awakening our minds to embrace the unlimited possibilities available to us.

These Full Moon Aquarian revelations come through the lens of our hearts and provoke a renewed sense of commitment for being creators for ourselves and for the new earth. (grand air trine)

And since Aquarius embraces what Einstein coined, the spooky science, if we release the boundaries of our mind, and let our imaginations go, it could be an eye-opening, idea-igniting, and out-of-this-world ride!

I also invite you to join the online meditation on Sunday night at 8 pm via Zoom.


For more information and registration, please visit HERE.

Aquarius nurtures community, believing the way forward to be a harmonious and powerful collaboration of people, each contributing their authentic something, made with and equal to love, for the benefit of the all.

At a time when we need unprecedented solutions for unprecedented problems, I believe the answers lie in our expansion of consciousness. So bring on the Aquarian energies, I'm ready to step up and offer my jigsaw piece for healing humanity, and making us whole.

All Love, All Love, All Love

Kalyan Darshan xo


I am offering 5 New Kundalini Yoga Series with 45-minute classes each weekday.

Please take a look ... sign up and join in because we are awakening, that is, we are becoming more open to understanding and experiencing ourselves and our lives in new ways, and Kundalini Yoga really helps!

More Love, Peace, Light, and Aquarian Full Moon Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan


Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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