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The Aquarius Full Moon invites us to practice being Quantum

July's Full Moon in Aquarius is the first of

two full moons in Aquarius this year!!!

So thoughtful of the cosmos as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius!

July's Full Moon in Aquarius takes place when the Sun shines Leo light upon the Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 9:37 pm Central time @ 1 ° 25 Aquarius.

The Aquarius Full Moon is a time to release limiting beliefs that hold us back from expanding into our true selves ... because we are quantum beings!

The Aquarius Full Moon shines its light upon our inner world that desires to expand into reality.

Aquarius energy is futuristic and innovative as it seeks out our soul's unique qualities and how they can materialize.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign, so not only are we inspired to evolve for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the collective, humanity, and our planet.

This is a time to release limiting beliefs about what we can and can't do, be, create because Aquarian energy is quantum. The quantum ocean of consciousness we exist in offers all possibilities, and we can manifest a new possibility when we focus our minds upon what we desire to create in our lives.

It's a human tendency to allow our past experiences to set the boundaries for what we deem possible in our future. But what if we shift our mindset to allow our future desires to determine our present thoughts and feelings? We create something new, a bright, abundant future, change!

We are powerful collaborators, bringing our realities to life each moment with the support of the Universe, the Mind of God, Source Energy. As we practice thinking and feeling with our future in mind and not the past, imagine what we can create!

And during this Full Moon, there are beautiful aspects for expanding our imaginations and for healing the wounds that have kept us recreating our pasts over and over.

Another really interesting point to note is that this full moon takes place at the first degree of Aquarius. This is where the Great Conjunction took place on Dec 21st, 2020. That was when both Saturn and Jupiter moved into the first degree of Aquarius together on the first day of Winter, The Solstice! This milestone marked a significant step into the new age.

This first degree of Aquarius inspires new beginnings that align us with the new age. It is about releasing the deep fears of survival, and any fears that hold us back from being our authentic selves. Since we have two full moons in Aquarius this year, we have a tremendous opportunity to recognize the limitations we have placed upon ourselves and two full moons for their release.

So how do we do this? We bring our mind to the present moment and slip into our heart space where we connect with our timeless quantum soul-selves. In this state of consciousness, we access right-action, guidance from the cosmos, wisdom from our infinite multi-dimensional selves. It takes practice, but we all have this ability!

The light of this Full Moon shines from the Sun in Leo, and Leo is governed by the Sun, metaphorically, our soul. This light is filled with courage and confidence, it is fearless, and as the Lion is the king of the jungle, we can be the masters of our destiny.

I invite you to join our online meditation where we create a space to contemplate our lives, and practice being our true selves. Between this full moon in Aquarius and the next full moon in Aquarius (Aug 22), we have the New Moon in Leo which happens to occur on the epic 8-8 Lionsgate where Sirius brings forth energies of fertility, courage, prosperity, and abundance.

So this is an incredible four weeks to really step into your true power!

I hope to take this journey with YOU :)

Our meditation takes place on

Friday, July 23, 2021, at 8 - 9 pm CDT online via Zoom.

See you there my friend.

For More Information about our meditation and registration, please click HERE.

All Love, and Aquarian Quantum Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan



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