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The Leo New Moon this Sunday is fortified with the 88 Lion's Gate!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Leo's New Moon



it aligns with the



This Leo New Moon also occurs between Full Moons in Aquarius.


We are being massively supported by the cosmos as we shift into the

New Age of Aquarius!

August's New Moon in Leo takes place when the Sun and Moon meet in Leo 8:50 am Central time @ 16° 13 Leo.

The Leo Moon is a huge awakening of our heart light, activating our creativity for the expression of our True Divine Selves.

Right now, we are shifting into a new age, marked by an ascension of consciousness.

The Leo New Moon 88 Lion’s Gate is bringing in a flood of Universal High Vibrational light to flow through our heart and into our world. Leo's energy is so powerful because it is ruled by the Sun itself! The Sun is the life-giver of our universe. It’s about our heart, divine love, the portal through which our Soul’s light shines through bringing with it our unique frequency as creators. Are you living connected to your Soul? Or does life feel heavy, dark, and isolating? The Sun and Leo represent prosperity, abundance, leadership, creativity, and generosity.

The Sun shines upon everyone without any favoritism and we all truly have faith that each and every day the sun will rise.

If we can bring that level of faith and trust to our own inner sun, our soul, rising each day, radiating for us prosperity and abundance as conscious creators, wow, how our lives would evolve.

This is the time to do just that! What do you wish to bring into the world? What is the gift you bring to humanity?

The question to ask ourselves at this time as we begin to formulate our intentions for this massive cosmic event is, AM I REALLY LIVING? Do I feel alive and excited about what I am doing? What brings forth excitement for me and how can I incorporate more of that into my life? Because of fear-based programming, most of us have been disconnected from the flow of light and love that is constantly available. We’re living in survival mode and that’s not how it’s meant to be, especially in the Age of Aquarius. Leo is also about the solar plexus, it is the element of fire, and its alchemical ability to overcome what obstacles we have placed on our path. The Leo New Moon brings an energy that is fortified with courage and confidence, being fearless. Not without fear, but recognizing the fears we feel, and with Leo’s courage, moving forward anyway! We are not our emotions, we experience our emotions! And this year this new moon is extremely powerful because it coincides with the 88 Lion’s gate Portal. It is with this influx of cosmic light that we are setting our Leo New Moon intentions upon. Let it melt the restrictions that have held you back, your doubts, fears, self-limiting beliefs, addictions, guilt, fear, and shame. Allow this light to magnify your purpose and flow through your heart without resistance, bringing forth your power and purpose. Allow this light to heal and dissolve your wounds, and all lower malevolent vibrations that distort your beautiful frequencies.

This Sunday, on 8/8/21, my dear Yogini sister, Saati and I are hosting a beautiful and powerful cosmic event this Sunday morning at 10 am at Menil Park.

For more details and registration, please visit Here

Below is a map with the red locator marking our practice area.


This Sunday, on 8/8/21, I am hosting a beautiful and powerful cosmic event online at 8 pm

For more details and registration, please visit Here Come open your heart to the light, activate your power, with transformational practices.

More about the Lion's Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal occurs when the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, becomes visible as it returns to the early morning skies before dawn. Its rebirth radiates prosperity, fertility, empowerment, and abundance, and this year, taking place on the Leo New Moon, we can shift our lives onto a new trajectory.

The 8-8 Lion’s Gate History and Sirius In Ancient Egypt, during the warmest days of Summer, Egyptian farmers and astronomers alike would search the Eastern Horizon shortly before daybreak. They were looking for the annual return of the brightest heavenly object in the sky, Sirius. At this time of year, it would become visible again, radiantly sparkling as it rose in the east before sunrise. This occurred right before the Egyptian farmlands received the annual rejuvenating floodwaters from the nourishing Nile River, ensuring all they needed for the following planting and growing seasons. And so this magnificent siting of Sirus’ return symbolized prosperity, fertility, and abundance and marked the Egyptian New Year, with festivals and celebrations.

All Love, and Leo New Moon Lion's Gate Blessings,

Kalyan Darshan


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