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Before I outline some wonderful cosmic events, on a personal note, I've been away for the past three months in Australia spending a glorious time with my family. Covid kept us apart for 2 years and so once the Australian borders opened more freely, I jumped on the next plane!

I arrived back in Houston yesterday in time to launch spring!

So how are you doing amidst all that has been happening? Whilst so many are being overwhelmed with the frequencies of fear and war, I believe we must fill ourselves and the field we share with all of humanity, with LOVE, and PEACE. It is a choice!

I am really looking forward to offering many uplifting practices as we move forward through these days. Chaos always precedes change and so it is up to us to support ourselves as we support one another in allowing these shifts to move through us. Their true purpose is to evolve us through becoming more resilient, more compassionate, forgiving, and understanding, and for becoming who we truly are, cosmic citizens residing on a beautiful planet in the new age of Aquarius. Let the Sunshine in!

Please read on.

Can you sense the inspiring waves of Spring approaching?

The Equinox occurs this Sunday, igniting Spring, and we can activate it within us with Yoga, Meditation, and Mantra.

Spring commences this Sunday, March 20, bringing the most powerful energy for renewal and growth.

Come and practice with us at Menil Park to celebrate Springs arrival, with our offerings of gentle Kundalini yoga, deep sound healing relaxation, meditation, and mantra for birthing spring within us.

The equinox occurs during our practice, where Sun makes a perfect alignment with Earth's Equator. This happens twice each year, activating Spring and Fall.

Our practice will support us...

  • Stretch and release winter's stagnation

  • Balance the hemispheres of the brain and body.

  • Bring harmony for healing and renewing relationships

  • Imagine the dreams you wish to manifest this Spring

  • Restore your personal power with the new Spring Frequencies

  • Experiencing and receiving the power of group consciousness

  • Strengthening your electromagnetic field

  • Clearing the Subconscious Mind

  • Exploring deeper states of mind

  • Releasing stress, anxiety, depression with gong and crystal bowls.

  • Deep relaxation

Outdoor Park Location at Menil at Richmond Ave: See Map Below.

Plenty of Free Parking.

More information and Registration HERE.


Medicine for the People - Camping Event

Medicine for the People is a camping event that takes place each Equinox where the Texas Conscious CommUnity gathers to support the collective through prayer affirmation and right action.

Come receive the many healing offerings and receive the balancing healing equinox frequencies, as you play and sleep upon the earth. We shall hold space for one another as we become the change we wish to see in the world.

This particular equinox brings in incredibly powerful energies with Venus, the Divine Feminine, and Mars, the Divine Masculine, traveling together in Aquarius. Venus and Mars only recently head hands as they traveled together over transformational Pluto, renewing the relationship between Shiva and Shakti and thus our relationships as well, plus awakening new creations within us for materializing this Spring and beyond.

During this event, we will chant sacred mantra for rebirthing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us. This is a time to remember how divinely beautiful life is when we balance these polarities, yin, and yang, and how our lives can flow with ease and be filled with prosperity.

Venus, love, and beauty, awakens our desires, and Mars, the masculine, awakens our I Am selves. Together they awaken us for authentic self-expression and for recognizing our tremendous value. And in the house of Aquarius, for how we birth new ways moving forward, together in broader communities for harmony and abundance upon the planet.

Come chant, transform, transcend and celebrate at Medicine for the People, Webberfield Texas, March 24 - 27

More information and Registration HERE.



Come Meditate Online in her light at 7 PM Central Time in the final days of winter.

Meditate with these powerful Full Moon Virgo Energies, with so much energy for dreaming, releasing, and setting intentions for refining our day-to-day lives.

Shed heavy emotions, realize a new way forward, awaken a deeper truth within by connecting with your fundamental frequency.

Virgo is the sixth house of the zodiac. Having integrated all she has learned from the first five houses, Virgo strives to refine. Detail-oriented, practical, methodical, and analytical, Virgo eloquently can balance her mind and body with her intuition. Symbolized by the maiden/virgin representing purity and innocence, Virgo is also strong, independent, grounded, and self-sufficient. The Virgo Full Moon is for reviewing our health, career, and our daily routine. Being a mutable earth sign governed by mindful Mercury, it’s a time for tweaking our lives and lifestyle by organizing our spaces, cleansing our bodies, and decluttering our minds.

Meditate with the Full Moon and cosmic energies for:

♍️ receiving healing, universal wisdom, unconditional love - Pisces Stellium: Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, & Mercury

♍️ reclaiming and refocusing your personal power - Earth trine with Moon, Pluto, and Uranus.

♍️ re-establishing yourself in relationship - Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius - sextile Chiron & trine Black Moon Lilith

♍️ overcoming obstacles, toxic patterns and habits - Neptune opposite Moon

♍️ realizing innovative new ways forward - Mercury sextile Uranus

More information and Registration HERE.


I believe it is imperative that we participate as much as humanly possible in life and with one another at this time and so I humbly trust that these events will resonate with you.

See you there, see you soon, and Happy Spring!

Love Kalyan Darshan xo


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