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Scorpio New Super Moon Two events! Online Meditation and Yoga in the Park.

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

During this new super moon in transformational Scorpio, we can set intentions for restoring our personal power and replenish that invigorating feeling of being in control of our lives, able to move forward with passionate positive energy. It’s a time for healing our relationships, with ourselves and others too.

When the moon is new, the sky is dark and in this absence of light on the outside, we can plunge deep inside of ourselves and discover the nature of the energies that live within us. And during a Scorpio New Moon, the very deep parts of our consciousness become available to us.

During this Scorpio New Super Moon, the cosmic currents are supporting us for diving in deep and planting seeds deep in our consciousness that will grow strong and resilient in our lives for the long term.

The intentions we set this month that align with our passions and generate more meaning in our lives will receive great support. Scorpio is the house of transformation! It activates our instincts and our emotions. The moon too activates our emotions and instincts and since this is the third and final super moon of 2020, we are bound to feeeeel it!

Scorpio is about our power and how we use it and it governs our relationships at a deeply intense level. Do we control and manipulate others, or do we give our power away? Do we sabotage ourselves and our resources, or do we use our energy to manifest our soul’s destiny? This is the perfect time to contemplate these questions and to set intentions accordingly.

~The Cosmic Currents~

Mars was the original ruler of Scorpio and on the day of our meditation, Mars will begin to station direct after spending months in its house of Aries, where it’s been revolutionizing our fundamental selves. (Usually, it remains in a house for 6 weeks, but this time around with its retrograde activity, it’s working us over for 6 months!) This will bring a great surge of motivational renewed I Am focused energy. I am so ready for this!!! How about you?

Mercury will receive insight from Uranus at this time, liberating our minds from mental concerns that have held us back, awakening us to higher truths in how we think about ourselves.

Transformational Pluto in earthy Capricorn, is the ruler of Scorpio, and also makes a supporting aspect to the new moon helping us to seed our intentions deeply for the long term. It will also help us zoom out and see the big picture impact our intentions can create. And although this aspect is powerful already, it’s further empowered by divinely expansive Jupiter in conjunction with Pluto, bringing in even more of what we need. All good!!

And I encourage you to dream BIG INTENTIONS, no matter how restrictive life has been this year. This is because the new moon is in beautiful harmony with dreamy Neptune in its own house of Pisces. For some, this could activate a spiritual awakening around this time.

Up until now, many of us have been feeling powerlessness as we have experienced losses that have been beyond our control. Between this new super moon and the following Full Moon eclipse, the energies are shifting and a new tide will carrier us all forward, revealing new opportunities! So let’s make a point of taking some time out to contemplate our intentions, what we desire in our world, so we can ride these waves and use the energies with purpose. A great way to do this is by joining our meditation gathering.


~Gentle Mindful Movement~

With breath and movement, we will circulate energy through our bodies, releasing tension and stress, preparing us for our practice.


We will practice a lunar breath that will allow us to enter a deep meditative state.

~Guided meditation~

We will begin by connecting through our hearts with our higher selves, setting our intentions, and in our minds, generating beautiful seeds. And with these seeds, we will take the deep deep dive within and explore our inner realms, gathering the fragments of ourselves that we either gave away or disregarded, restoring our power. And then, we will lovingly plant our new moon seeds of intentions deep deep deep, ensuring they grow to nurture our bodies, guide our minds, and support our spirit.

~Mantra Meditation~

The sound current we will embody this month is for healing relationships. It works by mending the tears in the fabric that connects us with others and brings forth our capacity to forgive and understand.

~Gong Bath~

During this deeply relaxing sound healing bath, I encourage you to lie down, cover your eyes, and get cozy with a blanket and pillow. And then allow for the integration of the work we have done, while your body and mind are caressed with healing sound waves.

~How to prepare~

Wear your comfy clothes and create a nurturing space with pillows and blankets and all your creature comforts, crystals, candles, and water. Be hydrated!

In preparation, let’s consider how we use our energy and power. When we recognize what actions, thoughts, and feelings deplete us and others, we can refocus them and become conscious of when we are inclined to misuse our power.

I look forward to sharing this meditation with you as together, we empower and uplift each other's practice.

Please register on Eventbrite to practice with us live, or you can register to receive the recorded meditation to practice in your own time.


Our practice will take place at Memorial Park and here is the map. Please note that the blue markers indicate where to park and where we practice.

All Are Welcome!


Our class will begin with grounding breathwork, connecting us with the earth, and bringing Gaia's refreshing energy into our bodies.

~ Intention Setting and Yoga~

We will set our intentions and then begin our yoga sequence to clear and energize our bodies and minds and end with a prosperity flow practice called Param Karam Dharam Kriya. This beautiful sequence instills fearlessness for strengthening our will as we commence the new lunar cycle, manifesting the new intentions we set.

~Sound Bath~

And then, relax in Savasana and integrate whilst being bathed in sounds from crystal singing bowls. I'm bringing 6 bowls this time!!!

~Mantra Meditation~

The sound current we will embody this month is for healing relationships. It works by mending the tears in the fabric that connects us with others and brings forth our capacity to forgive and understand.

~What to bring~

Pack your yoga mat, pillows, and I really encourage you to bring a blanket or two so you’re totally comfortable practicing on the earth and for staying warm during our deep relaxation sound bath. Bring water to bless and drink to further empower our intention setting and Scorpio is a water sign! And pack your mask too!

Numbers are limited to ensure social distancing. Of course, family groups can sit together.

I look forward to seeing you at Memorial Park and sharing a fun and empowering practice together.

Please register on Eventbrite.


Kalyan Darshan



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