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Let Your Soul Guide Your Dreams - A gift from the Pisces New Moon.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

While the Sun journeys through Pisces, we are encouraged to create space for the forthcoming Spring Season by allowing these watery energies to dissolve what we wish to release and let go.

And while we undergo these transmutations, the Pisces New Moon elevates our consciousness to more easily access mystical states.

Beyond our physical and logical selves, we are invited to dream and journey with our soul-selves.

This New Moon in Pisces is particularly lovely as the Sun and Moon collaborate a Pisces stellium with Venus (love, sensuality and beauty) and Neptune (unconditional love, spirituality, imagination), the higher octave of Venus, and ruler of Pisces.

So with these four cosmic luminaries in Pisces, we can more easily explore what brings delight into our lives. We might realize that what we ‘think’ we desire, isn’t quite what our soul desires for us. Have we been setting intentions that we really want, or what we think we want? These energies will assist us in realizing that our lives might be much simpler and less stressful when we release expectations of ourselves that don't actually align with our life's destiny.

This consideration is also supported by Pluto (transformation, personal power, healing) during this lunation. It is making a harmonies sextile with the sun and moon helping us to recognize where our true power lies and how we can utilize it moving forward harmoniously, rather than forcing something that isn’t right for us.

And at this time, Mercury will come out of its retrograde shadow phase, bringing in fresh ideas and new solutions.

This new moon is so sweet and tender. It can help us understand our life lessons, with embarking on a new spiritual practice, with finding more compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others, while it gently cleanses our energy field, releasing some of that heavy karmic baggage.

I invite you to join two practices that will support you in working with these lovely energies. More details HERE!


Kalyan Darshan


Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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