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Leo Full Moon - Rekindle Passion!

During a Full Moon, we can consider the archetype of the sign the moon is in and reflect upon those characteristics within ourselves. It’s an opportunity to make adjustments as we remember who we are.

The first Full Moon for 2021 is in Leo and takes place on January 28!

Leo the Lion activates heart energy, joyful energy, creative energy, life-force energy! Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo recognizes its divine majesty as a co-creator with the Universe and is thus courageous and confident. In its highest vibration, Leo is like a playful, spontaneous child, delighted by life in each moment. So this Full Moon is an opportunity to come home to our heart, reconnect with our inner child, and rekindle the sheer joy of being alive. As King of our Kingdom, or Queen of our Queendom, we can discover and release what is getting in our own way of being our creative selves and rekindle our enthusiasm to express ourselves.

I wholeHEARTedly invite you to join our group Full Moon Online meditation and our Practice in the Park, where will restore heart coherence, connect with our inner child, and remember what fills us with those wonderful feelings of enthusiasm and zest for life.

Heart Coherence is a relatively new and vigorous area of study where science and spirituality meet.

“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. ... This state is associated with sustained positive emotion and a high degree of mental and emotional stability.

Our hearts radiate more than 100 times greater a magnetic field than our brains and yet we are generally taught to use our minds in solo mode. Driven by the perceived demands of life and survival, we wear ourselves out without the input of divine energy available from our hearts. Our hearts nourish us as they connect us with our soul, our essence, and guide us on a path of authenticity. And our hearts are our moral compass, and generate the magnificent emotional states of love, peace, and compassion.

As science catches up with what yogi masters already know, there are numerous scientific studies that report the benefits of meditation as a practice that can deliver us to a state of Heart Coherence. It is in this state of coherence where miracles happen, where we open a door and allow our soul to reconnect with our lives. And beyond generating heart coherence for ourselves, we can practice heart coherence in our families, with our colleagues and friends, and ultimately generate a state of global heart coherence for all of humanity.

I’m getting ahead of myself here, but on some level we all know that when we are seeking a meaningful, prosperous, and joyful life, our heart has to be in it! We need the enthusiasm and divine energy it brings to sustain us.

We also hear new science stating that we create our own realities by thinking, feeling, and acting as though our desired realities were happening right here, right now! By genuinly generating the frequencies associated with our intentions, the circumstances are attracted in our lives. Feeling, thinking and acting in this way sounds like a BIG ASK, especially if we are feeling flat, depressed, and overwhelmed. But in a state of heart coherence, it is definitely easier as in this state, our frequency and emotional tone is elevated with the energies required to generate these frequencies.

So as the moon grows larger this week and throughout this full moon period, play with this simple 2- step heart-coherence practice.

1. Breath in and out fully and completely for at least a minute or so as though you were breathing in and out of your heart.

2. Remember a situation where you feel sincere care and love for someone and meditate as you sustain those feelings. Reflecting upon my dear doggie Maggie takes me there right away :)

In both practices I'm offering this week, I'll be including a guided heart coherence meditation, so join in one or both events for that and more!

Leo Full Moon Cosmic Events

Leo Full Moon Online Meditation // Thursday, January 28, 7 - 8:30 pm

For practice details and registration, please visit HERE.

Leo Full Moon Practice in the Park // Sunday, January 31, 3 - 4:30 pm

For practice details and registration, please visit HERE.

The Cosmic Currents

WOW! The Sun, Mercury (mind and communication), Saturn (authority, structure, responsibility), and Jupiter (expansion, truth, positivity) are all in Aquarius assisting our birth into this new Aquarian age. With all this cosmic energy in an air sign, we can find our consciousness very much in our heads, but the Full Moon in Leo invites us home to our hearts along with a gentle reminder that our personal evolution must flow forth from our hearts.

The Moon is all by itself in Leo, so we may feel a little isolated, but it’s an opportunity to come home to our hearts for remembering who we are and a beautiful time to snuggle up with our heart space.

The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter (expansion, truth, positivity) in Aquarius. It will shine more light on what we want to be in this new age, but also what we can release upon the full moon energy that doesn’t support this area of our growth.

Venus (what we value, ourselves included) is conjunct Pluto (power and transformation) in Capricorn as it continues this 16-year transit of transforming those established status quo structures that are resistant to change. What have we been hanging on to that we value because it maintains our status quo comfortability that really needs to shift in order for us to truly be able to say, I am honoring my self worth and all the gifts I can bring to myself and the world? How can we get out of our own way in order to truly embrace our power?

Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries is making a harmonious trine with the Moon in Leo, further helping us to understand and heal how we have held ourselves back from our passion for life with a recommitment to nurturing our creativity.

Mars (I AM Self, Spiritual Warrior, Initiator) and Uranus (the cosmic awakener) are in Taurus and making a square with the Sun and Moon, so we may find that something is actually forcing our hand to change and it might come as a surprise.

I look forward to sharing these practices with you this week as we remember how glorious it feels to SHINE!

AND, I am teaching Yoga at 10 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So come and visit my SITE for more information on attending these classes.


Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity


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