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Honoring our Feelings with the Cancer Full Moon.

This Full Moon in the water sign Cancer can help us connect with our hearts, and refresh our emotional body, as we acknowledge the lower vibration emotions that we have endured during 2020.

I invite you to collaborate with the cosmos with two practices I am offering:

Practice in the Park // Sunday, December 27, 3 - 4:30 pm

For a detailed outline of our practice and registration, please visit here.

Online Meditation // Tuesday, December 29, 7 - 8:30 pm

For a detailed outline of our practice and registration, please visit here. The sign of cancer is ruled by the moon and as the moon reflects our inner emotional landscape, the annual Cancer Full Moon gifts us with a time for honoring our feelings and recognizing our inner needs. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year with abrupt outer change as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto worked together in Capricorn dismantling the status quo structures in our lives. So now it’s time to nurture our inner world. All of us have experienced a myriad of difficult emotions. Fear, loss, grief, worry, overwhelm, disappointment, sorrow, sadness, depression, confusion, frustration, anger … We haven’t had much of a chance to process our feelings. For many, we have blocked them out, escaped, and held onto them deep inside our bodies as we’ve endeavored to soldier on. But Chiron, the wounded healer, is stepping in to support us. He is making a T Square with the Sun and Moon during this Full Moon helping us to understand our wounding if we allow ourselves the experience.

While this Cancer Full Moon may bring to our hearts sentimental feelings, melancholy, and nostalgia, there is a beautiful and supporting aspect with Uranus, the AWAKENER, the ruling planet of AQUARIUS! At this time it will awaken us through our emotional body, bringing waves of positivity and hope, reminding us of the possibilities growing as they evolve inside us. Uranus will also be conjunct Black Moon Lilith, so it may well enlighten us by revealing what we really desire to change in our world in order to elevate our feelings. Saturn and Jupiter are still conjunct at the critical degrees of 1 and 2 degrees of Aquarius respectively. They continue to flow forth potent awakening Aquarian energies reminding us to expand our horizons and to take time out often to explore our authentic truth and the integral piece we bring to the human collective as we create our new landscape. Our courage is beginning to grow now with the support of Mars who after three intense squares with transformational Pluto (during its intense working over in its home sign of Aries for 4 months), is finally gaining momentum moving forward, radiating a new Divine Masculine, a true Spiritual Warrior. During a Cancer Full Moon, our Sun is in Capricorn and this year, so too is Mercury who learned so much in deeply emotional Scorpio where it was last retrograde. The terrain of earthy Capricorn has been plowed by Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto during their Capricorn transit and is now receiving the refreshing Solstice Aquarian light from our Sun and Mercury, bringing to it much new insight and information. It’s like they are tilling the soil for the new Capricorn structures we will create in the new age. Pluto will remain in Capricorn till 2024, so we expect to see further disruption as the old order is dismantled. As Cancer is a water sign, it cleanses us when we allow our emotions to flow and so this is an opportunity to allow ourselves to feel the 2020 experience and to liberate ourselves for a fresh 2021 start. In creating a space to reflect upon what we have uniquely experienced and felt, we can surrender to it all, releasing our attachments to them, and allowing the emotions we wish to release to flow out of our bodies gently. Beyond that, humanity is emotionally exhausted, so if we’re feeling like being the Cancer Crab, and tucking ourselves away inside our shells at this time, we ought to honor that. Cancer adores home and family and for many of us, our homes will feel incomplete without our families this festive season. So perhaps in this space we can turn inward, rest, and nurture ourselves, lovingly and compassionately. When we create love and compassion in our hearts, we heal not only ourselves but radiate it out into the ocean of consciousness we all share. With this willingness to create love and compassion, we mend humanity and our precious Gaia.

​I invite you to join the practices I am offering for this lunation. Together, we support each other's practice and bring more and more peace love and light to our world.

For information about my regular weekly classes, please visit

With Love,

Kalyan Darshan


PS Although I am not an astrologer, I recognize we are cosmic citizens presently residing on Earth during an epic transformation. I understand that like our Moon controls the tides, we too are impacted by the planets, stars and asteroids and the archetype they each represent as they visit each house and the compartments of life they represent. One way to understand how the cosmic currents impact us personally, is to find where cosmic events occur in your own birth chart

So for this lunation, find what house 9° of Cancer lies, and with a little research, you will know which part of your world it will impact the most.

Sometimes I am asked what astrologers I listen to and there are quite a few. Alas, there are three astrologers I enjoy learning from very much that are my go-to. They are Molly McCord, Pam Gregory and Kaypacha. They each offer enlightening youtube videos regularly.


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