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Feel Inspired, Be Courageous, Rebirth Renewed with the Aries New Moon

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The first New Moon of this Astrological Year is profoundly inspiring, creating an energetic landscape for experiencing more of our fundamental essence. We are encouraged to set intentions that will nurture the new aspects of ourselves that have begun to reveal themselves over the past months.

Aries Fire

The new moon in ARIES is the first new moon of the Astrological Year. The energy of this lunation not only sets the tone for the forthcoming 29-day lunar cycle but for the astrological year ahead too! So it’s great news that the Cosmic Currents for this new moon bring in an abundance of supportive and fortunate ENERGY for introspection and self-discovery!

Aries energy activates our essence, our fundamental frequency, our blueprint or simply put, that part of ourselves that is uniquely our own. This is the season to spring clean and purify our essence with Aries fire.

At this time, we are likely to feel more inclined to initiate projects as Aries igniting energy is motivated, and courageous. Like its governing planet Mars, whose archetype is the Warrior, we are encouraged to act, feeling confident, assertive, enthusiastic, and ready to take on a challenge!

This is energy that inspires us to discover more of ourselves and connect more deeply with our true nature. And this particular new moon energy is very supportive for setting intentions for nurturing new aspects of ourselves that have begun to reveal themselves over the past months.

Our Yoga and Meditation practices will focus on this and more with two Aries New Moon offerings.


April New Moon in Aries - Yoga Practice in the Park

3 - 4:15 pm @ Homewood Park

More Information and Registration HERE


April New Moon in Aries - Online Meditation

7 - 8:15 pm online via zoom

More Information and Registration HERE


The Cosmic Currents - The astrology of this Aries New Moon

Ahhhhh the birth of this new astrological year is so so SO powerful! Just look at this incredible stellium of planets, stars, and asteroids in the first house of activating Aries...

We have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron (wounded healer), Eris (Mars’ sister), and Ceres (mother nature). Wow! So many flavors of Aries energy filling us with energy for renewal, and rebirth. Aries is a fire sign that initiates and transforms. How are you feeling it? We might be an ember in the ashes or beginning to rise up like the Phoenix.

At the time of this new moon, the Sun and Moon meet at 22° of Aries, and those who enjoy numerology will be happy to note that 22 brings in a powerful vibration being the Master Builder Number! With this frequency, dreams can more easily become reality. Sweet :)

Venus (feminine principle) is bringing clarity to our feelings at this time as she is also in alignment (conjunct) with the Sun and Moon. Yep! She too just commenced a new cycle and thus wants to know what’s in our hearts so it can guide us moving forward … What do we love? Who do we love? What do we value? What are we passionate about?

Mars (masculine principle) and Jupiter (benevolent expansion) are in a Trine (120°).

Trines bring about a harmonious flow of synergistic energy between the two planets involved. Mars is the ruler of Aries and ready to activate our intentions, and Jupiter is expanding thoses intentions with benevolent Aquarian flavored blessings!!!! WOW! Be open to new ways of doing things.

Mars and Jupiter are also making a sextile (60°) with the Sun, Moon, and Venus!

Sextiles are also very fortunate as they make way for new growth between the planets involved. Loads of great support here assisting us with any new projects and for helping us to recognize what it is we want to birth at this time.

And yet another planet, Mercury (how we think and communicate) also commenced his new astrological cycle entering Aries last Saturday! At the time of this new moon, he will make a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius. This is so cool as Saturn has been figuring out how we lay down the physical foundations that conform with the new age of Aquarius. Saturn will have the opportunity to inform our minds via Mercury, of the best way forward as to how we bring our new intentions into the physical. Be open to receiving helpful downloads :)

Also, Mercury (ruler of Gemini) makes a sextile with the North Node which is our collective destiny! At this time, the North Node is in Gemini, so this is a positive flow of inspirational ideas for helping humanity.

Finally, Pluto (transformation, personal power, healing) is making a square (90°) with the Sun, Moon, and an exact square with Venus. Squares reveal tension and show us where we are challenged. And so while there is so much positive energy in this chart, we may pine for the past, want to return to old habits, or feel moving forward is too difficult. And as these waves may flow through us, or come out of nowhere and slap us, please pause … , we are being offered an opportunity to take back the power we have given away in the past, so take a deep deep deep breath in and out. Keep breathing and be Ok with simply being with the feeling. The fears, the worry, the anxiousness will pass and as they do, the personal power we had invested in them will be liberated. This can be deeply healing and restoring as we literally can retrieve aspects of our soul that we had relinquished in the past.

I trust you are feeling positive overall with a sense of empowerment as we move into this second week of April. And I truly believe that whatever has been dancing in our daydreams, ought to be nurtured and birthed!

All Love,

Kalyan Darshan


Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity!


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