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Expand Your Vision with the Light of the Central Sun and the Final Full Moon for 2021

The last Full Moon of 2021 brings contemplative energies for understanding where we have arrived as the year draws to a close, and what is important to us as we consider our plans for 2022.

Ruled by Mercury, the Gemini energy is curious and clever, and its full moon can reveal solutions that have alluded us up until now.

During this lunation, the moon will be at 27° Gemini, opposite the Sun at 27° Sagittarius which is also the cosmic address of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, known as the Great Central Sun!

In the same way that our sun is the source of energy and information for our solar system, the Central Sun is the life force for our entire Galaxy! It shines forth pure and powerful, a light of truth, uncorrupt, without distortions, and once a year, our Sun is fortified by the Central Sun's light when it aligns with it.

As this alignment occurs during this Gemini Full Moon this year, we will receive this magnificent cosmic central sunlight both from our sun, activating our soul's essence, our purpose, and from the moon, reflecting upon our inner world and deeper emotional landscape

These cosmic light codes will greatly support truth-seeking efforts at this time with enlightening frequencies for witnessing ourselves more completely, helping us to recognize where alignment can be restored in our lives.

Gemini as depicted by the twins reminds us that we are both finite and infinite. If we can integrate our infinite selves into our lives, we can reap the monumental benefits and we begin to understand our true nature.

Our Practice:

Mindful movement: With gentle breath and movement, we will circulate energy through our bodies, releasing tension and stress, preparing us for our practice.

Galactic Center Full Moon Activation: Tune in and connect with the waves of cosmic Central Sun and Full Moon energies flowing in. Set intentions.

Guided Meditation for realigning with Truth: Contemplate your inner emotional landscape and outer world expression in the light of this lunation for restoring clarity and expanding one's vision.

Gemini Meditation for Balancing Mind and Heart: A heart-opening meditation for self-love, compassion, and humility that informs the mind that we are both finite and infinite.

Gong Bath: During this deeply relaxing sound healing bath, rest the body and mind, and integrate the Full Moon Light. Journey into the cosmos.

How to prepare: Wear your comfy clothes and create a nurturing space with pillows and blankets and all your creature comforts, crystals, candles, and a glass of water.

I look forward to sharing this final full moon meditation with you because together, we empower and uplift each other's practice.

Please register HERE to practice with us live, or you can register to receive the recorded meditation to practice in your own time.

All Are Welcome xo

I hope to see you!

Love, Kalyan Darshan


More about the Cosmic Currents at this Full Moon

This epic cosmic central sun alignment mentioned above is further enhanced by Jupiter, the benevolent planet of expansion and blessings.

Jupiter makes a harmonious trine (120° angle) and sextile (60° angle) with Moon and Sun respectively, further amplifying these powerful energies of clarity and revelation!

There is also great potential for healing and transformation during this lunation.

Chiron the wounded healer is currently in Aries revealing deep personal wounds that can devour our courage our confidence. Since mid-July, Chiron has been retrograde, meaning that he's been moving backward through Aries, revisiting old wounds and traumas for understanding and healing.

During this Full Moon, Chiron begins to move forward again, whilst making a perfect square (90° angle) with Gemini's ruling planet Mercury. This Mercurial aspect to Chiron, during the very full moon Mercury rules, and whilst Chiron is making this pivotal shift, may prompt a release of the self-limiting mindset that has been holding our Aries Warrior hostage.

This could be experienced as a great relief, for now, we have a new sense of freedom to reveal more of ourselves to the world and to action more of who we are.

Venus and Pluto are very powerful players at this time too and at the full moon are conjunct together in Capricorn. This means they are having a Capricorn-inspired conversation, addressing what we have materialized through our work efforts, and our daily routines, and the capacity we have for creating structure in our lives.

While Pluto's motivation is to bring us into alignment with our Soul, Venus wants our life's work to reflect what we love and enjoy while demonstrating to us the value we bring the world. Venus then turns retrograde, moving backward through Capricorn until the end of January where she will guide us in deep reflection regarding our great work in this lifetime.

The final aspect to mention is the square between Saturn and Uranus that has been the overriding theme this year.

Squares in astrology reveal tension, and between these two planets it reveals restriction versus freedom, or another way of looking at it is the patriarchal systems vs the new age or the old order vs revolution!

Clearly, we can see how this energetic juxtapose is playing out globally, but during the last weeks of this year when this square becomes exact for the third and final time, it might highlight how the dynamic is playing out in our own lives revealing our own inner conflicts. Where can we release restrictions in order to grow?

Uranus the Aquarian revolutionary trines Mercury at the Full Moon for disrupting stagnant restrictive thought patterns, freeing us up to expand our vision for the coming new year.


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