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Awaken with Kirtan and RENEW @ Unity of Houston 8/21/19 @ 7pm.

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Over the weekend, I sang Olivia Newton John's song MAGIC at a wonderful wedding celebration which I co-officiated!

As I sang the lyric, 'From where I stand, You are Home Free, THE PLANETS ALIGN SO RARE, There's promise in the air ...' I thought to myself, WOW, the planets HAVE BEEN ALIGNING SO FREQUENTLY lately for cleansing and healing our lives.

It's my belief that the Cosmos Conspires for us and for humanity always, and it's very noticeable as we shift into the new age of Aquarius. We are living during a chaotic period, some of which is painfully difficult to witness within ourselves, and across the world. But chaos is required for change, and change we need!!!

If you're interested in some of the most recent cosmic conspiracy ... The recent eclipse season was in the Capricorn (government, authority), Cancer (nurturing, home) axis, bringing our own inner framework into alignment with our nurturing, maternal side. This coincided with the Pluto (Transformation) and Saturn (3D space time, cause and effect) conjunction with the South Node (collective past karma) in Capricorn (government, authority). Jupiter (expansion and abundance) has turned direct and is in direct alignment with the Great Attractor (an incomprehensible powerful astronomical vortex) bestowing powerful fresh electro-magnetic energy, source energy for us all. Awesome!!!

On the macro level, it's no surprise there is so much global unrest as we all individually have been re-tuned to vibrate in resonance with a Higher Good for ourselves and for all. And now the Cosmos invites us to Renew! To step into our power, living from our hearts, Intuitively and with Big Love! We all have tremendous power within and I love that Mantra can magically activate Us by en-training our minds to vibrate positively, courageously, lovingly, with our souls.

In these last days whilst the sun shines in the house of Fire Light Courageous Passionate House of Leo, take time to activate your Soul, Your True Self. It feels FANTASTIC when we feel ALIVE on the inside, bringing forth our Soul's light, through our Hearts, shining bright our unique energy signature into our lives, and into the world. This is what we are here for!!! YEAH!

So I invite you to Chant the Self-Empowerment Chant now and anytime you feel you'd like an ENERGETIC SOUL BOOST!!! IT WORKS!! And it will bring alive your Creative Self. The You you can Truly Rely upon! The You that is in harmony with the Universe. The You that is ever present within You. The You you might have forgotten about.

AND when we chant together in a group, it's so UPLIFTING!!! So please consider joining us at Unity of Houston at 7pm in the incredible PYRAMID for an evening of MANTRAS for RENEWAL!

This event is a gorgeous gift from Unity of Houston bringing myself and my band to YOU.

Unable to join us in person? Every Wednesday Night Experience service is now streamed live on Facebook! Like the Unity of Houston Facebook page and visit our page on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm CST to watch the full service. the full service.

Either way, bring your voice and join in the chants that will reconnect you with the Cosmos, Your Infinite Self , Your Power and Love. It's going to be AWESOME, EMPOWERING & FUN!!!!

From my heart to yours,

Peace. Love. Light.,

PS: Thanks for reading my first Blog Post. HUGS xoxoxoxo

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