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Pisces Full Moon and the Equinox, a time to release, reset and restore balance.

The Full Moon in Pisces and the Autumnal Equinox are back to back this year. And the Pisces Full Moon is right at the end degrees of the zodiac and in perfect alignment with the Galactic Center, a clue to the significance of this Full Moon's transformational offerings. Please read on ...

September's Full moon in Pisces takes place at 6:54 pm central time when the moon is at 28°13’ Pisces.

This is one of my favorite Full Moons as it greatly enhances our abilities to find deep states of meditation, and for connecting with our Higher Divine Selves.

Full Moons are an opportunity to release and let go of what is playing out in our inner realms. Pisces is the last zodiac sign meaning it is the time to release and let go of all that is outdated for us, creating space for the new. In fact, this full moon is less than one degree away from the final degree point of the zodiac wheel, the completion point! So a Big Release for a Big Reset is in store! It is also right before the Equinox, equal day, equal night, so it brings balancing energies for mind-body alignment.

Pisces is a water sign, and so like the moon herself, it brings forth feelings that are deeply personal, and very emotional. If you feel painful emotions rising up at this time, let them out with a good cry, or maybe attack your pillow!

If we ask ourselves what is disturbing our inner realms, and what is holding us back from what we desire and what we know we can be, the Pisces full moonlight might very well illuminate them for us, helping us to get to the root of issues for release.

We have a great opportunity to relieve ourselves of whatever burdens we bring into the light during the Pisces Full Moon, I invite you to both a meditation at Menil Park and an online meditation for working with these energies ... details below.

And then two days later, on September 22, the equinox arrives with the onset of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. It is so beneficial to get in touch with the earth at this time because as she aligns with the sun's light shining directly upon her equator, we too receive those aligning energies, restoring balance. I also invite you to Medicine For the People, a fantastic transformational camping event that offers so many healing, balancing and restorative practices..... details below.


Pisces Full Moon Meditation - with Saati and Kalyan Darshan

Sunday, Sept 19, 10 - 11:30am @ new Menil Park location

1400 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 70006

For more information and registration, please visit Eventbrite.


Pisces Full Moon Meditation

Monday, Sept 20, 8 - 9:15 pm ONLINE via Zoom

For more information and registration, please visit Eventbrite.


Medicine for the People - Love's Way

Equinox camping event, Sept 23 -26 @ Dripping Springs, TX

There are so so so so many awesome offerings to experience at this event. Something for everyone. Come and find your medicine, your tribe, your self, all delivered Love's Way.

At this event, I will be offering a TUNE INTO LOVE KIRTAN. So come chant with me!!!!

For more information and registration, please click Here.


Consider participating in one or all of these events. So many opportunities for transcending ourselves again and again and again and again and again with the support of our cosmos ;)

I look forward to practicing with you, meditating with you, chanting with you, and empowering one another as we uplift ourselves during these times.

Peace, Love & Light to you Sisters and Brothers,

Kalyan Darshan ☮️💟🕉♓️

Read on if you are interested in the Cosmic Currents for this Pisces Full Moon.

Have you ever wondered why is Pisces depicted by two fish? First of all, Pisces is a water sign, pertaining to the source and flow of life, our emotions, and spirituality. As the mutable water sign in the zodiac, it has a tremendous capacity for adjusting and change. So the fish pertain to the water element with one fish representing our physical world, and the other, the etheric or spiritual world. The finite and the infinite. Note that these fish are connected, in a constant dance together, reminding us that our finite physical selves are in constant flow and connection with our Infinite, eternal selves. They are beckoning us to bring our awareness to this interplay, to remember that we can connect with our Higher Mind, our Divinity and the Universal Mind for receiving inspiring and healing. In practices like meditation, we can feel into our multi-dimensional, eternal soul selves and experience the comfort and unconditoinal love, that is in constant flow, to us and through us from the Universe.

To follow are some of the aspects occurring at this Full Moon and impacting the Equinox too.

Moon conjunct Neptune

The ruler of Pisces is Neptune, the planet of the subconscious mind, activating our imagination, our dreams, our ability to reach altered states, and spirituality. Right before the moon reaches its opposition with the sun, which creates a full moon, it comes into alignment with Neptune, receiving Neptune’s insightful and otherworldly messages. So essentially, this full moon is conjunct (in alignment with) the very planet that rules this Full Moon! Awesome! So this means it is very potent for healing the subconscious mind and its patterns we have inherited from our family lineage, karmic wounds from past lives that have been carried forward, and for realizations that are based on spirituality and our subconscious emotions.

Sun and Moon Square the Galactic Center

The Full Moon also makes a 90° angle (called a square in astrology) with the central sun, the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Also called the galactic center, it is understood it flows the intelligence to our galaxy with absolute precision. It can answer any questions you may have about anything, so plan to meditate on this auspicious Pisces full moon with a list of questions you wish to ask of the galactic center as well. It seems yet again that the cosmos is here to support us in bringing forth the answers and energies for healing we need to help facilitate the release we desire, for cleansing our bodies and minds as the summer comes to an end.

Jupiter trine Mercury

Jupiter positively expands and Mercury delivers messages to our minds, so let yourself consider ALL of your possibilities. You might just realize a new path forward that might have been overlooked without a little contemplation.

Sun trine Pluto

Pluto is about our personal power and in a harmonious trine with the Sun, our soul selves, we are realizing more of our personal power. So please embrace that.

Venus opposite Uranus

This could create sudden relationship changes or bring in revelations of how we aren't loving, respecting, and appreciating ourselves.


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