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Birthing a New Consciousness - December 2020

We are living in epic times! In the final weeks of 2020, we reach a milestone in the changing of the age. As Jupiter and Saturn arrive in Aquarius on the Solstice, we receive more of the expansion of consciousness the Age of Aquarius will ultimately bring. Over the following weeks, so much of the difficult energies that have been working through us this year are shifting. The planets are culminating magnificent cosmic alignments for us to sow new seeds. Even in the outer realms of deep space, there are asteroids aligning to flow gentle, mind-expanding, and quantum healing energies. This is a superb time to meditate, to elevate our frequency and dream big, to come home to rest in our hearts and souls, and gather together in love and goodwill, with shared practices.

There are many many many beneficial aspects at this time, but three epic energetic alignments of great significance arrive in our skies: . . .

Sagittarius New Moon Full Solar Eclipse - 14th December

Capricorn Solstice along with the Great Jupiter / Saturn Conjunction - 21st December

Mars square Pluto (2020 third and final) - 21st December

. . . And so I am offering more practices for this extraordinary time.

(For information about my regular weekly classes, please visit here)


Prepare for the Great Convergence Online Meditations

Monday - Fridays @ 9 am // 30 min practice up through to Dec 21.

These breathwork and meditation practices will help us embody the activating, healing, and transformational energies that are flowing in from the cosmos, and help us release what we are letting go of personally and collectively. Specifically, we will be working with Jupiter and Saturn as they converge, assisting their collective energies to flow more readily into our bodies and minds.

As we allow this expansion of consciousness, we can more gracefully step up into this new level of spiritual maturity as cosmic citizens residing on earth. These classes are designed to support and expand us through these challenging days, as we straddle the different timelines as we shift into the new age.


Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Practice in the Park: Saturday, Dec 12th // 3 - 4:30 pm - More info and registration

Online Meditation: Sunday, Dec 13th // 7 - 8:30 pm - More info and registration

Nothing short of WOW! Incredible energies flowing in for us, and incredible energies for helping us let that 'stuff' go! This is a time to feel into the expansion of ourselves and to IMAGINE all that we desire, and all that will bring us joy. The Universe is ready and waiting to support us, so gather your bow and arrows!

Sagittarius is about our highest beliefs, justice and truth, … and our next awesome adventures on planet earth. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the planet of benevolent expansion. Throughout this year, it has expanded the revolutionary work that Pluto and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) have been doing in Capricorn, the house that governs big structures like corporations and governments. They have revealed the abuses of power and the ineffectual and biased systems that are in place in our societies. And whilst they have been collapsing these global constructs in preparation for the new age, they have been working on our inner realms that reflect our status quo. For Jupiter and Saturn, this work is coming to a close and together they are now at the last degrees of Capricorn. Here they are providing a final push assisting us in overcoming our own inner power struggles. So potent!!!!

This new moon, massively assists the release of these energies as the Sun and Moon come together at the moon's south node (which is why there is an eclipse). The south node in Sagittarius is where we collectively release and let go of dense old-age limiting beliefs in order to expand our minds to receive the forthcoming new aquarian quantum frequencies. So at this time we are both launching our new selves and releasing our old selves. And the cosmos has timed this so beautifully as we prepare for the Great Conjunction Solstice taking place one week later.

If we align our new moon intentions and launch them as Sagittarian Archers, our arrows are propelled with the Eclipse energies. So dream big, (with the support of Neptune squaring the nodes) and aim for your highest intentions during this potent new moon. And as we do so, we collapse the old timelines!

For more information and to register for practices supporting these cosmic currents, please visit Eventbrite


Save the Dates!

Capricorn Solstice, The Great Conjunction & The Mars-Pluto Square!

Practice in the Park: Saturday, Dec 19th // 3 - 4:30 pm - More info coming soon!

Online Meditation: Sunday, Dec 20th // 7 - 8:30 pm - More info coming soon!


I wish you a glorious December with an abundance of cosmic blessings!

See you at a class soon!

All Love

Kalyan Darshan xoxoxo



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