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The Most Powerful New Moon for 2021 is this Thursday!

Take that leap with faith, as all possibilities are on the table with this incredible New Moon and the stellium of planets in Aquarius.

Join our online meditation this Thursday evening, 7 - 8:30pm ONLINE via Zoom.

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What a spectacular Lunation to set the MOST AWESOME INTENTIONS FOR OUR LIVES. While the sun and moon meet at 23 degrees of Aquarius (check what house it is in your chart), Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury Rx are also in Aquarius to assist what can be a profound leap forward in the evolution of our consciousness and thus, our lives!

This new moon in Aquarius expands consciousness as it brings in fresh quantum energy, so let your imagination go when deciding your intentions, even if you don’t understand the ‘how’ to go about manifesting them. Intentions set at this time will be supporting all the way into 2022 and Molly McCord (astrologer) has a great video about this!

What does Aquarian energy resonate within us?

Aquarius is depicted by the water bearer, a divine being flowing nourishing waters to the earth. Alas, Aquarius is in fact an Air sign and so impacts our mind and how we think.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign and so it might inspire us to pursue endeavors that not only benefit ourselves and those we love but that have positive ramifications for all, even energetically, (we’re all connected in the ocean of consciousness).

Aquarius reminds us of our uniqueness and eccentricities and so it might inspire us to invest more time and energy in developing our unique traits bringing our unique gift to the world. What talents have been entrusted to you?

Aquarius is futuristic and so it might inspire you to bring forth that invention that keeps popping into your mind. Or perhaps learn a new innovative skill like becoming a wind turbine tech ;)

Aquarius is intelligent and is connected with the Universal Mind, so we might commit to undertake a meditation practice and open our consciousness to the Cosmic all-knowing Mind daily.

Collaborating with the Cosmic Currents

Our practice will work with the following energies, and consist of three meditations ... connecting with and feeling into our hearts, exploring our unique nature and what it wishes to manifest; bringing the brain hemispheres into balance, activating whole-brain activity, and recalibrating our minds with the cosmic mind for supporting our big bold intentions.

The stellium of planets in Aquarius is making squares with Black Moon Lilith (our inner wild side that we can integrate), and Mars (initiator and I Am presence), and Uranus in Taurus. This can feel difficult as it is urging us to make a change that probably requires us to get out of our comfort zone. It invites us to purge, cleanse, release and let go of limiting behaviors and beliefs. Ultimately, this would be an act of self love, as we restore our true self-worth. The Aquarian stellium is more powerful, so this is a great time to make that leap ... with faith!

I want to bring your attention to Mercury who is in retrograde going back through Aquarius! This is a great retrograde! Mercury is about our human mind, how we think, how we receive and process information, and how we communicate out to the world. Mercury is really supporting us in dissolving the mental boundaries that prevent us from expanding into the new Aquarian Age and being who and what we know we can be. We have the physical hardware with our pineal and pituitary glands to connect with quantum consciousness. This means that we are not limited to linear thinking, but can process, learn and project information in whole packets in an instant! Fantastic for shifting outdated patterns.

But wait there is more … During the New Moon, Mercury will make a perfect harmonious trine with the North Node which is currently in Gemini, which it rules! The North Node reflects humanities orientation and in Gemini, it’s about thinking in a new way. This aspect is spectacular with everything we are contending with as a species!!!

And another glorious aspect, Venus (love and beauty) and Jupiter (positive expansion and divine truth) will be conjunct in Aquarius. A beautiful meeting that expands our hearts, bringing in new Divine wisdom to what we desire, what brings us pleasure, and the relationships we wish to nourish or release. And all filled with Aquarian vibes!

Please email me if you have any questions at

I look forward to collaborating with the cosmos together, and sharing with you this meditation practice :)


Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity



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