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Release and Let Go with Ho'oponopono

Autumn has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and its expression is unmistakable. The falling leaves are a reminder that when we bring our lives into flow with the seasonal energies, Mother Nature supports our efforts.

Autumn is a time for releasing and letting go of all that has reached its expiration date in our lives. It's the best season of the year to self-correct! So while the deciduous trees drop their leaves, we can lighten our load too and declutter, prune, and cleanse our bodies, our home, our lives.

Mantra is the perfect practice for taking this process deeper, releasing outdated beliefs, emotions and thought patterns that don’t support our conscious evolution. We regain headroom for incubating new ideas whilst diminishing inclinations or habits that hold us up or hold us back.

At our next AWAKEN WITH KIRTAN event, we will feature The Ho’oponopono, which translates to correction. This an ancient Hawaiian practice uses the mantra -

I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You.

This mantra dissolves memories that express themselves as problems and conflicts experienced in life. Consider the nature of the vibrational energy each of these short phrases generates within us and the collective consciousness we share. Responsibility, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. All the ingredients for harmony and healing.

In just eight weeks, we will embark upon a brand new decade! What would we like to resolve once and for all?

The cosmic currents are supporting us too! The Sun is traveling through Scorpio giving our consciousness access to the depths of our psyche. Mercury is in retrograde and also in watery Scorpio. Mercury is the messenger, so tune in to messages from the deepest part of your being that will surely be helpful during this time of transformation. Especially now!!! Today's 11:11 portal is very special with the Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde. Scorpio is the astrological house of transformation, so we can make great strides at this time in preparation for 2020!

Experience the Ho'oponopono and mantras for transformation, peace, and healing in the PYRAMID, Unity of Houston, next Friday, 11/15/19 at 7 pm.

2929 Unity Dr. Houston | TX 77057-5915

Tickets are $15 and available at Eventbrite or at the door.

Peace, Love, and Light :)

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