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March Full Moon in Libra - Harmonizing and Healing with Fresh Hi-Vibe Love Frequencies.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This beautiful and powerful full moon wishes to elevate our consciousness and expand our capacity for self-love and appreciation. It brings healing and harmonizing energy for releasing deep past wounds that have held us back from realizing our potential, and for bringing more health and happiness to the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

The full moon is exact Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 1:48 pm CDT, but the energies are already building as Venus is bringing fresh high vibrational creative energy and unconditional love as she travels with the Sun all the way to the Full Moon!

I invite you to join our yoga and meditation practices for this first Full Moon of the Astrological Year. Allow me to hold a space for you with an offering of practices that will support you in working with these benevolent energies.

All Welcome

All Love,

Kalyan Darshan


Libra Full Moon - Practice In the Park // Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 3 - 4 pm

More Information and Registration HERE

Please note we have moved our practice to Homewood Park.


Libra Full Moon - Online Meditation // Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 7 - 8 pm

More Information and Registration HERE


If you're intrigued by astrology like me, please read on ...

The Cosmic Currents // The cosmic narrative conspiring to support us.

Each Libra Full Moon brings an energy of fairness, equality, and social justice into our midst. This is depicted by Lady Liberty holding the scales of justice. Blindfolded, she reminds us that true justice is impartial and guided by a sense of morality and integrity.

The governing planet of Libra is VENUS, and just last week during the equinox, when the Sun moved into Aries, initiating Spring, so too did VENUS!

Yes, Venus has commenced her new 584-day cycle, radiating many layers of new Aquarian and cosmic initiating energy, all being strengthened and fortified by the Sun, as they travel together at this time.

These high-dimensional love frequencies are arriving in our hearts and can expand our heartfelt awareness for renewing our sense of love and appreciation for ourselves.

And in the first house of Aries, she commences her new journey with that Aries warrior spirit and thus is birthing a new empowered Divine Feminine in us all, with a desire to balance the scales of inequity as it shows up in our lives.

And by the time of the Full Moon, the SUN and CHIRON and VENUS will all come into an alignment, a conjunction! Like WOW, all together, at the same place in Aries, receiving the light of the Full Moon in Libra. A conjunction like this is so unlikely, and yet here it is!

VENUS ~ love, beauty, what we value, self-worth, our relationships

SUN ~ soul and life-force energy

CHIRON ~ the wounded healer

Chiron in this rare placement with Venus and Sun creates an energetic release point for soothing and healing the wounds around our self-worth and our relationships. Regardless of what we have done and the burdens we have been carrying, we are invited to find compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for ourselves and others, and Rebirth our New Uplifted Sense of Self!

So, this is a time to bask in the I Am Aries activating sunlight and embrace who we are with Aries courage and confidence. Venus is activating something new within all of us and wants us to recognize and acknowledge our self-worth. And as that same light shines upon the Libra Moon making it Full, we are supported as we consider how we can bring more health and harmony to our relationships. It’s also a great time to project an intention for attracting into our lives those we wish to share our lives with and collaborate with.

While Venus represents feminine receptive energy, Mars represents masculine actioning energy. At the time of this Full Moon, Mars makes a perfect conjunction with the North Node in Gemini, our collective destiny. So we are encouraged to action our dreams and voice our beliefs and ideas.

North Node - Collective Karmic Destiny, what we are all moving towards.

North Node is currently in Gemini which seeks new information and ideas and represents our voice and communication!

South Node - Collective Past Karmic Destiny, what we are all moving away from.

We are further supported by Mars and the North Node as they make a harmonious trine with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn helps us to realize how to bring structure and form to our inspirations whilst creating the new in alignment with the new age of Aquarius.

If you take a peek at the Full Moon Chart below, you will notice a kite formation. This is called a grand trine, with Mars and the North Node in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius, and the moon in Libra, This generates harmonious energy and is a good omen. Nice! Trines occur between houses of the same element, with this trine being in Air which can make it a little difficult to contain our energy and gather our thoughts. Another great reason to get outside in nature, to breathe in the spring blessings and get grounded upon Mother Earth.

May we all feel the blessings!

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