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Full Moon in Gemini

Release inner conflict.

Image by Sven Read

This week my classes will work with the Full Moon in Gemini energies.
These Cosmic Currents are encouraging us to address our minds

and take notice of what and how we think! 
Join me at Yoga Central for practices that will connect us with our Neutral Mind.

From this state of consciousness, we make the best decisions every time!

Our practices this week are for
    - restoring the balance between our right and left brain hemispheres.

    - improving our cognition and focus
    - overcoming the inner conflict that prevents us from being decisive.    
    - coming into resonance with our neutral mind
    - inspiration, prosperity, and peace!

Wednesday 7 pm

Thursday 10 am

Friday 10 am

$10 per 75 minute class.


Yoga Central

1123 Jackson Blvd.

Houston, TX 77006

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