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Monday Morning ACTIVATION
will commence shortly!
Please note that since this is an online class
and I cannot see you clearly, to listen to your body's wisdom and practice safely.
Thank YOU!  And have a wonderful practice!
And now prepare to Energize your Body & Mind
for a Happy & Happening Week!
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Kalyan Darshan Kundalini Yoga

Monday Morning ACTIVATION
Begin your week energized, motivated & focused.
Kalyan Darshan Calendar

MONDAYS       10 - 11:15 am       central time      via ZOOM


Living intentionally is a game-changer! 

In this class, we create the space to bring our awareness to what we wish to bring into our lives.

This mindful practice is beginner-friendly and beneficial for any fitness level. 

It is centering, effective, and uplifting for the body and mind.

If you are seeking to live more mindfully, intentionally, and improve your physical fitness, try this class.

Kundalini yoga and meditation class

for aligning our body & mind with our heart & intentions.



Before connecting with the class online, set up your yoga mat and pillow.

Connect with the class online via with the link you receive beforehand.

With breath and grounding practices we prepare to enter the practice.

We "tune in" with a mantra and set our intentions!

Our practice includes breathwork, postures, mantra, and meditation, practiced mindfully and rhythmically.

We systematically work through each chakra, bringing our intentions to each compartment of our lives.

Feel your body and mind revitalize as we recalibrate and fill up on and circulate life-force energy!

Relax deeply in Savasana, bathing in sonic healing vibrations of the gong. 

Learn and practice a prosperity meditation

Return home to the heart, more integrated every time, and powered up for the week.

Set Your Intentions for a Happy and Happening week!

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