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Cleanse the MIND & Restore PEACE

Meditation for Peace on the Planet

 20-mins mindful meditation

Weekdays @ 8:30 am CDT. GMT -5

Moon Meditations

Renew : New Moon Meditation

Release : Full Moon Meditation

  • specific dates

Online classes and offerings are user-supported.

Experience Deep Relaxation,
Elevated States of Consciousness,
Restoration and Healing,
whilst cultivating a meditation practice.
Turn your mind
to the Universal Mind
and let things come
with ease.

Kundalini Yoga meditations support you as it guides the mind with breath, focus, mantra and mudra.  These yogic technologies work in synergy to realign and reset the body and mind in specific healthful ways pertinent to the specific meditation. 

Furthermore, these yogic tools greatly assist in maintaining ones present time attention, the foundation of mindfulness.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga meditation include:

  • cleansing the mind

  • deep relaxation and the reduction of chronic stress

  • improves the brains propensity for neuroplasticity, improving cognition, self awareness, emotional integration, learning and memory

  • overcoming addictive and neurotic behaviors

  • a general sense of well being and revitalization of ones approach to life.

  • sleep improvement

  • experiencing deeper states of mind

  • seeding and activating new intentions

  • clearing sabotaging subconscious programming

  • creating particular mindsets and qualities we desire in our life

  • overcoming problems

  • healing dis-ease states by activating the body's natural healing response

  • strengthening the nervous system

  • balancing the body and mind

  • restoring proper balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system for healthy relaxation, reducing anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Flower in Sunlight

Learning to Meditate

Private Guided Meditations

Meditations selected specifically for your needs.

Group Meditations
Empower and unite your friends, family and your own practice.


Workplace Meditations
Create a happy and happening workplace for increasing productivity.

How does MEDITATION work?

Each time we practice meditation, we give ourselves the opportunity to bring our attention to deeper layers of our mind.  As our awareness expands beyond the chatter mind and we become still, we become more aware of our finer more subtle energies.  Our conscious and subconscious minds merge and realign with our Higher/ Infinite mind. 

As the mind integrates with the Infinite Higher Mind, it resonates with it.  In these elevated states of consciousness, the mind is cleansed allowing more of ones divine light to shine.  The ego-self diminishes and maladaptive patterns dissolve revealing more of ones true infinite nature.  The benefits are cumulative and with each meditation, the yogi comes into closer alignment with their soul and destiny.

Ultimately one becomes fully self-realized, liberated, as they merge completely with the Infinite Mind, an experience of being one with all, a state  known as Samadhi.

Samadhi by the beach

WORKPLACE  Meditation

Workplace Meditations

Cultivate a Happy & Happening Workplace
& Increase Productivity.

For many, practicing mindful meditation is challenging. To sit and BE with oneself without the usual distractions can be intimidating at first. Kundalini Yoga techniques engage the mind whilst allowing a meditative state to be accessed with ease.  Furthermore, the Kundalini Yogic  techniques, have very specific effects on the brain and it’s chemistry, and the body, bringing balance and order to the mind, the emotions and the body.

Cultivating workplace mindfulness is the successful strategy that thousands of companies are implementing including Google, General Mills, Intel, Aetna, Goldman Sachs, Nike and Apple. When a team is working from within a state of ‘sustained attention’, not only are they functioning from the most optimal headspace, but also the most fulfilling.

Meditation in the workplace
Flower in Sunlight

  • Happy people are significantly more productive, more creative and better at problem solving. In fact the data shows that the single most significant requirement for increasing profitability is having happy employees!

  • Studies show that being mentally checked-out creates negative emotional states, in particular unhappiness, one of the key characteristics that erodes productivity!

  • Now consider that most people are mindless 47% of the time with the remainder being at best in a state of ‘distracted awareness’.
    Yikes! There sure is some room for improvement here.

Did You Know

The Power of GROUP Meditation

Group meditation is an energetic collaboration where each individual gives and receives energy created by the group.

Each of us generates a biofield consisting of electromagnetic energy

and energies that are even more subtle. 

Although we can't see this subtle energy, it connects us. 

We can often sense how someone is feeling simply by being around them

as our energy fields meld together. 

Everyone has this sixth sense,  and we can develop it further.

Connected biofields

Copyright Institute of HeartMath

During a group meditation, the energy and intention of each individual merges

creating a group energy which further augments each individuals meditation experience exponentially.

Meditating with friends, family and colleagues

can generate profound outcomes when a specific intention is shared. 

It is a unifying experience.

The Power of Subtle Activism

Imagine world peace.

Vast amounts of evidence consistently demonstrates that group meditation can literally stop war with more than 100 research papers drawing the same conclusions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and MIT. When groups of meditators are created to ease war-torn areas, their impact on reducing war deaths has averaged at least 70%.

This incredible evidence can be explained by the Ripple Effect, the Maharishi Effect and N ² Effect.

The Ripple Effect is created when a group of people shares an intention, mindfully in a practice like meditation. From the meditators minds and hearts, their shared intention ripples through the fabric of the collective consciousness. Like waves rippling from a water droplet, the intention influences everyone's field. The effect of a ripple carrying an intention of peace can shift someone's perspective dramatically. A stressed, afraid, contracted and narrow mindset can be switched to a state of feeling expanded, energized, positive and hopeful.

The Maharishi Effect creates coherence in the collective consciousness field, directly improving the well-being of all. As the discordance and misunderstandings in the field diminish, so to do their earthly manifestations, violence, crime and accidents.


The N ² Effect explains the exponential nature of the group's power which grows as a square of the number of meditators. Thus the power of the group's intention will be 25 times greater when 5 people are meditating.

In this practice of Subtle Activism, each of us can truly create the change we wish to see in the world when we join together.

Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection.
- Amit Ray-
... if you physically don’t move, the mind becomes still. 
That is the foundation, or the beginning of the meditative mind. 
Once your mind starts becoming still and not having any thoughts,
you will feel cozy, and that coziness cannot be described even by me.
All I can tell you is that it is very comfortable,
it is very cozy, and you will want to do it again and again.

- unknown-
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