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An invitation from
Kalyan Darshan

An invitation from
Kalyan Darshan








Each week, new practices will be introduced.  By attending one class

each week, you will experience all prosperity practices offered in this series.

Jan 15 to Feb 14. 

- THRIVE IN 2020 -

Set In Motion Your Abundant Destiny & Create the Life You Desire!

HAPPY 2020!

Doesn’t it feel great to be standing at the precipice of a brand new year and a brand new decade waiting to be created?

2020 is a year for Grand New Beginnings! So, refresh your outlook and take a moment to consider what you would LOVE that to look like!

If you are ready to Thrive and Create your abundant 2020 destiny, be encouraged and optimistic because you have everything you need!

Abundance is available to all of us when we attune ourselves to its frequency. By shifting our vibration beyond lack and limitation we come into resonance with infinite possibilities. And when we do, we grow and expand plentifully like nature all about us.

There is a lot of excellent information available about activating Abundance. While this is helpful, Kundalini Yoga offers a collection of powerful prosperity practices and tools for manifesting that work by:

- clearing limiting beliefs and releasing resistance,

- deepening intuition for decisive action,

- increasing your magnetic attraction,

- building confidence,

- improving authentic communication.'

- and aligning the heart, mind, and soul with that unlimited field of creative abundance consciousness.

If your desires, goals, and dreams resonate with your heart, they are already yours to manifest! Whether the abundance you seek is in the area of finances, career, relationships, health, or even the awakening journey, You CAN create the life you desire!

Each class will include:

- Kriya (exercise set),

- Pranayama (breathwork),

- Deep relaxation accompanied by a healing gong bath,

- Meditation

Each week, a different set of practices will be offered. By attending one class each week, you will experience and learn all the practices offered in this series.  Come to one class or as many as you like. Investment is just $10 per class! 

If you are seeking a path for self-reinvention and self-realization for abundant living, Kundalini Yoga technology works quickly and effectively!

It is my intention for you to create and seize the opportunities that flow into your mind, bringing them into sight, to expand your life abundantly and joyfully!

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