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Bring a friend for $5

*** Special Announcment ***

Sat Nam, Namaste and Hello Friends!


We have a very special announcement regarding our forthcoming Kirtan event, Friday, October 11 @ 7 pm in the Pyramid at Unity of Houston.

Tickets are only $15 per person, but we are extending an invitation to YOUR FRIENDS beyond the Unity of Houston community, giving them admittance for only $5.

Why are we doing this?

You may have heard Rev. Michael Gott discuss the scientifically proven profound power of Group Meditation.  This is the Maharishi effect where an entire population can be impacted when just the square root of 1% of that population meditate together.

To say it another way, with only 158 people meditating with a shared intention in the Pyramid, we can impact the entire population of Houston, as 158 is 1% of the square root of Houston’s population. 😄

The mantras we practice at each Kirtan reflect our shared intentions for Healing and for Peace.  Our featured mantra meditation for this month will dissolve the blocks we have within us that hold us back from moving forward as we know we can in our lives.

Wear something comfortable and bring a pillow.  To complete our practice, we encourage you to lie down and receive a deeply healing and relaxing gong sound bath played by Mary Fehr of Unity of Houston, myself, and band.

So bring your voice, bring your friends and enter the infinite vibrational flow these uplifting, healing sacred sounds offer. 

The Power of Group Meditation is now a scientific fact and I'm sure you as I dearly wish to fill the Pyramid to it’s brim, to nurture and heal each of us individually, and share Houston’s chant with the field of collective consciousness all of mankind shares. 

I look forward to chanting and singing with you, and sharing this healing and uplifting practice!

Book your tickets on Eventbrite before the event to receive a complimentary mantra for your personal practice.

💟☮ Darshan


Kalyan Darshan

While your hear, take a listen to our mantra of the moment and may peace with you.

Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu.mp3Kalyan Darshan
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